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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 262,092

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Close! I'm cozy and comfy

in my bed after getting pelted by the rain today when I was out running. Intermittent rain all day and high winds.

We're so grateful we dodged that hurricane, but were we ever prepared. Everyone here took their preparations for the potential damages from Hurricane Lane very seriously. Rental cars were moved from the Dock where the Ships come in to a large empty field inland. Stores were closed, windows were crisscrossed with tape, and most were home with their families on Saturday.

It is extra nice to be on the other side of the last few days here on Kauai.. Thank You!

Bravo, PCIntern.. you've described his

several layers extraordinarily well.. a surreal evil game show host who was willing to sell out his country to get installed in the White House by a foreign agent.

Be his Just Fucking Desserts if that's what ultimately does the most thorough job of exposing him to the world and bringing his downfall.

Truly a The Bigger they are the Harder they Fall Cautionary Tale.

Excellent Point, SHRED..

NO Exceptions.. trumputin taught us that.
our country!

Of course.. no doubt in my mind.

Our Democratic Party is excellent and is Winning! Sharice

Davids, Gretchen Whitmer, and Lacy Clay beat the BS/AOC candidates..
We need Winners and these Candidates are Excellent Democrats.!

BS got that ALL WRONG.

In the days after Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the two people who seemed like the Democratic Party’s most obvious 2020 candidates, then-Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, hinted that Clinton had gone too far in talking about issues of identity. “It is not good enough for somebody to say, ‘I’m a woman; vote for me,’” Sanders said. Other liberals lamented that the party had lost white voters in such states as Ohio and Iowa who had supported Barack Obama, and they said Democrats needed to dial back the identity talk to win them back.

But that view never took hold among party activists. Liberal-leaning women were emboldened to talk about gender more, not less, after the 2016 election. We’ve had women’s marches and women running for office in greater numbers than ever — all while emphasizing their gender. President Trump’s moves kept identity issues at the forefront, too, and gave Democrats an opportunity both to defend groups they view as disadvantaged and to attack the policies of a president they hate.

The Democratic Party hasn’t simply maintained its liberalism on identity; the party is perhaps further to the left on those issues than it was even one or two years ago. Biden and Sanders are still viable presidential contenders. But in this environment, so is a woman who is the daughter of two immigrants (one from Jamaica and the other from India); who grew up in Oakland, graduated from Howard and rose through the political ranks of the most liberal of liberal bastions, San Francisco; who was just elected to the Senate in 2016 and, in that job, declared that “California represents the future” and pushed Democrats toward a government shutdown last year to defend undocumented immigrants; and who regularly invokes slavery in her stump speech. (“We are a nation of immigrants. Unless you are Native American or your people were kidnapped and placed on a slave ship, your people are immigrants.”)

Sen. Kamala Harris has not officially said she is running in 2020, but she hasn’t denied it, either, and she’s showing many of the signs of someone who is preparing for a run, including campaigning for her Democratic colleagues in key races and signing a deal to write a book. The Californian ranks low in polls of the potential Democratic 2020 field, and she doesn’t have the name recognition of other contenders. (Her first name is still widely mispronounced — it’s COM-ma-la.) But betting markets have her near the top, reflecting the view among political insiders that Harris could win the Democratic nomination with a coalition of well-educated whites and blacks, the way Obama did in 2008.


Thank You, pnwmom!

YES! Tom Pezez needs Feedback on that. Click on the tweets and tweet your replies!



Keep Digging A+ for ASSHOLE+

Thanks! It's been a long time coming, she..

the whole thing has been so surreal..
I don't know why a sitting "president" (read Fraud) shouldn't be indicted since no one is above the Law.

They don't need pardons.

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