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Hometown: Georgia
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Just like Watergate, only better. Woohoo!

Way to give the 24 hour cable news stations some great programming ideas. Sad how we only had three TV networks in the seventies and still managed to watch gavel to gavel coverage, often with little to no commentary at all! *wink*

Thanks, Linds!

I understand what you're saying, and I get why you're saying it.

At least two (three?) Repub administrations have gotten a pass since Watergate.

But I have to disagree.

The Capitol Police camera footage I saw last night on MSNBC had me crying and almost ready to vomit. If Repubs think we're going to forget there was a violent insurrection, that we're all going to wander off and watch a sitcom instead, they are sadly mistaken.

The 'well let's just let Ollie North lie to our faces' era is OVER.

This is not going to go away.

Beau of the Fifth Column (Justin King) is an interesting guy.

He comes off sounding like a liberal, but he really isn't and doesn't claim to be. The clue is in the name.

I don't always agree with him, but it's not hard to tell he's smart and generally knows more than most of us on many of the subjects he chooses to talk about. If nothing else, I enjoy listening to what he has to say. This is one of more important videos he's made. It's not complicated, it's not long, and he's very calm and quiet as he makes his point -- which makes his point all the more chilling.

Well worth a watch.

Their 'leaders' were literally willing to sacrifice them. It's horrific.

Hearings and more hearings, hours of testimony televised and with many videos showing what really happened, are absolutely required. There is no question of just 'moving on.' It's now glaringly obvious that there was an attempted overthrow of our elected government, and that involvement went deeply into that government itself, and that those tasked with protecting members of Congress were also deliberately compromised.

This goes so far beyond, 'well it looks like we had a riot and didn't handle it very well, oopsie.'

Those who are directly responsible through their choices and actions as well as those responsible through deliberate inaction need to be exposed and brought to account. So many layers of what happened absolutely need to be peeled back one by one, examined, and dealt with, or we will not be able to maintain a functioning republic.

Wonderful! Joe came into office prepared with such an amazing roster of talent

to take on the positions that needed to be filled with responsible, qualified professionals. It's just fantastic.


That spoke volumes, and I'm glad it was left that way for today. I'm sure it will be repaired soon, but some visible sign of that day needed to be shown. It was symbolic that in spite of what happened two weeks ago, the peaceful Inauguration and transfer from one administration to another took place today without the tiniest issue. As it should.

I'm shaking and feel sick after watching that.

The rabble came so close, so close. Random elements of the mob provided cover for an organized attempt to overthrow this country's peaceful and lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next. The perpetrators were aided and abetted by some of the very representatives in the building that day. The FBI needs to track down the evidence necessary to charge every single one of those seditious representatives. Every single one.

A pretty large number of corporations and banks are involved. Hee.

US Chamber of Commerce CEO issues a strong rebuke of Trump

Wall Street Rethinks Campaign Donations in Wake of Violence

THREAD: Here’s a round-up of corporations pulling out of donations/events because of last week and what that means.

A list of companies halting donations to GOP members of the Coup Caucus:

Yes! His name is Eugene Goodman.

Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman hailed as 'a hero'

Hero Capitol Police officer is a 101st Airborne veteran

Lawmakers seek to award officer Eugene Goodman with Congressional Gold Medal for Capitol riots heroism

Give him all the medals in the world. He's a big reason why members of Congress made it through alive.

I wondered what they used when radio instead of cell phone comms was mentioned earlier on.

From the article:

Being slow to respond may threaten the future of Zello, which relies on servers from Amazon Web Services and access to the Google and Apple app stores. By booting Parler from their platforms, the three companies have demonstrated they may not tolerate companies hosting extremist content.

So far, that’s not true of Zello.

Interesting. Zello might have to get busy or get gone.

“Zello was completely unresponsive,” said Talia Lavin, an outspoken critic of platforms that host extremist speech and the author of Culture Warlords. She led a campaign on Twitter in October to pressure the company to take more urgent action against Oath Keepers and other militias on the app. “They gave every indication of not caring at all about public opinion.”

Talia Lavin's Twitter thread is worth a look, with lots of info and links:



@Zello itself has known for months about this; according to info from inside the company they have known about many of these groups since violent anti-BLM counterprotests began in June. They have taken no significant action to curb this activity. 9/


Great find, Nevilledog.
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