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I know, I was hoping people had a little more to say.

Maybe the daytime crowd will.

My take is that while both Democrats and Repubs read Moody's and the Economist, the Repub crowd tend to be more old guard conservatives. There are fewer wild-eyed, do or die trump fans in the readership, especially as age goes up. I could be wrong, but that's my impression. These are people who are not so "rah-rah! my team!" that they are likely to vote against their own economic interests so blatantly as to vote for trump again. On the other hand, as old guard conservatives they are not necessarily likely to vote for Biden either. Quite a few among them may quietly skip voting for either presidential candidate, but will perhaps bother to show up to vote Repub down ticket depending on the races in their area. It's going to be interesting to see how much of that occurs as the final vote count shakes out.

As for the data, I hope Moody's is right, or even cautious, about their forecast for the economy under Biden. We could all use good news on that front.

Found the report and an article with a little more info, since Dean didn't leave a link:

I haven't had enough coffee to read the report yet - it's dense with info - but the article was a breath of fresh air.

Me too.

Stacey Abrams is amazing. She's been doing great things in this state, things that really needed to get done and no one else was doing them. She's going to be in Washington one way or another one day, but I hope she sticks around a little longer in GA before that day comes.


They're still passing his little loyalty tests, aren't they?

It's not accidental when things like this happen. donnie is having fun distracting himself from his utter loserdom by making others miserable. It's what he does. They know this. We all know this. The question is whether the media wants to continue to be his little chew toy. Sadly, we all know the answer to that too.

I've been reading along on Twitter

One man nearly hit by a car; he jumped on the hood to get the car to stop rather than be run down. Minor injuries, and he walked away. A woman was maced by a passing truck for no real reason. People started yanking the flags off as the trucks go by. This does not go over well. One trumper pulled a gun over losing a flag and was shouted down until he holstered and left. Another (presumable trumper) fired shots but did not hit anyone. A bullet hole was found in a nearby vehicle. Police didn't show up until the shots were reported. By then most of the trucks had gone through and didn't come back. All of the trumpers claiming that they had every right to drive where they like are not mentioning that they went to a specific spot on purpose, one they knew would be upsetting to the people there.


Hearing multiple reports of a Trump caravan firing at people in Richmond.

Stay safe, y'all.

Most useful article so far:


I am in a safe spot. Before I left, I took this picture of a Day of the Dead memorial placed at the foot of the monument by community members. Even in the face of violence and oppression, Richmonders have made Marcus-David Peters Circle a place of beauty and reflection.


Approximately 8 feet long and sunk into the ground with two wood posts, it read: “Welcome to beautiful Marcus-David Peters Circle. Liberated by the people MMXX.”

The sign, and smaller ones near it, became symbols of protesters’ efforts to repurpose an area constructed to honor a Confederate general into a space that recognizes the struggles people of color have endured in this country. Around the sign, the ground had been landscaped with flowers, planter boxes and tall, leafy plants.

Peters was naked, unarmed and experiencing a mental health crisis when he was shot and killed by a police officer along Interstate 95 in Richmond in 2018. The shooting was deemed justified by the city’s former police chief and prosecutor at the time, because Peters threatened to kill the officer as he charged him.

Trae Crowder: If your vote didn't matter, they wouldn't be making it so hard to vote.

Trae Crowder, aka The Liberal Redneck, shares a few pearls of wisdom about voting especially aimed at people who don't think their vote counts. Language alert - he does curse a bit, but he's hilarious in getting his point across.


Longer version from YouTube:

This goes to show that if you put the proper staff and effort behind it,

widespread testing is possible. Granted the country is very small, but they're showing how it can be done.

The prime minister, Igor Matovič, apologised for putting pressure on people to take part, but said the requirement was justified. “Freedom must go together with responsibility toward those who ... are the weakest among us, oncology patients, old people, people with other diseases,” he told a news conference.

I so look forward to this attitude returning to our own government.

Congratulations, Kemp. You played yourself.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp might not be able to vote because he’s in quarantine after close contact with U.S. Rep. Drew Ferguson, who tested positive for the coronavirus Friday.

AJC version:

But an absentee ballot requested Friday is unlikely to arrive in the mail before polls close Tuesday. Georgia law and a court ruling required all absentee ballots to be received by county election officials before 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

Repubs weren't expecting Citizen's United to get turned on its head this way.

Too bad, so sad. The way people have been voting with their pocketbooks during this election cycle has been amazing.

This isn't "testing the limits" of immigration and child welfare laws.

It's ignoring them, along with any sense of decency. I hope someone is keeping good records of those who ordered and those performed these acts. When the time comes, "I was just following orders" will not be an acceptable defense.

Barbara Jordan - Demand Change

While watching one amazing ad from TLP, I ran across another from Meidas Touch in the responses.

The battle lines have been established. It's decency versus cruelty. It is justice for all versus justice for the privileged. It is the battle for the soul of our nation. And our democracy will win again. [Google translation of original tweet]

I missed this one when it first came out. In case you missed it too, here's the ad on YouTube. It incorporates part of a stirring Democratic National Convention Keynote speech given in 1976 by one of the most amazing women who ever served this country: Barbara Jordan. Enjoy!

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