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3/ Third, understand that the CIA told the BBC in January '17 that the most controversial..

allegation in Steele's dossier—the allegation the Kremlin has blackmail material on Trump of a sexual nature—was true. This means the CIA had likely told the FBI the same many months before."

30/ In other words, this memo is written like a campaign ad—not an official document, and *certainly* not a legal document. It gets every fact wrong and every point of law wrong and *wildly* so. This is an embarrassing piece of work, but I'll keep on analyzing it anyway. We must.

52/ That pro-Trump conspiracy among some rank-and-file agents—*rogue* agents—in the New York field office of the FBI was *confirmed* when, immediately before the election, those agents told the New York Times that the FBI had nothing on Trump. When in fact they had the Dossier

53/ I now have new favorite part: Page 3, which argues that Steele's desire that Trump not be elected—as expressed in *September '16* (note the date)—proves his research was biased. Does the GOP realize the info Steele had by September? Of *course* he didn't want him to be POTUS!

54/ Just because the GOP has rejected Steele's research doesn't mean that *Steele* is obligated to: indeed, him telling a DOJ attorney he didn't want Trump to be president in September '16 is *confirmation* that—and this seems important—he *believed his research to be accurate*

PS/ I really want to hammer home a point: the sum total result of this memo is a catastrophic *underscoring* of how bad a situation this is for Trump and how *little* bias—to be clear, zero—was involved in his treatment by the FBI. This memo *supports* Trump critics' contentions.

Thank you, Q! Seth Abramson makes so interesting.. I can understand it!


Fuck Off trump.. the adults are


I strongly disagree. I wanted Christopher

Wray to Stay, Stand, and Fight.. and that's what he's doing.


Wowzer! 'Cause that 13 month Crook is a

malignant maggot on Planet.. he needs to go.. Get the Fuck Right on Outta Here.

Mahalo, Melissa

I'll KICK for that!

Thanks, she!

Devin Nunes May Accomplish the Difficult Task of Making Himself Vulnerable Back Home

Thanks, BP

Thanks, herding.. as John Dingell tweets..


Damn Straight, Rob! I like this Can Do!

Mahalo, Rob I & iluvtennis!

lol.. Jimmy Kimmel showed nunes high school

pic tonight..

highplainsdem https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=10177467


Seemed to go with our discussion..

Didn't have time to credit it..

synringis https://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=10173176

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