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I saw a tweet discussing the same list but the OP stopped at TK,

refusing to explain it. Now it makes sense as to why. This is spy satellite shit. Dayum.


TK covers space-based IMINT (Imagery intelligence), SIGINT (Signals intelligence), and MASINT (Measurement and signature intelligence) collection platforms; related processing and analysis techniques; and research, design, and operation of these platforms (but see Reserve below).[15] The original TALENT compartment was created in the mid-1950s for the U-2. In 1960, it was broadened to cover all national aerial reconnaissance (to later include SR-71 sourced imagery) and the KEYHOLE compartment was created for satellite intelligence.[16] TALENT KEYHOLE is now a top-level control system; KEYHOLE is no longer a distinct compartment. Known compartments include RUFF (IMINT satellites), ZARF (ELINT satellites), and CHESS (U-2).[17] The KEYHOLE series KH-1 through KH-4b were part of the new TALENT-KEYHOLE designation.[18]

Yes. And this one is unforgettable for so many reasons.

Angry Staffer 🌻@Angry_Staffer
I can’t read all of the controls on this SCI cover letter, but “HCS” and “TK” are both visible.

And that’s really, really fucking bad.
11:37 PM · Aug 30, 2022

Angry Staffer 🌻 @Angry_Staffer
For those asking:

HCS = HUMINT (Human intelligence)
SI = COMINT (Communications intelligence)
TK = not going to explain the letters, but I’ll say that it’s IMINT (image intelligence)

Three of our most closely guarded secrets.
11:43 PM · Aug 30, 2022

It doesn't sound like he did.


The timing with the Musk issue is incidental.

John Tye, founder of Whistleblower Aid and Zatko's lawyer, told CNN that Zatko has not been in contact with Musk, and said Zatko began the whistleblower process before there was any indication of Musk's involvement with Twitter.

Twitter's attempts to discredit Zatko's competence ring hollow given the man's credentials and work history.


It's the HEROES Act.

Here are a couple of recent DU posts with information:

The legal authority for President Biden's loan forgiveness comes from existing legislation.

OLC opinion explaining that Biden's student loan forgiveness program is authorized by the HEROES Act

Hope that helps.

Concise and informative article.

The last sentence says it all: "If a foreign spy got into that room and walked out with information disclosing U.S. undercover agents around the world, or how we have been monitoring and collecting classified information around the world, I see the potential harm as staggering."

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

I don't take it the wrong way at all. FBI/DOJ will have to walk a tightrope to get a conviction, any conviction. While there's perhaps a case to be made that tfg has committed the most heinous crimes imaginable against this country, those crimes may not be prosecutable precisely because of their nature. If they have to get him on lesser crimes, I will not be happy about it, but so be it - as long as they get him.

Agreed that pardoning Nixon was a huge mistake, and the US has been paying for it ever since. The greatest public interest will be served by seeing that tfg and those who aided and abetted him are not allowed to walk free. I hope the riot threats are overblown, but if we have to go through riots because some among us cannot accept reality, then we have to go through riots. Here's hoping that, as with the Jan 6 Committee hearings, a greater understanding of his crimes will be uncovered with a proper and thorough trial.

I'll be brutally honest, if he's guilty of betraying our intelligence assets and getting them killed, especially if it was just for the money, he should swing. That is not a cry for vengeance but an intense desire for justice in the face of the unforgivable. But the song is right: you can't always get what you want. Sometimes you get what you need.

He should suffer consequences that would discourage anyone like him trying for that office ever again.

This. If the country can please, please get what we need, it will have to do.

And part of the public interest would be that the United States would prove to the world that no man or woman, including 'the most powerful man in the world', is above the law of this land.
It would help restore the world's confidence in the US that Trump eroded.

Well said.

We need to start putting sore loser laws on the books that cover this nonsense.

