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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 2,949

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Have you been personally touched by gun violence?

(NOT a discussion about RKBA, please)

I have been reading some of the essays by kids and others affected by the Parkland shooting last year, and I took stock of how may times that I can remember when I personally have been affected by gun violence. I was shocked at the number of occurrences:

- Lost a friend shot intentionally with a shotgun
- Personally witnessed a (thankfully non-lethal) shooting resulting from an argument
- Lost a family friend to suicide by gun
- Distant family member lost a limb after having been shot with a shotgun in a fight
- Experienced an extremely nearby workplace shooting in which people ran into our workplace to get away

I suspect there are more that Iím not remembering. Other than experiencing our national trauma when these horrible shootings occur, have you been personally affected by gun violence?

List of companies headquartered in Alabama

If Moore wins, I guess there is always economic pressure. Most of these companies are B2B, but some notable ones are BooksAMillion, BBVA Compass, Hibbett Sports, HealthSouth, Just for Feet, Russell Brands, Saks Inc, and Sneaky Peteís.


Found this awesome online site with curated music from the 60s (jukebox style)

Found this awesome site when I was searching for the songs included on an album of silly music I had when I was a kid (The Witchdoctor, One-Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater, etx.). From the Jukebox page, click a folder on the left for a curated jukebox set that follows the folder topic (such as "Songs of Nam," for example). The songs play one after the other, so you can set up the old gonkulator and let 'em play! I'm swimming DEEP in the nostalgia.


P.S. Even if this music was before your time, there's some AWESOME stuff here -- early Beatles and Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, Roy Orbison ...

On edit: Changed the thread title so it didn't sound like I was hawking something (and corrected my damn typo). .
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