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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,181

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

LOL! Oh, The Hoarse Whisperer.. no wonder!

RT.. TY, Demo!

RT.. TY, Kelley!


Magats are the traitors.. bowing to Putin & Fascism. We are the

patriots to our country & Democracy. I wish there weren't any "flag burnings".

How about.. how many years in Prison for selling our country down the river to the highest bidder?

trump isn't a symbol of our flag even if he wraps himself in it carrying a Bible While pushing Fascism. Don't let Magats own the Flag.

I love my country.. not the damn current magat occupants in power.

LOL..Right On! trump is his Own Worst Enemy.. Always

Whipping out his Petard so he can hoist himself.

And tonight in Tulsa trump was in Grand Spectacular #FAILURE to Launch Form!

Mahalo, Nance

PS.. BLOTUS sounds like a Fucking Idiot.. Not a "master mind"..


TY! BLOTUS called the CV "a democrat Hoax" & People Died


He sounds like a Fucking IDIOT!

TY Joe Biden TEAM! .. Mahalo, Goth! RT!


"Holding a cup with one hand to own the libs"! Yep, We have

BLOTUS on the Run! Defending being able to hold a water glass to his Assface with one hand! #WaterGait!

trump Is a FAILURE & a Damn LIAR.

RT.. TY, hpd!

Looks like magats were bored outta their brainwashed skulls.

Birthdays are FUN.. Born on the Summer Solstice!

And, Special!
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