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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

Journal Archives

I heard a few very interesting Sandy related comments today on NPR.

They were from people who didn't evacuate because they'd heard news media calls to evacuate before when the hurricane turned out to be not so bad. Some described themselves as "stupid".

It made me think of some of the media coverage related to some of the weather disasters since my first such experience, which was with hurricane Gloria in September of 1985. The news media had us convinced that we were all going to be on the roofs of our houses waiting for the National Guard boats to rescue us.

As it turned out, Gloria developed into one hell of a rainstorm with just about the worst thing to happen was that several Atlantic City casinos had to replace carpets. There was OUTRAGE!

I'm sure that we can all think about several instances of the news media WAY over-reacting to possibilities. Remember Y2K? One of my favorite examples was when we were being told that some pandemic or another during george w turdhead's 2nd term. On CBS This Morning, Hannah Storm was interviewing a talking head from the administration who told us in one breath that we needed to have plenty of flashlights, candles and batteries for WHEN the power went out. In the next breath we were advised to have plenty og DVDs available to keep the kids entertained...and Hannah Storm just let it go.

Please understand that I am not for one second saying that people shouldn't be made aware of the actual dangers of natural disasters. However, to me this seems to be the reactions of people who've heard "wolf" a few hundred times too many. I can only wonder what would happen if the news media were to go back to the notion that their job is to INFORM, not to incite panic.

I remember back in the 80s, my father made th comment that the American Cancer Society had lost it's credibility because when EVERYTHING causes cancer, than NOTHING causes cancer.

Perhaps the medis should learn that when EVERYTHING is worthy of panic, than NOTHING is worthy of panic

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!

BTW, where re the taxes, willard?


I did a very little, but also very big thing today.

For all elections after 2000, we were apartment dwellers, so we had no front yard. We only had our cars for bumper stickers.

When we moved into our house at the end of September, one of the first things we did was to put lawn signs out in support of our candidates for state house and DA (Both of whom are friends of our family).

Today, I put the sign for Marriage Equality out in the front yard. I hadn't been able to get one before today.

Even though I personally already voted for Marriage Equality here in Maine, I felt good about putting that sign up, especially since we live next door to our (Catholic) church, which has been particularly strident this year in it's homophobia.

I will always regret that at a younger age I WAS a bit of a homophobe myself. However, that may be one of the reasons that I'm so passionate about equal rights for ALL of our LGBT friends, neighbors and allies today.

Two of our best friends are 2 women who've been partners for almost as long as my wife and I have been maried. WHEN we in Maine pass Marriage Equality in Maine next week, our family will be proud and happy to stand with them when they MARRY each other.

I also like to put my money where my mouth is. NOBODY in our new community will now have any doubt as to where this family stands. If they agree, so be it. If the sign on our lawn convinces 1 or 2 more people to vote our way, GREAT! If anyone is offended, PISS ON THEM!

Even though there are only 9 days until election day, we feel very good about our new addition to our front lawn!

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


I Voted here in Maine yesterday, therefore preserving my right to complain!

To the surprise of absolutely NOBODY who has known me for at least 5 minutes or has ever looked at the back of my wife's and my cars, I voted for President Obama. It was the final vote I cast because I was saving that vote for "dessert". My first votes cast were for District Attorney and State Rep, because both of our Democratic candidates are friends of mine. I supported sending our Congresswoman, Chellie Pingree, back for another term and I supported our Democratic and anti teabagger candidate for State Senate. I PROUDLY and HAPPILY voted FOR marriage equality in Maine. Despite the publicity that some other states, like Maryland, are justifiably receiving about the liklihood of their passing Marriage Equality, I kinda hope that WE are the first state to be declared as approving it on election night. To add a bit of side information, my wife's best friend is a member of the LGBT community. She and her soon to be recognized in Maine spouse have been the best and most loyal friends possible. We would (and have) left our son in their care LONG before we would trust any fundie teabagger dipshit with him.

My only bit of trepadation was in my vote for US Senate. While my heart is with Cynthia Dill, our Democratic nominee, I cast my ballot for Angus King. It runs against my grain to not vote for the Democrat, but the last thing I want is charlie summers (the republican and a paul lepage #2) in the senate. I do believe that King will vex us from time to time, but he'll vote more in line with our Maine values much more than summers ever would. I hope that Cynthia Dill has a political future after this election. We need more smart and articulate leaders up here!

BTW, our DA nominee (hopefully winner) is named Maeghan Maloney. I mention her because you may be seeing her name within the next several years with the title "GOVERNOR" proceeding it!

That's my very proud 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


The sound on my )()*&%^^# streaming isn't working!

My speaker's are up all the way, as well as the sound in all of my windows. No F'in sound from any F'in source!

Is anyone else having the same problem?



UPDATED! It's fixed! I just restarted and now it's working fine.


I saw the greatest bumper sticker on the way home tonight!

It said...

