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Gender: Male
Hometown: NY
Member since: Tue Dec 30, 2003, 12:41 AM
Number of posts: 38,811

Journal Archives

Jamie Raskin has weighed in on OH-11

Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Jul 27, 2021, 12:55 PM (6 replies)

Kinzinger: The Republican Party has chosen to make the insurrection another partisan fight

Itís toxic and itís a disservice to this country because self-governance is at stake.
Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Jul 27, 2021, 11:41 AM (3 replies)

Watch Rep. @AOC break down the GOP's inflation talking points in 3 minutes

Posted by BeyondGeography | Wed Jul 21, 2021, 09:07 AM (2 replies)

All this for less than 200 potentially fake votes in AZ

Congrats, lurking RW nutjobs!
Posted by BeyondGeography | Fri Jul 16, 2021, 04:16 PM (5 replies)

The gofundme for Hervis Rogers has cleared his bail amount of $100k

Today by Sam Sherman, Organizer

Thank you so much everyone for your donations! This is incredible. Iíve been in contact with Mr. Rogersí attorneys yesterday evening and this morning. They are working diligently to get him out of jail. Any of the excess money you donated will be transferred into his attorneysí trust account and will be used to help pay for his legal defense. Iíll be sure to let everyone know when he is home. Thanks again! -Sam


Posted by BeyondGeography | Sat Jul 10, 2021, 04:13 PM (20 replies)

Celebration du centenaire d'Edgar Morin a l'UNESCO

Posted by BeyondGeography | Thu Jul 8, 2021, 08:00 AM (1 replies)

John Mayall - California

Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Jul 6, 2021, 10:18 PM (0 replies)

Jeff Tiedrich: Asking for 81 million friends.

Posted by BeyondGeography | Tue Jul 6, 2021, 11:57 AM (28 replies)

Dana Bash and Don Lemon were a hoot tonight

Bonding over REO Speedwagon and the promise of post-COVID times. They gave me the American feels.
Posted by BeyondGeography | Mon Jul 5, 2021, 12:09 AM (2 replies)
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