It's fine to call for a recount if the race is reasonably close, but this toddler tantruming about an obvious loss has got to stop. It makes a mockery of our elections. It's insulting to the poll workers and isn't fair to the voters. Enough.

Mar-A-Lago Is Looking To Hire 91 Foreign Workers This Year

no paywall: https://archive.ph/wip/3AjXy

This year, as the labor market is even tighter, with just 2.8% unemployment in Florida, Mar-a-Lago is looking to bring on 91 temporary foreign workers. (That previously unreported number appears to be the highest in recent years.)

In July, Mar-a-Lago began to search for cooks, servers and housekeepers to work from October 2022 through May 2023, according to postings on the Department of Labor’s website. Trump’s West Palm Beach golf club is also looking overseas for employees, seeking 14 servers and cooks.

Pay for the full-time jobs that potentially get foreign workers in the vicinity of state secrets start at $11.96 an hour, up slightly from last year’s $11.70 and less than a dollar above Florida’s minimum wage.

Citizen and Immigration Services’ guidelines allow employers to hire short-term, non-permanent foreign workers if “there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified and available to do the temporary work.” Businesses have to apply to the Department of Labor for permission to hire these workers, listing the number of vacancies they are looking to fill. Foreign nationals from 85 countries are eligible to apply for these jobs.

"not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified and available to do the temporary work" ? Really?

Interesting. Do click through to read the whole article.

When I was asked to join Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox as his counsel, I was serving as deputy solicitor general for criminal and national security matters. I was familiar with this problem. This issue eventually arose during the Watergate investigations because some of the so-called White House plumbers had broken into the office of the psychiatrist consulted by Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department official who had leaked the Pentagon Papers to The Washington Post and The New York Times. Lawyers for the men tried to forestall prosecution for invading the psychiatrist’s civil rights, arguing that the plumbers were looking to see whether Ellsberg had disclosed such highly sensitive information as the government’s SIOPs — nuclear targeting strategies — and that they would insist on having us produce the information in open court in order to allow them to explain their motives.

We were able to sidestep this graymail defense by developing an alternative evidentiary approach, which I subsequently urged Congress to codify. After two years of hearings, Congress enacted the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) in 1980. The statute is carefully designed to balance the defendant’s interest in a fair trial in matters involving national defense information and the public’s compelling interest in protecting nuclear secrets and intelligence sources and methods. Among other techniques, it allows federal trial judges to craft accurate descriptions of the types of information at issue without actually disclosing the detailed information itself.

Over the past few decades, this statute has worked reasonably well, although not always. The Guantanamo prisoners case is an example of a situation in which the court determined that the CIPA mechanisms would not work, because information about the alleged terrorists’ activity had to be made available in raw form. Defendants with their backs to the wall, aided by clever and imaginative lawyers, are still able to develop arguments that nothing short of full disclosure of the secrets themselves will be sufficient to give the jury a fair picture of the accused’s conduct.

Evidence of the fallout from what he has done may be enough proof without needing to expose the details of the secrets that led to it. Given the nature and severity of the crimes in question, it doesn't seem likely that the FBI & DOJ will allow tfg to use this tactic adequately to defend himself of the indefensible.

Not least of his problems is tfg's lack of clever and imaginative lawyers.


And the next Republican president who comes along could pardon every one of them.

The MAGA crowd will dance in the streets, the white supremacy fascist juggernaut will roar to life with renewed vigor, and our allies will continue to hold us at arms length forever more.

Who could blame them?

Yes, tfg deserves due process, just like any other citizen. True, any charges and trial involved will be about lesser crimes, because the worst are so bad there's no way to allow testimony about the secrets involved. Repeating myself here, but from the tiny peek we're getting of what the FBI has uncovered, tfg has done things that make the Rosenbergs look quaint.

If the FBI and DOJ do this right, and it looks like they are trying hard to get it right, it will be obvious (MAGA base be damned if they don't see it) that no mere prison sentence covers the crimes committed.
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