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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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And, that's 2012.. There's been a few more since then.. 400 Obama Accomplishments so far, With



Wow, Initech! That was brilliant.. I actually feel better

now knowing Colbert is on the case!

Thank you!!!

Bette really knows how to frame what's goin' on, eh?

Mahalo, Hekate


Mahalo, rivers!

And, he did..

Bette Midler: trump's Call To Get On With Our Lives Shows He's Into His Role As putin's Poodle

I Am #ABWisdom ‏@adbridgeforth 8h8 hours ago



Thanks, Obama: U.S. Auto Sales Hit Record High For Second Straight Year

2016 marks the seventh straight year of gains for an industry that was on the verge of collapse when Obama took office.



Thank Goodness for These Women

"Look out for the American people."

Thank you, President Obama!

mahalo, bigtree~

Please stop bashing our Dems.. There's no need to take a dump on

Hillary because she isn't planning rallies around the country.

Yes they are going to the inauguration.. It has everything to do with Hillary's grace, dignity, and strength,

She has every reason to hold her head high.. & I think it will piss off the insecure dump that she is there distracting from him being the center of everyone's universe.

Hillary is fearless and I'm glad the Clintons will be there for President Obama, too.
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