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Obama took care of that!

Surprisingly, the first restoration of solar power to the White House came from W.

In 2003, George W. Bush, seemingly acting out of character, brought solar back to the White House. American City and Country reported on the development a decade ago:

The National Park Service, which manages the White House complex, installed a nine kilowatt, rooftop solar electric or photovoltaic system, as well as two solar thermal systems that heat water used on the premises.

Two solar thermal systems, one to heat the pool and spa and one to provide domestic hot water, were also installed.

“With solar systems popping up on homes, businesses and farms across the country, it’s most appropriate to have solar providing energy for America’s most recognizable home,” said Glenn Hamer, executive director at the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

With the Obama administration’s latest additions, the White House will increase its solar capacity with 20 to 50 new panels, USA Today reports. The administration added that the installation should pay for itself within eight years.

More background:

When the Obama administration installed new solar panels on the roof in 2013, they were well aware of the symbolism of their actions. The installation coincided with President Obama’s pledge that the federal government would get 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020.

President Obama was actually the third US President to install solar. President George W. Bush was the first to install a solar electric system at the White House, powering parts of the White House grounds, but he did so quietly. A second installation by Bush helped warm the presidential swimming pool.

(Lots more about the history of Carter's solar panels earlier in the article. It's pretty interesting.)

Why should you resist? Exactly what I though of - I love this song!

Another great version from The Last Waltz:

Questions re Skinner mode, main page

EarlG, I am loving the new site - thanks so much for all of your hard work! After trying all of the different modes, Skinner mode is easiest on the eyes, with one exception. On both my PC and phone, unvisited links are purple, with visited links showing a slightly pinker hue that is very difficult to distinguish. Is this normal? Would it be possible to have colors closer to the usual unvisited blue/visited purple colors on DU3? or even the white/gray option from Night mode?

Just in case:

PC (Asus Laptop)
Windows 10
Brave v 1.58.129

Phone (Pixel 3a xl)
Android 12 Build SP2A.220505.008
Brave v 1.5.62

I'm loving the main page layout, but one major change is a little jarring. Is there any reason why LBN headlines are at the bottom of the page now? I kinda miss 'em at the top. I'm so sorry if any of this is too nitpicky. Latest Videos thumbnail blocked in below image so I could fit everything in.


DU4 (Visited Canada link)


Found a link to the pdf


2nd footnote on p2.

Found through rawstory (I know) and their link to a twitter thread by legal analyst Lisa Rubin.


Eta - Yikes, I am so slow. I do not like trying to browse and post on my phone. 🤭

Fascinating guy. Thanks for sharing this, applegrove.

I wish there more people like him - and that those who think like him could get elected and successfully enact programs like it all over the country.


Rosen developed a program that costs about $7,400 per student per year. That’s about what states with good pre-K programs spend.

Florida ranks 41st in per pupil spending.

If Rosen were his own state, he’d rank 10th.

Florida’s pre-K program pays for three hours of care and learning a day. Rosen kids can learn all day — and not just their ABC’s and 123’s, but all the basic building blocks of life: How to follow instructions, relate with other kids, use manners and think for themselves. They learn how to learn.

Rosen’s approach is better. Take it from Charles Dziuban, the director of UCF’s Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, who bubbles with enthusiasm when he talks about studies that show Rosen’s Tangelo grads from years ago make more money and do better in life than other kids.

It was impossible to pick an excerpt that fully covers the article's contents - it's well worth reading the whole thing.

Oh, Mo. No one has forgotten you.

Jack Smith will get around to you sooner or later.

Archive link: https://archive.ph/7NuOt

The next morning, Brooks slipped into body armor underneath a yellow and black jacket, and then delivered an incendiary speech to a sea of Trump backers near the White House.

“Today is the day American patriots start taking down names and kicking ass,” Brooks said. “Now, our ancestors sacrificed their blood, their sweat, their tears, their fortunes and sometimes their lives … Are you willing to do the same? My answer is yes. Louder! Are you willing to do what it takes to fight for America?”

Brooks has faced intense scrutiny over his fiery rhetoric that morning to a crowd that soon stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent attack.

But less public attention has been paid to Brooks’s key role in the lead-up to Jan. 6. A review of his speeches, tweets and media appearances as well as affidavits and other court filings reveals his central part in mobilizing the effort to overturn Joe Biden’s victory by repeatedly claiming that the election was stolen and then becoming the first member of Congress to declare he would challenge the electoral college results.


The Jan. 6 select committee seemed close to concluding that compelling Republican lawmakers to testify wasn’t worth the inevitable ugly fight. Then Rep. Mo Brooks dropped a bomb.

The Alabama Republican revealed in a public statement last week that former President Donald Trump had repeatedly, and recently, raised the idea of attempting to rescind the 2020 election results and reinstall him as president. It was a stunning allegation that would show Trump not only attempted to subvert the 2020 election while in office, but that he is extracting promises from allies to try again if they take power in 2023.

Brooks’ admission, which came hours after Trump unendorsed his flagging Senate candidacy, put renewed pressure on House investigators to obtain testimony from recalcitrant Republican colleagues. And then Brooks all but dared the committee to call him, hinting he might comply, when reporters asked him Tuesday if he would testify.

