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Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2003, 10:22 AM
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And still no charges for the 3 cops

who assisted in murdering George Floyd.

What are they waiting for?

Lock them up! Now!

Should Biden fill the void on nights like this with a speech

addressed to the nation?

I don't know.

I think it would have been nice to hear one unifying voice tonight (NOT trump).

Should Biden address the nation on nights like this or should he just let trump's silence/incompetence speak for itself?

He accidentally told the truth in the middle of his lie

Not that we need any more confirmation that he's lying...

The confession comes around the 1 minute mark.

A lot of people are taking it. A lot of frontline workers are taking hydroxychloroquine. A lot of front- I dont take it because hey, people said, Oh, maybe he owns the company.

That's a classic example of how trump recovers from gaffes / blunders--he tries to blend it in as smoothly as possible so that his acolytes won't realize he made a mistake.

Barr: History is written by the "winners"

Check out the huge smile on his face when he says that. These are not the faces of people who plan to have a fair election this fall.
They plan to cheat, and they plan on suppressing that information from ever being recorded in future history books. They must be stopped.

Facebook has banned / censored the "Mourning in America" ad



Can you believe these m**f*ckers!? I'm not going to put all the blame on Facebook, because I'm sure trump threatened them in some way. We are in a banana republic right now.

For those who haven't seen it yet:

No need to social distance since I don't know anybody who has the coronavirus

Quotes from Jacksonville residents at Cinco de Mayo gathering yesterday! The stupid comments begin approximately 1:20 seconds in.

"I don't even know anybody who even knows anybody who's had that virus..."

It's going to be a long year... 🤦
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