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juajen's Journal
juajen's Journal
February 26, 2014

Man, Ike is one republican that I loved.

However, I do not think Hillary Clinton would ever ignore the needy. She was not born rich, though she is today, through her own efforts, i.e., money she earned by writing, and speeches; but, her humanity is real. Yep, I know, she is also well off; however, the people of this country are rich, poor, and inbetween. I hope she walks that road with humility and compassion, and, it is my belief and hope that she will. She and Bill are of us, not above us. This is why they connect to so many among us. Just sayin'. Don't want to start a Hilary thread.

November 18, 2013

I like sand.

The naysaying rarely shows any proof of what is being naysayed.

I hear corporatist a lot, but no examples, unless they bring out that old member of the board thingie at WalMart, which happened years ago. TPP is brought up a lot, and I do not agree with this TPP thing. I don't think any of us really knows what Hillary will do, just as we were in the dark a lot about what Obama would do. Though he has sometimes disappointed me, I generally approve of his direction. We are guilty always of thinking she has to be everything we want her to be. Wrong. She has to bring the country forward, not backward. and lead, lead, lead. This she will do to the best of her ability, which is her habit. We can count on it.

October 26, 2013

I so agree. It is a site that educates.

Thankfully, in school, however, we had Debate Club. So, I am open to disagreement, but have a really hard time with stupidity. Go figure. I do have my limits. You know, like the people who don't believe in dinosaurs as if the bones are not really appearing every day. Somehow, I guess, they are being planted.

I thank, Will, Magistrate, Nadine and so many others for their wonderful contributions to DU; also our leaders and the owners of this forum, for the many years of relevance they added to my life. But, I also will admit to missing people who used to post here, in particular, Nance Greggs, Hannah Bell, and the list goes on.

I believe we have to guard against becoming what we dislike. Intolerance certainly is the right of people who come to this forum, but, it won't necessarily keep them from being banned.

Perhaps we need a Cooling Off Group. People who just go too far, but don't realize it, could go here for a few months to angst with other similar people, and could then leave DU of their own accord or could accept the lesson in intolerance.

For the dear departed members of DU that we loved and miss, we owe more consideration to posters we do not agree with. I am very afraid of intolerance, can you tell?

October 9, 2013

Well, there will never be a time when I don't need a man.

Honestly, they're indispensable, as far as I am concerned. I love the way they hug, smile, and treat me like a scoop-able bit of fluff, and call me princess. Honestly, there are wonderful feelings we get only from them. They are much stronger than I am, and though I could probably learn to work on machines, use a weedeater, etc., I really would rather not. I don't like ladders, I don't like bugs, snakes, grasshoppers, well, you get it.

Their charm can be infectious and make my day. They do work a lot better after being trained, however. I truly love men. I also had big brothers who socked hell out of any out-of-line creep, and my brothers called me princess too, when they weren't telling on me for stealing.

I think, even though there are exceptions, we were made for each other.

October 8, 2013

What I say now may be controversial, but here goes.

I get very angry when that familiar ad comes on with the country song, "Say a Prayer for Peace" asking for donations for the poor soldiers who have been injured physically and mentally by war waged by the rich for their interests.

Donations should not be asked of people who hated the war and tried to stop it, or from families that believed it was for our "freedoms" and have no idea that this is simply a play on words to induce sympathy and open pocketbooks.

The rich should pay and the VA should take care of them as promised. Let's see, our social security and other taxes paid for the billions wasted, for the huge permanent embassy compound that's actually a gilded city with a huge wall surrounding it. We don't hear much about that glorious city these days, and the list goes on.

How many of us also sent supplies to our soldiers? Wonder why? Their food was horrible because it was outsourced, etc., etc., etc., and they didn't have proper equipment and were burning up in the desert. Goodness, is the desert hot or something? Don't even get me started on the war in Afghanistan. Eleven years there and we actually thought we should wage a war in a country that has never been conquered, where their soldiers simply go up their mountains where the air is very hard for our soldiers to breathe. We knew that and did train some soldiers in the mountains, but not enough to make a real difference. For God sake, let women run the damn government. Men have conquered the United States, I just don't know who the overlords are, or do I?

September 30, 2013

Excuse me, I asked for no links.

