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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,387

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I guess that's who Levi is talking to with

all his damn dumb Tweets slamming Dems all over the place.

But, trump.. oh, there's another story..

This makes trump voters very happy.. GO levi


PERFECT! I forgot about that stupid

quote from ben carson. But, I've been all over this $31,000 table that his wife, candy, bought.. and he's "not about to give up".

MF Hypocrites. Let Carson be the poster idiot for the trump admin.

Mahalo, kpete~


Doesn't sound like the brightest bulb.

poor Levi.. boohoo..

ben carson.. wasting tax payers' hard earned

money.. on his own frivolous, luxury table.. Shocking.

And, concerns were being raised about Carson using his position for private gain..

Ben Carsonís family ethics drama, explained


Another shocker

Perfect, Luckovich!


And, his hair.. LOL Ugly pic warning!


Love Pete Souza, she! yes, President

Obama was courageous and could move!

And, of course he didn't lie and brag about what he could or couldn't do.



Thank you for this, bigtree


Hillary Clinton: tested, steady, fearless


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