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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
May 23, 2024

I believe that the document trial postponement is even worse

than it appears to be.

I am of the opinion that these people “know stuff” that we don’t. I would venture to say that there is some word in the ethereal circles that there’s proof that some of these documents were given/sold to foreign powers or brokers who will then sell them to these powers and if this broke before the election it would “most likely” doom the candidacy.

Nothing but nothing is EVER what it appears to be and I always remind myself of that closed door House meeting where the Dems emerged literally shaking with upset and rage. Something was seen in there which was beyond the pale, and that was before all the public knew about this disaster of monumental magnitude in National Security.

Meanwhile, I still cannot believe that this guy is still a contender - in any other Universe he’d be politically exiled or doing time in prison.

As an aside, you know how all the experts are telling us about this trial, prefacing their remarks with the phrase “of course we don’t know what the jury is going to do but…”? Well, the experts told us we would lose upwards of 100000 troops in the Gulf War, that there was a gigantic Red Wave coming in 2022, that Betamax was superior to VHS and woukd dominate the market, that Enron possessed a stellar business model, that Lance Armstrong was possibly the greatest athlete who ever lived, and that during the tech boom, you could have a company with no product, no assets, and no patents or copyrights and this company was worth billions. They spoke with such surety and positive outlook that HOW DARE YOU question their opinion?


May 22, 2024

For your viewing pleasure (Bonus Edition):

Collect and trade with your friends:

May 21, 2024

A few observations:

If you were writing a novel and one of the plot elements was that the defense wanted to lose its case, you could not have scripted a more creative scenario which would lead to that end. In fact, if one were utterly enmeshed in conspiracy theories, one might postulate that this whole trial and even a conviction is exactly what TFG and his minions want: many authoritarian leaders spent time on trial and in jail, including that guy who wrote the speeches kept at Orangina’s bedside.

It has been stated that the NYT is predicting a hung jury. There should be a correction: the NYT is PRAYING for a hung jury - it’s like at some casinos, you get half your money back on certain bets when certain occurrences happen at the table. The paper will then have a “push” result and no winners and no losers for all their ridiculously conceived predictions.

Speaking of predictions: it has been just so ridiculous to listen to these expert commentators change on a dime: UFO’s can’t reverse direction in their reported non-ballistic motion faster than these self-proclaimed pros can when something “unexpected” occurs in or out of the courtroom. One minute Cohen has been hoist by his own petard, the next, he’s the golden boy who cannot be disproved because of all the corroborating evidence. They are covering this as though it’s a prize fight, but all sports commentators know that in an instant, if the winning-on-points boxer lets his guard down for an instant, the opponent can knock him out with one well-placed punch. But these people….”Well, that was a crushing blow to the prosecution from which they might not recover. Twenty-four hours later, “Well, the defense is really on the ropes now. What a catastrophic mistake to call so-and -so to the stand.” Followed by, “We expect a hung jury.” The only possibility reamaing which the haven't posited is that a meteor will hit the courthouse during the trial. Then, when the verdict is read, they will breathlessly report that this result is EXACTLY what they had predicted, with all these reasons listed. Remarkable. It’s like saying: Your past is behind you but your future is yet to come. Trite. But folks will fall for it. They do every time.

In a few years an historian of the variety of Robert Caro will write the history of this - he or she can utilize as a framework Isaac Asimov’s Foundation and Empire, wherein TFG will be The Mule character. If you haven’t read the original trilogy, try to do so. You’ll be nodding your head in agreement and be amazed that it was written in the early 1950’s. We are facing a certain type of annihilation and the question is: can we withstand the onslaught?

May 21, 2024

Wow! Take look at this Winnie Winkle cartoon from 1922

You young folk won’t know about this strip which was still around in my formative years. In my day it was meticulously drawn, every tine on every fork at the dinner table was present and distinct…but it took years for the plot to advance even a little bit and may have been the most painfully dull serial strip.

This example however is not anything like the soap opera strip which I recall.

May 20, 2024

For your viewing pleasure IV:

She is without doubt the vilest, most Omni-repulsive and repugnant individual whom I’ve ever seen in politics. The word I’d use to describe her is: Low.

May 20, 2024

The following is what I'm waiting for:

1. A host/reporter/commentator to ask an elected individual who is defending Orangina no matter the offensive statement made, “What does he have on you? Letters, photos, video…what? Because it must be something of or by which you are embarrassed or threatened. Confess here and now and save the nation from further turmoil and embarrassment.”

2. By way of background, after the President’s speech at Morehouse College yesterday, Charles Coleman, the guest host on MSNBC, could not wait to criticize the President for making an “80% campaign speech, 20% commencement address” and implied that it was a greater honor to be invited there than it was for the college to have the President to decide to speak there. I was awaiting someone…anyone, to say, “Sir, the President came so that he could specifically explain to the assembled, the press, and those watching, that he would reliably stand by to ensure that the rights and the justice system would be preserved and improved under his aegis, so don’t elect the openly racist candidate for President.” Mr. Coleman rightly stated that Morehouse is special, but so is President Biden who saved us from a second term of racism, fascism, and hate emanating from the White House. Stop with the marketing of your self-importance and give this man his due for saving the Democratic process.

3. Jonathan Lemire…there he goes again. Every paragraph begins with the phrase, “in this very tight Presidential race…”. Yes, you sanctimonious talking head, we know it’s supposedly tight. You might recall that prior to 2022, beginning the day after the announcing of Mr Biden as the President-elect, you began ever paragraph with, “Traditionally, the party in power loses a great number of seats in the House and Senate in midterm elections…” and you couldn’t have been more wrong. I’m waiting for someone to say to him, “Will you just quit with your propagandistic repetitive platitudes and come up with something original or just shut the hell up. You sound like a scratched record every morning.”

4. Godot. Better a chance he shows up than any of those above occurring.

May 20, 2024

"...A very powerful brick wall." -DJToilet-mouth

What the actual fuck? He’s deteriorating quickly -a wall would be perceived by the cognitively unimpaired as a passive object. A powerful force may be withstood by a wall, but a wall is not actively pursuing an object.

This misuse demonstrates the fundamental loss of brain matter that’s functioning. Stay tuned for further deterioration.

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