My suggestion was that we all need more discussion on it; but, this thread is about a Hillary presidential run and its inevitability.

As far as a corporatist presidency is concerned: In the hoped for event that Citizens United will someday be overturned, that is one of the major reasons why we desperately need a democratic win in 2016. If the republicans get to put even more conservative judges on the court, Citizens United will never be overturned.

For this reason, we need the most electable candidate possible; imho, that is Hillary. We also need a woman to take advantage of all the bad press the republicans are getting over "women's issues",and, no other woman or man in the democratic party is as qualified as Hillary Rodham Clinton to become the next President of the United States.

I loved Bill Clinton and hated NAFTA. I voted for Ross Perot because of it. We cannot and will not ever have a perfect President who pleases all of the people all of the time, etc. On the surface, I already hate TPP, and can fight against it like hell whomever is President.

I did not even attempt to be an expert on TPP; however, there are many things I am heavily educated on and, on those issues, I speak out.

I do not have the time nor the desire to know all there is to know politically these days. I choose my battles carefully and attempt to get an overall picture of coming attractions or disasters and post on them.

DU is a huge forum with a lot of very wonderful and educated people. All of our voices, knowledge and opinions make it an outstanding place to go to on the internet for information, which is forthcoming because we have so many who contribute their knowledge and wisdom; of course, if we get bored with all of that serious thinking, we can always slip off to the lounge for a drink of fun.

You took offense when none was intended. Because of you, I did some research on TPP, and will do more, after I take my required naps of the day, and catch up on some frivolous fiction. I am, after all, retired.

September 19, 2013

I do beg your pardon if I didn't know you were a woman.

Last time I checked there was not an "F" of "M" beside our mostly disguised gender names.

I also do not know your age; but, am guessing that I am somewhat older than you. Please correct me, if I am wrong. I am 72 years old.

Most of my young adult life was spent trying to get out from under the ever present male, who controlled my life. There were many of us, and we worked hard to be seen as intelligent humans, and not just a stick with boobs and a convenient knothole. It was very hard for me to gain an education, for women either had money to go to a marriage market college or they were stuck as the "help" or the "girl", and neither of these names were respectful. I had a good brain, but not a chance to enhance it with learning or experience until I was much older. No female doctors of lawyers in my young adult life. Our chance came much later than that.

Probably, this background doesn't interest you. But, it is an explanation for why I believe we need to break that damn glass ceiling; and, this will take a talented and brilliant woman to accomplish, for many men as well as women will be frightened of change. She was taken down in the primary because she didn't have enough "foreign" experience. In other words, because they didn't want a woman and they could grab on to this supposed fault. It didn't matter that she had more experience than anyone else running, and she actually had been a Senator for eight years. It was an excuse because they did not want to scare away the little women voters, because they were voters in higher numbers than men. There were other factors, but none made any sense. Then, Obama needed her. She became SOS, one of our very best, and no more can anyone say she does not have foreign experience.

Before I die, I want a smart, well placed woman to take charge of this country. She's it. There is no one else as well placed. I only hope she will run, and not just say it isn't worth it. It's hard not to feel that way when you watch the first black President beset at every turn. Obama is a brilliant man, he's loyal to his wife and children, etc., but, still, he is just not good enough for those white haired, shit-eating, arrogant white men. To Hell with them! They have torn this country into pieces. I cannot believe what our beloved country has become. I am leaving it in horrible shape for my five children, three of whom are brilliant and well educated women, who will still be living in a country with only male leaders, if that ceiling still stands. I pray every day that she will stay strong and be willing to take up the sword. If she doesn't, I can only say "Thank You, brave woman! You gave it your all. The Democratic Party desperately needs to stay the party "with the big tent". So Mote it Be.

August 28, 2013

It is a conundrum.

I actually would support a dedicated strike, if I thought we were being told the truth. Sounds too much like the little babies being stomped on to justify the Iraq crap. We just can't believe them anymore.

I hope Obama is not the disappointment so many of us are feeling. Even though I did not support him in the primary, I hoped he would prove me wrong. I still do. I adore his family, just don't trust him on this war thingie.

