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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 260,701

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Where have I heard that Before?! smh. Seems to me with all the $$$$$, Biden & Harris

are getting tossed their way, that PEOPLE want to make sure the Political Process of Voting them in the WH is a Success.

trump, obviously, is the one who's trying to undermine the Political Process with his 29% Base Cult.

Yes, Racism is a huge driving Issue of the Maggots.. & trump plays it to the hilt.. " white supremacists" anyone.. proud boys"?

Wow.. TY for all these tweets, orleans!


Who's the new one? The new one was in trouble over Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal.




Rt.. Chasten Buttigieg & Hillary tweets!


Fucking Abusive Bully.. "Bad Things happen" to those

who Spew Lethal Lies & Kill People

It "..won't end well.. " for trump.

Love it.. TY canetoad for the report from

Down Under!

While Trump is primarily responsible for driving the debate into a ditch, moderator Chris Wallace deserves some of the blame. The Fox News host is a fair-minded and tough interviewer, but he proved incapable of enforcing the rules until the second half of the debate.

He let Trump run rampant, and wasn't forceful enough to stop the President from constantly interrupting Biden.

trump Won the Abusive BULLY Lethal Lies award.. he was a hit with Ugly insecure white supremacists & the Idiot proud boys & his stupid Cult45.

Instead he Exposes himself as being the most Vicious

Abusive Bully on the Planet.. which in turn makes him "weak" in my book.

Now I read he's blaming Chris Wallace so that means he concede he didn't win. As people are pointing out.. the winners don't attack the refs.

Wow.. I like that tweet from Glen Kirschner.. Rt. TY!


lol.. " and Ruthie went with "crackhead" again" TY Eleanor!

Rt! So what was trump on?

You know it was some kind of drug.. that's why he accused Biden of using "drugs".
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