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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 21,473

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So hear me out for a moment:

I do not know if this is an original thought but as a SF fan since I was about 5 years of age, something jelled in my brain last night as I drifted off after a not-so-bad SNL………

H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds is actually allegorical vis-a-vis the Trump Administration. To wit: a hostile takeover/invasion occurs wherein the enemy cannot be deterred nor can it be reasoned with. There exist force fields which prevent attack and the enemy is well-supported by utilizing military triangulation to attack and destroy civilization in rapid transiting through the major nations of the world.

Although the righteous fight with everything they have, it seems as though no weapons can possibly have any effect upon the aliens or their spacecraft. Almost impossibly, it seems as though there is no hope and then…and then it happens. Microorganisms are the instruments which eventually destroy the invaders and render them impotent, at least for the moment.

In the same fashion, the Trump Administration was foiled, despite their scheming and “fixing” of the “Game”. Amazingly, they could have utilized it to consolidate their power and strengths but chose to attempt to weaponize it against their enemies. Like the use of poison gas on the battlefield, the blowback was lethal, both politically and medically.

Now, when you read that “life imitates art”, you have lived through the experience of it doing so.

In all seriousness, members here need to watch

an old Bogart film entitled “Black Legion”.

It concerns a factory worker who is bypassed for a promotion and takes up with a group that emulates the KKK, and wages war against immigrants and people perceived as their enemies.

It is in fact, essentially a true story. There was such a group during the Depression and you can read about it on Wiki. The interesting part is that at the beginning of the film there is a disclaimer and I thought to myself that thus it must all be true.

It demonstrates that nothing is new under the sun…it is a remarkable film. Bogart plays a character who is a malignant bigot and the character development of the cast is terrific.


I just had the BEST time with a Trumpanzee in my office

He was here for a dental checkup and mentioned to me that it was awful that Trump was in exile in Florida. I looked up at the ceiling and said to him, “Trump. Hmmm. Trump. Ah yes, I remember him, he used to work for me.”

The guy was definitely perplexed. “What are you referring to?” He asked blankly.

My reply: “Oh. Do you remember when Aretha Franklin died and Trump referred to her by saying ‘She once worked for me….’? Well, this is the same logic. As a taxpayer, he once worked for me. But I fired him for gross incompetence and lying.”

Stone-faced. Too bad.

A "Modest Proposal" for the Right Wing:

Yeah, you guys hate everything, you're all victims of The American Experiment and despise any "trampling on (your) rights". Never mind no one else has any rights, but that's for another day.

So i'm here to tell y'all that you missed a BIG ONE. You need to get right on this...immediately.

Where in the Constitution of the United States is it stipulated that the Government has the right to tell anyone where they can fly a plane? The FAA should be abolished as an unconstitutional agency and let the private sector just fly. The pilots know what they're doing; after all, many served in the military ( USA! USA! USA!) and are VERY CAREFUL. The FAA is a waste of money and denies me the right to pilot my antique 707 with free will, as guaranteed me by my Founding Fathers. As an Originalist, i find no mention of regulation of airplanes in any of the documents signed in Philadelphia in 1776 and 1789 so Case Closed.

Oh yes...and one more thing: you folk made a big deal out of the Democrats protesting the cessation of the vote recount in Florida in 2000, and, actually rather creatively to be honest, turned the Gore/Lieberman signs into Sore/Loserman signs. Whereas I actually give you some small credit for inventiveness and amusing language parody, Your guy, now known as The Former Guy, deserves the Nobel Prize for Sore/Loserman status. Get the Hell over it. He may have received more votes than any sitting President ever has, but he was defeated soundly by more votes that have ever been cast against anyone in the history of the United States. realize that you were conned by a sociopath - it happens to more spouses than anyone can count, and lick your wounds. On second thought, don't try: you can't reach those particular wounds.

Good night and good luck.

Typical Delaware County, PA numbskull..


A Delaware County man was sentenced to five years of probation Friday after admitting he cast an illegal ballot last fall for former President Donald Trump in his dead mother’s name..
Bruce Bartman, 70, apologized to Common Pleas Court Judge Richard Cappelli during a hearing in Media, saying he took full responsibility for his actions.

“I was isolated last year in lockdown,” Bartman said. “I listened to too much propaganda and made a stupid mistake.”

Bartman’s attorney, Samuel Stretton, echoed that statement in court, saying his behavior was “a very misguided political mistake, and very stupid.”


Oooh! Election fraud!!! Oops…??? I used to work in that county. Between the motorcycle gangs and the REALLY stupid people, well, never mind….