I am glad that Hillary Clinton is no longer SOS, and shudder at the country she might be in charge of in 2016. I am so tired of the middle east. We would have no interest in them whatsoever if they weren't sitting on top of a tremendous amount of oil.

Alternative energy is the answer, but we are ruled by the oil interests in this country, and the progress that has come to other countries in this beleaguered world will be denied us unless a miracle happens.

I do still believe in miracles. I hope she has a brilliant mind, iron-like strength, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I know she is strong and compassionate, and, I hope that strength will be a changing factor.

I honestly believe that we need someone who has the capacity to nurture life, who feels the terror of having that child or any other woman's child torn to pieces by a bomb or gun, to finally lead this country to become a more compassionate and progressive country without guns and bombs strewn in our path for a legacy, while the world quakes.

May 4, 2013

It doesn't matter how he lost his job.

That is, unless he was the one being abusive. Nobody wants to lose a job; however, slavery is another reason for just giving the hell up. Too many hours being worked without a living wage, no insurance, no sick days and no paid vacation is just one of the reasons for hating a job so badly that one day you just split. Inconsiderate and plain hateful bosses abound. When you are stripped of human dignity, you just want out. Sometimes the only way out is a rope, gun or death by water, cop, or fire. Sometimes you take others with you.

In the forties and fifties our parents created the middle class. Unions were the reason the people flourished. My father was born in a farming family, and only had a sixth grade education; but, he worked for US Steel, with 100% medical coverage for him, his wife, and his seven children. He also got regular good raises and vacation, also because of unions. Because of his job, his seven children all had opportunities that you do not find here today, and all had college educations eventually, though some waited a while to continue their education.

But, the USA or "Corporations Are Us", decided they wanted more profit, and they got it. We are enslaved once again. The only thing that can change that is a renewal and rebirth of our once great country, with unions at its core. Our workers haven't changed. My sons both were working over 60 hours a week when they were laid off because of this little recession. Jobs have flown overseas, and those of us who actually supported Ross Perot are vindicated; not that this does the country any good now. If Clinton has a defense, it would be that safeguards he put in place have been ignored by subsequent administrations, and by ignorance of the electorate.

We hopefully turn down a new path with a new President, and though that might be a Clinton, I believe she is a horse of a different color, not a duplicate of her husband. Our choices are limited to people that can get elected, and to finally have a woman in office, gives us inherent female perspectives which I think are very valuable. The fact that she is graced with a very good brain, and compassion can only help. I remember her actually going into a trailer home to talk with the people inside about their cares and woes. I also remember when she tried with all her heart to get some needed healthcare for this country and we all know that her life has been spent standing up for women's rights and their offspring. It is my hope that the heart of a mother will help this country. Please don't trash this post with remarks that have more to do with other people's choices than hers. I also believe that Bill will be a very good First Gentleman.

Also, don't trash them because they lived the American Dream; as both of them were raised in homes that did not have money, and Bill was raised by a single mother, and loved her very much. This single mother lived to see her son President of the United States. I have heard a lot about their riches. They both have legitimate ways that they made money after leaving office, you know, writing books, speaking fees, and the ability by both of them to raise money for some good causes. They both were born with exceptional intellectual talent, which this country sorely needs right now. Some of you need to get off your high horses, and run with the winning filly, which we are all lucky to have in this hurtful and debilitating time.

March 19, 2013

So well said!

On behalf of my brother, who has been slowly dying from agent orange introduced into his lungs after three tours in vietnam, I thank you.

I am so glad that during Vietnam and Iraq I never shut up about the idiocies of both of these wars. We have so many soldiers who cannot face the realities of the reasons they were sent to these quagmires that it is heartbreaking. They cannot face that they were used by a government they respected and a country they loved. I know my brother and countless others understand how they were used. I wish for him and all other wonderful men, women and families, who were decimated by these wars, peace in their hearts. They are heroes whether acknowledged or not.

All we can do now is cherish them and remember. Never again? Hell, we said that after Vietnam! Stay strong in the belief that wiser hearts might not prevail, but prevent worse atrocities by our diligence, and perhaps a due questioning of the legitimacy of wars by our supposed leadership. We will never know how effective our protests are, but we are required by our hearts and minds to continue protesting and doing everything we can to see that we are responsible and compassionate citizens of the world.

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