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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 18,513

Journal Archives

They are dismantling The New Deal

Along with any programs which grew out from it. I’m telling you: if they could reinstitute slavery and remove the right to vote for women they would and their women would support them wholeheartedly. They are ruthless beyond belief. The Pharaohs has noyhjing on these bastards.

Trump response to Coronavirus outbreak in the WH

Reporter: Mr President, what happens if a member of the White House staff is diagnosed with the Coronavirus?

Trump: We immediately start them on a diet of pizza and flounder

Reporter: Will that alleviate the symptoms and save his or her life?

Trump: No, but we can slide it under the door. Next question?

Breaking: Trump to posthumously pardon Richard Speck

Speck, the confessed murderer of eight student nurses in 1966, and who died in 1991 while serving a 1200 year prison sentence, was fully pardoned today. Trump stated, “Yeah, I know what some people said about him but he had XYY syndrome and was just an ultra-manly man.”

Pardons for John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer are reportedly in the works.

just in case

Breaking: Trump to rename Washington after himself

(APe). February 16,2020 President Donald J, Trump has announced that the District of Columbia will be renamed after himself, the 45th President. Proposed names are: Trumpadelphia, Trumpangeles, Trumpcago, and Trump-a-lago. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that he stands behind the President in this regard and will exert every fiber of his being to ensure that this process is completed expeditiously. Senator Lindsay Graham will be prosecuting all protestors as “seditious animals”, as he stated: “It’s not like the city is named after anyone now. President Trump has proven himself worthy of the great honor.” Senators Collins and Murkowski have voiced concern over this issue and are awaiting the results of the hearings to carefully decide how they will proceed.

In a related story, military bases are proposed for Maine and Alaska simultaneously with this proposal of renaming. There is talk of recarving Mount Rushmore to show President Trump’s visage instead of “that guy on the left side”.

On edit: I was moved to write this watching the history of Washington on the History Channel.

Thank you for the unprecedented number of ❤️'s

It is truly appreciated. I value the DU community immensely in this age of alienation. I’ve been here since 2004 and don’t know what I’d do without it.

Does anyone else here recall the magazine:

“A Minority of One”?

It and The New Republic shaped me politically in the 1960’s.

The Sharpei/Sharpie Presidency.

Which is it?

Enquiring minds want to KNOW!

You know it hasn't occurred to me until last night:

Among the most remarkably well-received performances on screen during the last few decades are the Batman Comic Joker, beginning with Jack Nicholson, and extending through several stars. In addition, we have now idolized characters in mob movies who are transcendentally evil and sociopathic: Joe Pesci in almost any role, Michael Corleone, the boss in Kansas City(?) in Casino, Paulie in Goodfellas, you get the point....

These are the new heroes in America: strong, occasionally brilliant sociopaths, who are perceived as nearly-infallible by their acolytes and politically and legally indestructible. This is nothing new: we idolized Al Capone as well. Trump is a know-nothing who was bolstered by years of familiarity in the sensational tabloid press, and the gigantic level of hatred emanating from many millions. It is no wonder that in our cinematic idolization of autocrats and dictators that the nation elevated one to its pinnacle of leadership. The only question is what, if anything, will change all of this for the better?

Ya know what Democrats SHOULD do but won't?

Pull a Trump.

Hire ten private detectives to go to South Carolina and dig up dirt on you-know-who. “You can’t believe what they’re telling us” about him. Assemble all the information and video and anything at all, not leaving out the innuendo and keep threatening to reveal it imminently with vague but peculiarly realistic clues.

Death by a thousand cuts. The great aspect of this is that we may or may not know what specifically went on, but HE does. You could watch him start to stammer and then he’d get really nervous when the investigation comes close to home.

It’s be fun, for crying out loud. Turn the tables, that’s my humble opinion. FWIW.

I have a story for you:

I normally don’t tell tales out of work but this one seems apropos given that theres a masquerade ball at 1600 PA Ave.

I have for many years treated a couple who is my age. When I met them 38 years ago they were truly the leftover hippies in a terrific way. They had great political sensibilities, were into music, lived a rather Bohemian life style -you get the picture. Believe it or not I was instrumental in steering him into a career in a certain field, and he became a fantastically successful businessman, yet retained all of his ethos as a thinking progressive.

Unfortunately, his wife began to deteriorate mentally at a rapid rate. He was and is the most attentive spouse I’ve ever seen: utterly devoted to his wife, her health and comfort despite her now extreme issues

The other day they came in for their routine visit and he confessed to me that there had been numerous occasions where she had attempted to hurt him dramatically and he was at a loss. I immediately procured numbers of professionals for him to call to immediately manage the situation. At first he was hesitant and then I said this to him: “Americans for too long have been accepting severe mental illness as part of the norm and are being figuratively and literally skewered as you will eventually be of her senile dementia is unchecked by you. You are living in a terribly dangerous situation which could easily prove fatal, possibly while you are asleep or resting in a chair. You may not realize that dementia causes these people to become incredibly violent: they hear the voices telling them to kill. It is tragic but it need not be even more tragic. You must act now.” He started to cry a little and nodded. I told him: you are in your career because I gave you the impetus to do what you do. I’m doing it again, ok? He gave me a hug I’m going to follow up with him this afternoon. I’m very concerned.

I am equally concerned for the monster in the WH. There is no telling what he is capable of and Americans should be frightened. If you are not, you are “whistling past the graveyard”. We are in desperate trouble and it cannot be minimized or shrugged off. It is a form of transcendental sociopathy which almost no one has encountered in a lifetime. It is very frightening. It is time to act in every legitimate manner possible in order to save the civilization.
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