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Member since: Sat Oct 4, 2003, 10:50 AM
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We're not oddballs or unrealistic nutjobs.

I'm speaking of those of us that want a fully funded public sector and are against austerity. Those of us who want a strong regulatory regimen. Those of us who do not want the safety net monkeyed around with. Those of us who want living wages and balanced trade policies. Those of us who demand corporations and the well to do to pay more as they have in the past. Those of us who want those in government and all its functionaries to be bound to Constitutional compliance and restraints. Those of us against privatization of government functions. We're not pie in the sky unreasonable wide eyed crazy liberals. If we complain about course of events and "compromise" at this point, please think of other ways to describe us rather than "purists", Nader supporters, people that don't understand "process", Obama haters or whatever. Just argue your position straight up and if we are wrong, show us where we are wrong.


I'm not a "small government" person.

In otherwords, I do not believe current problems in our economic system have something to with too many government programs for the public or the people.

I use economic data in my opinion. I haven't found that claim to have any supporting data currently (just as I have found no data to support income tax cuts at the top, for example, help balance budgets or create jobs for any sustained period).

I do not believe that the purpose of government is to provide taxpayer support to large corporations as a substitute for government roles or responsibilty concerning the welfare of the people. No for profit corporation was created to take care of societal needs, but to the sole legal purpose to profide a profit for its shareholders as its fudiciary duty. Therefore, privatization is not in the public interest. I have always known this since I have been in business all my life. So therefore, any propaganda to the contrary of this knowledge does not work on me.

This is the source of current conflict in the nation and also current conflicts within the Democratic Party since the 80's as the party sought to mimic the success Reagan and the Republicans had politically.

I think Democrats abandoned some winning ideas it had and enjoyed as a majority party for many years, particularly from the 30's until at least the 70's. I think currently there are no real pendulum swings in terms of economic and social practices that allow people to try anymore. It is like an endless trap from which there is no escape.

Many of us are still going to protest. Some might not like our "tactics".

Well, we don't like the brutality and false witness but that is beside the point. Anyway, if you want people to quit creating inconvenient protests and events, do something about it legislatively. Otherwise, deal with us as we deal with economic injustice and bills built on falsely framed positions that do nothing to end or alleviate it. Life I guess is putting up with each other, eh? But love of others is making space for others. Otherwise, it isn't love at all other than self.
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