Obama isn't a dark skinned foreign born
Anti-war socialist who gives away Healtcare.
You're thinking about Jesus!

I stopped next to the young woman who had the sticker at a traffic light. She said she and her sister ordered it on line. Cool!


Remember when saint ronald passed away in 2004?

Remember how the republicans took that as a "win one for the gipper" signal call to win/steal the election for george w turdhead?

Today, George McGovern died. He was a man of compassion principle, intelligence, vision, wit and (as I had the good fortune to witness personally twice during the 1972 campign) charm.

In 1972, I was 16 during the primaries and 17 during the general election. I worked my rump off for Senator McGovern, first in the PA primary, than in the NJ primary and finally in the NY primary. I met him in April a couple of weeks before PA. He spoke to me, my father and step mother and my brother and sister. I met him again at a campaign stop in Queens shortly before the NY primary. To my shock and joy, he remembered me and asked about my famly. Mrs. McGovern asked where my button was and gave me one of hers when I said that I'd given mine to someone else. I was at a HUGE Party at his campaign's hotel ballroom as the returns came in that essentially assured him of the nomination.

I wore the button that Mrs. McGovern gave me for YEARS after the campaign.

My point of writing this is this. If the republicans were able to use the death of a pretty bad president who was as senile as can be as a motivation to get a second term for an idiotic president who made reagan look like a genius (leaving aside the fact that the reagans and bushes HATE each other), than why can't WE use the death of a man who was unfairly ridiculed for so many things that he was proven right about as a motivation to make a damned good President a second term President against a man who is quite possibly an even worse person than either saint ronald or george w turdhead?

In my opinion, I believe that the souls of Senator George and Mrs. McGovern would look down from Heaven and smile.

That's my 2 rather emotional cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


willard's post town hall conduct compared to john mcsame's.

I just showed my wife a thread that showed simultaneous screen captures of President Obama and willard after the town hall debate last week.

It showed President and Mrs. Obama greeting the members of the audience while willard was surrounded by his family as he ducked his head and seemed to be using them as human shields of a sort. It made me think of the town hall debate 4 years ago. I remember seeing the Obamas doing the same, chatting, greeting and posing for pictures with the audience members. I remember the C-Span host stating that they'd received severa le-mails and phone calls asking why the mcsames weren't being shown and explaining that they were long gone, having left the venue almost immediately after the debate. A debate format, I may remind you, that was john mcsame's preference.

So my point, and I do have one, is that mcsame got outta Dodge as fast as his legs could carry him and willard hides behind his family. Once again in this campaign, willard's conduct is even worse than john mcsame's in similar situations.

Why President Obama isn't polling MILES ahead of willard at this point I will NEVER understand!


2 funny things for you and...

...I know that #2 has been posted in one form or another before, but who doesn't like a funny joke a second time?

1. I saw a car decal today that read "Someone pass Shaggy the Baggie so he can roll Scooby a Doobie" and it had a drawing of Scooby Doo taking a toke and looking VERY mellow!

2. Once upon a time, many years ago, an employee of willard's saw willard drive up in his new BMW. He said "WOW, boss. What a great car!"

willard said " well, if you work very hard and do your best, next year I"LL have a Bentley".

Maybe he fired him the next day! You know, just because he likes doing that.)


I heard an interesing comment on NPR today.

One talking head who was at the debate said that he heard an audible gasp in the room when willard snapped to the President to let him finish, he'd get a chance to speak.

It reminded me of a few of this ass's "finest moments, like...

...the same hissy fit to a woman who dared to challenge hin during a Q&A.

...the look of PURE GREED on his face when he offerred a $10,000 bet to rick perry.He COULD have softened this by adding a few words like "payable to your favorite charity", but PLEASE, this is willard.

...the way he looked like a shark when he thought that he had the President trapped last night regarding the Libya Embasy attack.

...numerous other telling moments like "corporations ARE people, my friend".

...the pissed off looks on his face after last night's debate, as well as his use of his family as a human shield of a sort while the President and Mrs. Obama were greeting and talking with the voters in attendance.

These only further illustrate what most of us have been saying since we've gotten to "know" willard. He and queen ann have nothing but contempt for the people they seek to govern, and willard will be in a state of FURY when he sees that those that considers to be mere peasants re-elect a President of a race that wasn't even allowed into the mormon church until I was at least in my teens.

BTW, does anyone here even still HAVE a pension?

Also, where are the taxes, willard?

That's my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!


Remember after the town hall debate 4 years ago?

I wtched on C-Span then. I remember that after the debate, the C-Span talking head mentioning that they were geting e-mails and calls from people asking why the camera was always on the Obamas greeting the audience members and explaining (my words, not theirs) that the mcsames couldn't get outta Dodge fast enough.

And this was the format that john mcsame WANTED!

I only bring this up because my streaming died jut as soon as the debate ended. Many mentioned that willards's family looked very glum. Pictures anyone? Or maybe, at least links?


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