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Gender: Female
Hometown: Alabama
Home country: USA
Current location: Louisiana
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 8,515

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Favorite Group: Hillary Clinton group

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It is a conundrum.

I actually would support a dedicated strike, if I thought we were being told the truth. Sounds too much like the little babies being stomped on to justify the Iraq crap. We just can't believe them anymore.

I hope Obama is not the disappointment so many of us are feeling. Even though I did not support him in the primary, I hoped he would prove me wrong. I still do. I adore his family, just don't trust him on this war thingie.

I am glad that Hillary Clinton is no longer SOS, and shudder at the country she might be in charge of in 2016. I am so tired of the middle east. We would have no interest in them whatsoever if they weren't sitting on top of a tremendous amount of oil.

Alternative energy is the answer, but we are ruled by the oil interests in this country, and the progress that has come to other countries in this beleaguered world will be denied us unless a miracle happens.

I do still believe in miracles. I hope she has a brilliant mind, iron-like strength, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I know she is strong and compassionate, and, I hope that strength will be a changing factor.

I honestly believe that we need someone who has the capacity to nurture life, who feels the terror of having that child or any other woman's child torn to pieces by a bomb or gun, to finally lead this country to become a more compassionate and progressive country without guns and bombs strewn in our path for a legacy, while the world quakes.
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