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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,377

Journal Archives

OK: let me tell you what I just heard from a police officer

here in Philadelphia. I am only going to tell you what he told me -I have no verification but it is consistent with recent facts and incidents:

As most of you know, we have had a situation developing here in Philadelphia following the fatal shooting of a mentally ill individual in West Philly by police officers. When I have driven in the past few mornings there have been police cars with uniformed officers allocated at virtually every corner in Center city. Many storefronts are boarded up, and merchants were instructed to remove their merchandise from their display windows if they were not planning to board up.

However, one officer recognized me this morning who is a patient in my office, said hello, and mentioned to me during our conversation that the real reason for the police presence was that, and it was publicized, a rental truck had been stopped with bad license plates and was found to contain a large amount of explosives. Apparently the federal government investigators are looking very closely at this, because it is believed by some that there are other individuals so situated with destructive devices.

Philly has always been considered a Target, because both The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was written and signed here at Independence Hall, and for all the discussions over the years that New York and Washington DC are prime targets because they represent the financial and the administrative capitals of the country respectively, no one should ever forget that Philadelphia is actually the center of the origin of the creation of the nation. Are symbols here are sacrosanct: Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, The Betsy Ross house, and all the institutions have Benjamin Franklin’s name inscribed upon them.

Just one more concern added to the long list of other concerns.

OK: FWIW, I had a talk with a major newspaper editor yesterday.

For background, he’s older man soon to be retired, has that quiet brilliance of the old-fashioned newspaper people who truly bring an objective view to the world, despite their own prejudices. I have never known him to use hyperbole, exaggerate, or make statements which are not accurate. He was an acquaintance of all of the Philadelphia power elite during the last 40+ years and has countless interesting and often amusing anecdoteS about these people. I once reflected that he only tells me stories about people who are deceased, he never speaks of individuals who are still with us in order not to violate his own set of principles.

Yesterday, I asked him quite frankly what do you think of the presidential race? He said evenly, that Biden is going to win in a landslide, and that it is going to be embarrassing to the Republicans nationally, because there is going to be a near-sweep of down-ballot races in a multitude of regions. Of course, I followed up with a few questions and he said that he is privy to the private polls, and there is absolutely no question as to what is going to happen which will dwarf any cheating which the Trump folks are going to most certainly implement. He further stated that in 2018 many attempts were made nationally to undermine the Democrats but by sheer numbers they dominated.

I will admit that I felt somewhat better after he left. He has never steered me wrong.

You gotta love the "liberal" media

Did you ever notice that if Biden is leading Trump by any amount up to four points they will always say that Biden is leading but it’s within the margin of error. If Trump is leading by even one point no margin of error is ever mentioned. He simply leading. It’s an interesting mind game.

Also, any mention of Biden is leading in a state is always followed by the word “but”, And then a supposition is posited which calls his lead or dominance into question. It goes something like this: the average of polls Biden‘s lead in Michigan is nine points, but President Trump sees it the state is in play showing up there for rallies.

Yes, I know the media’s job is to present a horse race and I get it. But I don’t have to like it.

Question: What are Chief Justice Roberts' powers within the framework of the Court?

Enquiring minds want to KNOW!

JFC. If you look at His Majesty's itinerary

It repeatedly states that he will be delivering “victory remarks” at his gatherings. There is no question he’s going to declare victory even if he’s trailing in 39 states on election night. It’s a big fuck you to everybody and since we know that there is nothing beneath him: no floor, no abyss into which he will not jump, he’s going to do it. He’s going to say he won the election. And he’s going to dare everyone to oust him by force. He assumes that Americans don’t have any stomach for a battle like this, and he thinks he has the courts covered, so it isn’t a question of what the scenario is on election night as to whether he declares or not, he is fully intending to declare victory. The media of Course will give him his “due”, and allows him a hand hold.

