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Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Louisiana
Member since: 2002
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It doesn't matter how he lost his job.

That is, unless he was the one being abusive. Nobody wants to lose a job; however, slavery is another reason for just giving the hell up. Too many hours being worked without a living wage, no insurance, no sick days and no paid vacation is just one of the reasons for hating a job so badly that one day you just split. Inconsiderate and plain hateful bosses abound. When you are stripped of human dignity, you just want out. Sometimes the only way out is a rope, gun or death by water, cop, or fire. Sometimes you take others with you.

In the forties and fifties our parents created the middle class. Unions were the reason the people flourished. My father was born in a farming family, and only had a sixth grade education; but, he worked for US Steel, with 100% medical coverage for him, his wife, and his seven children. He also got regular good raises and vacation, also because of unions. Because of his job, his seven children all had opportunities that you do not find here today, and all had college educations eventually, though some waited a while to continue their education.

But, the USA or "Corporations Are Us", decided they wanted more profit, and they got it. We are enslaved once again. The only thing that can change that is a renewal and rebirth of our once great country, with unions at its core. Our workers haven't changed. My sons both were working over 60 hours a week when they were laid off because of this little recession. Jobs have flown overseas, and those of us who actually supported Ross Perot are vindicated; not that this does the country any good now. If Clinton has a defense, it would be that safeguards he put in place have been ignored by subsequent administrations, and by ignorance of the electorate.

We hopefully turn down a new path with a new President, and though that might be a Clinton, I believe she is a horse of a different color, not a duplicate of her husband. Our choices are limited to people that can get elected, and to finally have a woman in office, gives us inherent female perspectives which I think are very valuable. The fact that she is graced with a very good brain, and compassion can only help. I remember her actually going into a trailer home to talk with the people inside about their cares and woes. I also remember when she tried with all her heart to get some needed healthcare for this country and we all know that her life has been spent standing up for women's rights and their offspring. It is my hope that the heart of a mother will help this country. Please don't trash this post with remarks that have more to do with other people's choices than hers. I also believe that Bill will be a very good First Gentleman.

Also, don't trash them because they lived the American Dream; as both of them were raised in homes that did not have money, and Bill was raised by a single mother, and loved her very much. This single mother lived to see her son President of the United States. I have heard a lot about their riches. They both have legitimate ways that they made money after leaving office, you know, writing books, speaking fees, and the ability by both of them to raise money for some good causes. They both were born with exceptional intellectual talent, which this country sorely needs right now. Some of you need to get off your high horses, and run with the winning filly, which we are all lucky to have in this hurtful and debilitating time.

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