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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,359

Journal Archives

He's had a psychotic break

He has been told that he’s losing badly and his world is crumbling around him and he has had a break. He needs medication and to be 25thd. Immediately. He could without question attempt to launch a nuclear missile. He is capable of any behavior at this stage.

I'm the one who tells you how it is...

(And don’t bother to tell me we all have to vote. I guarantee that every member of DU is gonna vote including the RW trolls here. )

It’s going to be a blue tsunami: Republicans who hold the position of dog catcher are going to be voted out with spite. There is a delicate balance in this nation and Trump the Malignant has caused a disturbance such that the masses are no longer taking their freedoms for granted. The election of 2018 was a warmup to this: that’s why the Trumpistas pulled out all stops early: they knew what was coming early on. If it were close or he was coasting he wouldn’t have shown his hand so soon.

I have a few reflective posts coming from my 60 years of being politically aware - I look forward to your feedback.

Now GOTV!!!! (Ha Ha - beat you to it)

Did I say we must all vote?



The virus will magically disappear when the weather turns cold.

I have it on good authority.

Also, the reason Coca Cola is taking Tab off the market is that it cures “the Covid”.

Also it’s just a variation of the flu and old people die every day.

just in case....people are on edge....

I have something to say:

I am good and goddamned sick and tired of discussions wherein the talking head will state the following: “President Trump could have said thus and so but instead he restated blAh blAh blAh which is antithetical to whatsis and whosis and has done himself no favors...

I have no recollection of anyone saying, “If only Charlie Manson had told his followers to forget about that house on a Hollywood Hills.” Or, if only a Hitler had been made to understand the value of Jewish heritage and brain power but despite his confidants’ best efforts he unfortunately had not done so.”

Who the fuck do you think you’re talking about? There is no reasoning with this guy and any rational explanations to him are like explaining alternate side of the street parking regulations to a cockroach.

Sample questions for Trump tonight:

Audience member: “Me And my whole family love you Mr. President! What we all want to know is, Stormy Daniels said your penis is shaped like a mushroom and we just wanted to know which type of mushroom is it shaped like?”

Audience member: “ Hi Mr. President! Thank you for taking my question, actually it’s two questions. First, why did the parapets of your Taj Mahal Casino Hotel look like the domes of the Kremlin? And two, do you know that house on the Atlantic City boardwalk where you were hiding Marla, you know the house that was owned by the dentist from Philadelphia, how many times did you Go there to see her? You know, when you were married to Ivana.”

Audience member: “Mr. President, you probably don’t remember me, but I was that chick in studio 54 who refused to come over when you sent your head of security to get me to have a drink with you. My question to you is why did it take me twelve no thank-you’s until he finally left me alone?”

Audience member: “Thank you for taking my question, Mr President. My question to you is who the fuck do you think you are to talk to the American people like that?”

Here is some minor good news:

I have many professors in my practice, many from Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, Saint Joseph’s University, Community College of Philadelphia, and a few others.

Many of my professors have told me that as opposed to other years, their students are voting en masse Here in Pennsylvania. Of course this is anecdotal, and I’m not making any statements other than reporting this fact to the community.

I was waiting for a Dem Senator to ask the Judge:

If President Trump shot someone dead on 5th Avenue in front of 100 witnesses in cold blood, would he be prosecutable?

The follow-up question would be: if a Democratic president did the same, would he or she be prosecutable?

So when he was "King" of Atlantic City,

Trump bought a Maserati at Kerbeck’s, the luxury auto dealer in NJ. Naturally he bought an automatic since shifting and using a clutch was for the suckers and losers. Anyway, A couple of days after the purchase, he called the dealer Irate.

“I’m having a terrible problem with the car and you need to fix it immediately.”

“What’s the problem?” said the service manager.

“The car was fine when I picked it up in the afternoon. Last night I got in to drive it and it wouldn’t move.”

“Did it start?”

“Yeah it started but when I put it in gear it wouldn’t move”

“What do you mean it wouldn’t move?”

“I put in D for driving in Daytime but when I put it in N for nighttime, it just sat there.”

And he wonders why he’s losing Michigan.

I'd really like to see a couple of these Proud Boy types

Show up to a precinct in North Philly and attempt to “intimidate”. They’d be a thin film on Cecil B Moore Avenue.
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