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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,181

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"An image I'll never forget"..

Gracias, sheI'll never forgive or forget any of her LIES. She'll do it again in 2020.

Oh yeah I still Love Hillary.. here's what she has to say

about incivility..

Wow.. Perfect. I actually Had a friendship of 23 years go down the tubes like that.

Mahalo, syringis!

Thanks, George.. we'll make our own comments!

Not only did SS do nothing to stop trump she LIED to help make it happen.

Stupid Fucks are going to do it again in 2020

I'm am so grateful there are so many out there who see this RatFucker for what she is.

Good on that Woman behind SS.

Aloha, Me!

Because he wasn't thinking about retiring

until trump bribed him?

"When something horrific happens like the Supreme Court upholding Trump's racist, xenophobic,

anti-Islamic travel ban, or the retirement of a Supreme Court justice that will inevitably result in only another justice eager to uphold similar actions, you know who we don’t want to see voicing their opposition? People like Susan fucking Sarandon."

she not only did nothing to stop him.. she LIED to help make it happen.

Grateful to see others out there Not buying what SS is selling. She'll be out there in 2020 doing the same Shite with jill stein.

Thank you for this, Trumpocalypse

Wow.. a spit in the Ocean.. Wonderful

Thank you so much, yallerdawg!

Is that all the votes she got?

Thanks, yallerdawg And, some in the media start threatening us!

And, Conor Lamb won in a Red District.

Here he is now..


Nate Silver had the same take as Nancy..

Nate Silver's take on Ocasio-Cortez's victory.

Looks like soon we’re wrapping up for the evening, so I’d like to reiterate one last time the not-so-hot take that primaries are extremely idiosyncratic and one ought to be cautious about global conclusions from local events. On the one hand, Ocasio-Cortez’s win was extremely impressive in New York 14 tonight against the establishment Democrat Joe Crowley; on the other hand, Chelsea Manning received only 6 percent of the vote in her challenge to establishment Democrat Ben Cardin in Maryland’s U.S. Senate primary. (Cardin won with 81 percent.)

I think pundits might do better to focus on the particular combination of attributes that Ocasio-Cortez brought to the table: young, Latina, from the community, media-savvy enough to draw a lot of coverage from lefty outlets (but not very much from mainstream outlets, which she may not have wanted anyway), ran some good ads, very openly and proudly a progressive Democratic socialist, but also running against an old white dude who, while mostly a party-line Democrat, was asleep at the wheel in a district that had undergone a lot of demographic change. And the race was maybe in an in-between zone whereas it was just competitive enough that her voters were excited and turned out, but also enough to the periphery of the radar enough that Crowley’s voters didn’t.

Which of those elements were most essential to her success? Which of those factors might be replicated elsewhere? It’s hard to say. My personal bias is to think being cut from the cloth of the district is pretty important, whereas candidates who are famous for other reasons, such as Cynthia Nixon (who hasn’t made up her deficit with Andrew Cuomo in the polls) aren’t going to resonate in the same way and won’t have the same underdog quality. But maybe the combination is pretty unique — and will be hard to replicate — given that she’s the first challenger to defeat a Democratic incumbent for the U.S. House since 2014.


NO that's NOt "enough said", alp.. BFD

Stupid FUCkS.. and they're going to do it again in 2020.
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