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woo me with science

woo me with science's Journal
woo me with science's Journal
May 30, 2015

We will see the entrenched corruption more clearly in this campaign than in any other

in recent memory, because we finally have an honest candidate who will

(1) shine a glaring light on the corruption by sheer contrast


(2) draw out all the filthiest tricks that corrupt machines use to attack real threats to their power.

I hope Bernie is being very, very careful about his safety. He is taking on the oligarchy, the corrupt political machines, the MIC, and the deep state that has already shown it will stop at nothing to preserve its power.

May 29, 2015

People have had enough of the worship of money over caring for human beings.

This nation has become predatory, and I think there is a growing tide of awareness that we need to change this nation in fundamental ways. To value human beings again. To embrace liberal values.

There is a pushback now, demanding that this nation value people over profits. That is why Bernie is surging in the polls, why Hillary will continue to fall, and why the nation is crying out for honest, genuine liberal values and principles.
May 25, 2015

+10000 Standard MO of our corrupt government now

and our corrupt political machines.

Imagine if we could see the black budget for propaganda these days.

Obama taps "cognitive infiltrator" Cass Sunstein for Committee to create "trust" in NSA:

Editor of major German newspaper says he planted stories for CIA

Salon: Obama confidant’s spine-chilling proposal: Cass Sunstein wants the government to "cognitively infiltrate" anti-government groups

The US government's online campaigns of disinformation, manipulation, and smear.

Snowden: ‘Training Guide’ for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating and Disrupting Alternative Media Online

The influx of corporate propaganda-spouting posters is blatant and unnatural.

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans

The goal of the propaganda assaults across the internet is not to convince anyone of anything.*

The government figured out sockpuppet management but not "persona management."

The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.)

Seventeen techniques for truth suppression.

Just do some Googling on astroturfing - big organizations have some sophisticated tools.

May 25, 2015

K&R. He points out the perversion of our democracy itself.

He points out how deliberately sick the corporate messaging has become.

My new favorite example is all the Third Way lecturing in this thread


that it's RUDE to bring up Hillary's war policies on Memorial Day!

You see, it's a plastic, corporate holiday now, for cheering empty platitudes about peace from the very politicians who vote for the wars of profit and orchestrate the bloodshed.
May 25, 2015

Cluster Bombs Are Not Good For Children, Hillary

An important post from 2008:

Cluster bombs are not good for children, Hillary.

RECOMMEND THE WHOLE ARTICLE AT: http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2008/03/13/7655 /


On September 6, 2006, a Senate bill–a simple amendment to ban the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas–presented Senator Clinton with a timely opportunity to protect the lives of children throughout the world.

The cluster bomb is one of the most hated and heinous weapons in modern war, and its primary victims are children.

Senator Obama voted for the amendment to ban cluster bombs. Senator Clinton, however, voted with the Republicans to kill the humanitarian bill, an amendment in accord with the Geneva Conventions, which already prohibit the use of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas.

May 25, 2015

No, the disrespect is in policies like this from corporate politicians.

The disrespect is in allying with profit-mongering neocons over human lives. Blood for profit. Wars of choice. Human death, despair, and devastation. Trade agreements that excuse human trafficking. Torture. Imprisonment of whistleblowers. Mass spying. Looting:

The Warmongering Record of Hillary Clinton "I urged him to bomb..."

Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama's foreign policy 'failure'; strongly defends Israel

Hillary defends Israel on Gaza carpet bombing

Hillary tacks right of Obama on foreign policy.

Dissecting Hillary Clinton's Neocon Talking Points - Atlantic Interview

NYTimes notices Hillary's natural affinity toward the neocons.

Hillary Clinton, the unrepentant hawk

Hillary Clinton Praises George W. Bush and the Art of Compromise

Hillary Clinton's role in right-wing Honduran coup and aftermath

Hillary Clinton's Horrifying Iraq War Vote Still Matters.

Secret recordings show US military and a Democratic congressman distrusted Hillary Clinton on Libya (lying, manipulating intelligence)

Hillary Clinton Blasts ‘Unfair’ World Reaction Over Gaza, Cites Anti-Semitism As Factor

Obama didn't go as far as Hillary now says she wanted to go in smashing Syria

Hand in Hand With Kissinger: A Review of Hillary Clinton’s Review

Hillary Clinton Serves Us KISSINGER KOOL-AID

MJ - Hillary Clinton Praises a Guy With Lots of Blood on His Hands

Enough lying and pandering. Enough corruption. Enough contempt from corporate politicians.

National Shame: 50,000 Homeless Veterans Nationwide

Senators who voted to cut the pensions of US military veterans.

2010: Obama signs bill cutting 2.2 billion from food stamps

Politicians Thank Veterans For Their Service, Then Cut Programs To Feed Them

2013: Food Stamp Cuts: A Bipartisan Scandal

Study paints picture of aging, homeless veterans

"A nation that does not care for its war veterans has no business making new ones."

May 19, 2015

And people are HUNGRY for it.

Did you notice the shock and appreciation that a candidate was ACTUALLY ANSWERING THEIR QUESTIONS?

People have become so used to the scripted non-answers they routinely get from corporate politicians now that they are SHOCKED when a politician actually treats them with respect and answers honestly and with specifics:

Rooonaldooo99 105 points 2 hours ago
Answering questions this deep down? Shit, if I'm honest I wouldn't do that. With every answer I like this guy even more. And on top of that he wants to cut student debt? Sign me up.

SmeeMaiMen 464 points 2 hours ago
Wow, I respect the fact that you can answer the hardball questions. This says a lot about your character

ViperRT10Matt 2814 points 2 hours ago
Whelp, you actually answered the non-PR-friendly question. This puts you way ahead of most of the AMAs around here.

the_ak 822 points 2 hours ago
As a non American, please America elect this guy president. Please.

[font size=2]Bernie is doing this nation a deeply important service. He's re-teaching American citizens what we have a right to expect from candidates in a representative political process.

His honesty and clarity re:policy expose by sheer contrast how corrupted into vapid, empty, fake democracy our elections have become in the hands of corporate politicians.
[/font size]

May 18, 2015

See post 21. You are excusing her

for hiding her positions from voters. That's a slimy position to take.

You can't use corrupt media as an excuse for corporate politicians to deceive voters and deliberately hide from the democratic process.

If Hillary were truly concerned about corrupt media, she would be calling out their avoidance of real issues and doing her best to work around them to make her agenda clear. That is what Bernie Sanders is doing:


Instead, she is USING corrupt media as an excuse to avoid taking positions on issues where her actual positions are unpopular, and predatory. She is the poster candidate for the vapid, policy-avoidant, entertainment pageants our elections have become under corporate rule. She ought to be ashamed.

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