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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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One does not simply blame Obama..

manny broke the rules advocating for others not to vote for the Dem nominee. This is our Planet

I don't want any damn repubs in the White House.

If he didn't think he was so special that rules weren't for him.. he'd still be here.

So yeah, I'm glad he's gone.

Thank you, Skinner!


Nothing.. The BS Team Sabotaged their own campaign and now they're trying to Bluster

their way out.

The proof data is critical to a campaign is how devastating the DNC’s punishment was to Bernie’s campaign. Given that, do you understand how the Clinton camp feels knowing their data was accessed by their opposition? If the shoe was on the other foot, the level of hysteria would be outrageous.


oouuu!! I love it, thank you, SunSeeker! I'll have to pass that around..

"Brian Fallon, Clinton's national press secretary, tweeted after the suit was filed that "if you are so proud of your grassroots organization, you should not need to resort to stealing campaign data."

"This is incredibly disappointing," Mook said, before driving the knife deeper. "This is someone who

said he was going to run a different kind of campaign. Their staff stole data from their campaign and they are now fundraising off it"

Ha! bern says a lot of things.

Bernie Sanders Did A Bad, Will Have To Sue His Way To The White House Now

Looks like it.. bern's team Sabotaged their own campaign by breaking the law so they're suing the DNC for $600,000 a day!!

snip from your link//

Uh oh and oh no and tsk-tsk. It seems the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign For Socialist Czar of America was all up inside Hillary Clinton’s home-brewed voter database over at the Democratic National Committee, stealing her carefully curated and very private Cats4Hillz information. Wait, what?! He would never do such a thing! But apparently his staffers would:

Sanders staffers exploited a temporary glitch in the DNC’s voter database to save lists created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, according to an audit of the breach obtained by Bloomberg.

The Democratic National Committee noticed the Sanders campaign ogling at Clinton’s voter drawers this week and promptly ban-hammered him from using the database at all, even to access his own campaign info. Which makes it a little bit hard for his team to call you at home during your dinner and ask if you are still Feeling The Bern. And the Sanders campaign is NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT THAT!


Mahalo MADem

Tweet: Hard to see how this is just a campaign helpfully trying to alert a vendor of a problem

Patrick Dillon ‎@mpdillon
Hard to see how this is just a campaign helpfully trying to alert a vendor of a problem. http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2015-12-18/sanders-campaign-fires-data-director-after-breach-of-clinton-files


Bonus Tweet: Quote from President Obama @ his year end Press Conference.. and I'm sure he doesn't mean the candidate who's been dissing and disingenuously characterizing him.

ABC News Politics
✔ ‎@ABCPolitics
President Obama: "I think we will have a strong Democratic nominee...I think I will have a Democratic successor."
9:44 AM - 18 Dec 2015
57 57 Retweets 58 58 likes

[font color=blue]Hillary's Group~Mahalo~[/font]

See.. that's what I don't get, either.. why refer to Josh Uretsky as a "low level staffer" when

simple checking will find out differently. Same with the downloading breach itself.. did they not realize that in this day and techie age that it would be noticed!?

"Beyond simply reviewing the data, the logs show the Sanders staffers took deliberate steps to harvest and store the information. According to the logs, the Sanders staff created from scratch no fewer than 24 lists—consisting entirely of data pulled down from the Clinton campaign’s database—and saved them to their personal folders."


BainsBane http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1251&pid=914987

Oh, and I'd say the sanders campaign "sabotaged" their own campaign.

Excellent OP by NuclearDem!

Clearly.. LOL.. thank you, Nance! Must add.. it's Clearly Hillary's fault that

Bernie disses President Obama and she wants to build on his excellent legacy.

Happy Birthday, K!


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