Well, since today is the anniversary of Washington being inaugurated,

The 1939 NY World’s Fair opening, and the (ostensible) death of Adolph Hitler, as well as, incidentally MY BIRTHDAY, (ahem…), I wish to all here a happy day!!!

What a fucking relief

that I don’t have to be physically repulsed by the individual at the Podium.

My pets are also happy that I’m not screaming obscenities at the teevee machine while watching the “discount” SOTU.

The Oscar telecast is excellent IMHO

It’s serious, giving time to winners to make real statements without the ridiculous glitz of the mass of humanity, the orchestra playing to get them off the stage, and the “escort” scene for each winner. The speeches so far have had great depth.

Insanity in the dental chair volume 6842:

Yesterday, Friday, I was unfortunate enough to have one of my long-term very creepy patients attend my office after not having seen him for about a year. The one plus of this pandemic is that a lot of the lunatics just stay home, not always for obvious reasons as you’ll find out in this diatribe which I am posting, but I digress.

This guy is a “retired“ professional who is one of the most paranoid, right wing, insidiously horrifying individuals whom I’ve had the misfortune to meet in a lifetime. And that’s really saying something. I walked into the room and before I could say a word he said I want to tell you something it’s very important. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and this whole virus business is a fraud and a fake. The vaccine which was designed by Pfizer is going to kill millions of people and this is deliberate.

It got worse, believe it or not, from there. I listened patiently for fifteen minutes, I won’t post the specifics because the last thing I want to do is promulgate insanity, but suffice it to say that even I, as a creative individual, could not possibly come up with this stuff. After he “finished “, I asked him: “So you’re saying that 200,000 health care workers are in on the plot?” His reply: “absolutely”.

Nothing further to be said.

Anecdotal stories from COVID longhaulers:

With the mass vaccination program, many individuals have returned to a semblance of normalcy including making long overdue dental appointments. Many people to whom I’ve spoken in the last four weeks have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and have “recovered“ but many of them relate long-standing symptoms following the acute phase of the disease.

Many of the people who relate the symptoms are extremely reliable, medically honest individuals who are not the type to ascribe routine aging issues to the sequelae of acute disease. I’m used to hearing hypochondriacal complaints and I pride myself on knowing the difference.

these complaints include, but are not limited to:

Inability to walk distances greater than a block or two without having to stop and rest and catch a breath before continuing.

Sleep disturbances which these individuals feel are not related to anxiety or depression. Many people have told me that they awaken and feel physiological issues encroaching upon them such as nausea, inability to breathe properly when sleeping at an angle at which they normally slept prior to Covid, and strange bodily sensations which they cannot place.

Bleeding issues and blood clots have been reported in my practice involving organs including leg muscles, the spleen, and the lungs. Each of these patients who discuss this with me had been hospitalized for these conditions and were deemed unusual in the progress of the disease or condition by their team of physicians.

A disproportionate number of people Who experienced staph infections and MERSA for which they were at first treated as outpatients because the doctors did not want to admit them to hospital but were then forced to become inpatients due to the severity. No one has mentioned this to me who did not experience Covid. As a matter of routine we ask all patients upon their recall if there has been any change in their medical history or any hospitalizations. In the past three months I have had at least six people mentioned this to me versus essentially never, perhaps one or two times a year on the outside. One woman almost lost her leg: she is an extremely active healthy, Sensible individual who is normal in all respects physiologically for the 30 years I’ve known her. She has never before had any type of infection related to immune system issues which required significant treatment other than of course, viral disease.

People complaining that at times they feel as though their lungs are hot or searing in pain at certain times following exercise or vigorous activity. They describe pain which is not reflux or G.I. but bilateral spreading discomfort in the chest. This is in all cases describe to me episodic and disturbing to the individual because it feels so visceral.

Sheer exhaustion for no apparent reason: the patient will state that he or she has had normal amounts of sleep, wakes up reasonably rested, and then at random points becomes so tired that they must close their eyes and lay down or put their head down on their desks. All of those individuals state that they have never had this come over them during the day before in this fashion.

As I said in the beginning, these are simply statements from patients. In no way shape or form am I positing that these are definitely sequelae from Covid but in keeping with major medical publications’ recent documenting of anecdotal reports, I felt it necessary to at least state these here and see it as a contribution to the information Encyclopedia of Covid. I do recall in the early 1980s that I noticed a series of symptoms involving young gay males in my practice and when asking physicians their opinion of these are events was put off and told that this was simply because my practice was growing larger and I was seeing more sick people. I knew that was ridiculous At the time and think that it is very critical the people suggest issues but draw no conclusions and wait for science to determine the truth of the matter.

Or conversely ask Jim Jordan what he might think about it....
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