It's downright strange what some people will do to get attention. It's as though every time Mo starts feeling left out, he just can't help himself. He opens his big mouth every time.

Sums up the Russia vs Wagner civil unrest. (Humor)

Video is hilarious, accurate:


Johnstone.Gregory has a YouTube channel, but the vid isn't there yet. Sorry.


Darth Putin
I have given Wagner security guarantees. They can ask Ukraine what those are worth from me.
3:31 PM · Jun 24, 2023

Thoughts from Garry Kasparov Jun 24, 2023



Having been defeated repeatedly by Ukraine, Russian forces have found an easier opponent, one with corrupt leadership, incompetent commanders, and low morale.

Few if any are rooting for war criminal Prigozhin to replace war criminal Putin. But chaos is opportunity for change while the status quo is war and terror. It means fewer resources directed against Ukraine. Whatever the result in Russia, the regime will be weaker.

You cannot expect a liberal democracy to suddenly bloom in a dictatorship desert. It’s all rats, snakes, and scorpions. All you can hope for is opportunity for change where currently there is none. Leverage shifts, light gets in through cracks.

Russians have been fighting for nothing but the imperial delusions of a dictator and the monumental avarice of his mafia. Ukraine's bravery has exposed it all and it's literally and figuratively coming home. An interview:

Garry Kasparov -The Fall of Putin is Inevitable
The initial reaction to the military revolt in Russia from a leading Russian democratic figure.

Dictatorships are hard but brittle; one crack can shatter. Putin brutally repressed even our smallest opposition because he understood that any perception of weakness was fatal. His ability to hide the consequences of war from his elites is now over.

Putin's instincts are always to kill, including Russians. But will soldiers who fought in Ukraine and the amateur home guards obey and fire on Prigozhin's seasoned forces? The words of the generals who benefit from the mafia do not decide this.

My thread from when this first began last night. Now it has become clear the new reality is here, that quiet accommodation and restructuring to satisfy all factions is impossible.

There's no chain of command in Russia, no responsibility, and the media is waiting for orders that don't come. An armed convoy is en route to the capital and there's nothing but drivel because Putin knows violence will spread panic among a population he tells everything is fine.

As I just told Corriere de la Serra, the 1917 parallels are correct, but also a replica of Mussolini's march on Rome in 1922. It's not just a lost war, it's a long war going badly. Now soldiers from poor regions see the elites not fighting, living in luxury, on their mobile.


Garry Kasparov
It's a mafia, not a state, and they will walk back or swallow anything that is profitable. Infighting rarely is. This also exposes the stupidity of saying Putin needs off-ramps or to save face in Ukraine. He's a dictator, and can make up anything he wants.

Bill Browder @Billbrowder · 1h
New reports claim that Wagner boss turns troops back from Moscow. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Putin ordered Prighozin killed earlier today. How does he walk that back? How does Prighozin survive after this? Putin never forgives nor forgets https://apple.news/AksyHCoJOStucCt05JtD9KA

2:41 PM · Jun 24, 2023


Garry Kasparov
Prigozhin and Putin don't care about bloodshed. Not about Russians, not about Ukrainians or anyone else. They care about money and the power to keep it. If they made a deal, it will last only as long as the money does.
2:44 PM · Jun 24, 2023

Alexander S. Vindman ❎ Retweeted Sam Greene 2:52 PM · Jun 24, 2023



My main thought, as Prigozhin sends his men back to base, is that this isn’t over yet.

I’m not suggesting that Prigozhin will try again. But my strong sense is that Putin’s challenges are only beginning.

From the first hours, Prigozhin’s uprising made Putin look weak, unable to control his own hinterland and the forces fighting his war. As Wagner troops got closer to Moscow, that only deepened.

To regain his mojo, Putin needed more than a speech: he needed to dispatch Prigozhin quickly and decisively. He did not do that.

The fact that this was moderated by Lukashenka strikes me as embarrassing in the extreme. Putin needs someone else to solve his problems?

By turning around “to avoid bloodshed”, Prigozhin somehow managed to make himself look like the cooler head — and, in fact, the only decisive person on the stage, given Putin’s conspicuous absence.

The question is, what does Putin do next? Unless Prigozhin is arrested and tried, what people will remember is that he could have stormed the capital but thought better of it; the futility of the whole thing will likely be forgotten.

But if he is arrested, he’ll be a martyr.

Assuming Putin somehow manages to square that circle, this whole episode may have punctured the air of inevitability that has kept him aloft for the past 23 years. Elites will wonder whether he can hold things together, and they may look more urgently for an alternative.

This will also be the conversation topic around tens of millions of kitchen tables, and people will debate whether Putin was right or wrong. Previously unimaginable things, like a change of leadership, may become more plausible.

Indeed, it’s hard to see how anyone wakes up in Moscow tomorrow and pretends that this didn’t just happen. Something will have to give.


Wow. What a night and a day, huh? Sounds like there may be more to come after all, though who knows exactly what that "more" will be.
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