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Gender: Male
Hometown: Delaware County, PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Winthrop, Maine
Member since: Tue Jul 8, 2003, 05:38 PM
Number of posts: 10,237

Journal Archives

My great and sincere thanks to my fellow DUer whyzayker...

...for posting this thread: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022856640

It reminded me of this joke:

george w shithead, the Pope, the Queen of England, the Emperor of Japan and a boyscout sre flying in a plane. The engines start dying out and the pilot comes back into the cabin and says "We're going down. There're are 6 of us and 5 parachutes. I'm taking 1, the rest of you can figure it out".

The Queen says "I'm taking 1, my subjects need me" and she jumps.

The Emperor says "I'm taking 1, MY subjects need me also"! He then jumps.

george w shithead says "I'm the greatest perzidint who evir lived. I'm a geenyus I was the ejamacashin perzidint"! He then jumps.

The Pope looks at the boyscout and says "My son, you take the last parachute. I'm old and you have your whole life ahead of you"!

The boyscout says"That's ok, there's a parachute for both of us. The geatest president ever just jumped out with my backpack"!

Thank you, whtzayker, for reminding me of thet joke!


I only have a few things to say about Minnesota passing Marriage Equality!

Those things are...congrats to our LGBT friends and allies who live in another state that has decided that all of it's citizens have the right to have their love recognized legally!

Congrats to all of the people of Minnesota (except michelle bachman) for living in a state that recognizes the 21st century!

Finally,...directly to the LGBT Minnesotans,... !!!!!


I think that in the long run, sanford the mountain man in the House may be good for US!

Realistically, if we'd picked up that seat, the teabaggers would have almost certainly taken it back next year.

With this numbskull nitwit in a likely safe seat for at least a few terms, we can use him as an example of the hypocracy of a party that screams "FAMILY VALUES" as they support this whack job in public office. I'll pass on giving the list of sanford's many great flaws and misdeeds and crimes and lies because we in this community know enough about them. I just hope that the DCCC is smart enough to use this teabagger nimrod as a posterboy for swing district fund raising!

Also, think of all of the FUN we can have at this idiot's expense!

That just my 2 cents, and quite possibly overpriced at that!

Thank you for reading.

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