For you younger people, this is why the allies declared that they were going to seek unconditional surrender against the Axis powers in World War II. There would be no allowance of any aspect of there’s politics to exist, at least publicly. Interestingly, every soldier so to speak, knew when that statement was made and he would probably die fighting, because it would mean that they would have to fight all the way to the centers of Berlin and Tokyo. The former was true as the final battles Took a significant toll, and of course the latter was not necessary due to the unknown expected existence of an atomic weapon. My father told me about this, and that he knew his life was over because he was in the Pacific and was slated to be in the expeditionary force which would’ve landed in Japan, in which he would most likely be killed. He spent the tail end of his life in disbelief that he had survived, such was the assumption of Pending mortality. In fighting Trump, we have to have unconditional surrender from him and his minions or there will be no victory.

Watched the Borat film

Could not stop laughing. (How he decides to sneak into CPAC is unbelievable.)

You know, here in Philly,

For years and years the police officers and mayor’s office used to ruminate that if the Eagles by some strange series of coincidences and bad Luck happen to win the Super Bowl, the fans will destroy the city. They will burn it down and leave it in ruins and nothing will ever be the same here. So we should pray for the Eagles to not win the Super Bowl because our lives will never be the same.

So You know what? Eagles did win the Super Bowl and they had a terrific parade a couple days later. and they were tens of thousands of people there and it was wonderful, and the city did not get burned down and nothing really untoward happened, and order was restored within a few hours and business went back to perfectly normal in Center City Philadelphia. The neighborhoods were not trashed, the people were not assaulted, raped, or pillaged.

So I say all this to make the point that when Trump loses, nothing untoward in terms of violence is going to happen here in the United States. He will vacate the White House, Mr. Biden and his family will move into the White House, and the west wing of the White House will be occupied by individuals who want what’s truly best for America. For a change. There isn’t going to be any armed attempted takeover of the state capitals, or the federal government by insurrectionists. These kind of scare tactics will not work. If they were to attempt an armed assault upon a state Capitol, the perpetrators would be eradicated like the Anopheles mosquito. Now rest easy and vote!

Here he goes....

He’s starting to blow.

I really have to say

That this group of creeps does not disappoint. It is unbelievable that one day after Jeffrey Toobin is jerking off on a Zoom call, his story get buried by Rudy Giuliani masturbating in front of an actress In a hotel room. Just when you think you have sunk to depth that is the Nadir, the bottom of the drowning pool, Something Happens that simply dwarfs that experience. It is almost as though a group of creatively brilliant comics have convened in a room and they sequentially try to one up the story of the one before them, in order to garner audience appeal.

I also must say it in a certain sense I’m gonna miss this crowd. What must it be like to look at a cable TV screen and not see a red banner on the bottom with breaking news? What must it be like to not receive 50 satirical cartoons and jokes in a day about someone in the White House? What must be like to awaken in the morning and not feel the need to look at your iPhone or android first thing in order to ascertain whether you’re still living in the same country? Beats the crap out of me.

I awakened thinking that on top of being insane,

He has the weirdest hang-ups I personally have ever witnessed.

The hair and makeup are almost the least of the issues with him. This running water thing with showers and toilets is grounded in some real Freudian issues: urinary incontinence or flow issues I am virtually certain play a big role in his life , and I would venture to say that his psychological makeup includes involuntary defecation not necessarily due to drugs or diet, but to sheer lack of will to excuse himself and rush off to a toilet. There are a fair number of people who suffer from this humiliating condition, I knew one personally when I was in high school. The lack of control over ones own waste is a statement and if the stories about the pee tapes are true, then it is a validation of his excretory habits: women peeing on themselves and a bed or rug are identifiable and reassuring to him.

Thus the gold toilet: it’s not just gaudiness: it is a statement that his excretory functions play a large role in his life and the receptacle is thus hallowed ground.

I could go on and on about his speaking style, word choice, clothing, elevator shoes, obsession with golf and cheating thereof (another megalomaniac who cheated at golf was Goldfinger in the Fleming book of the same name), food choices, heavy drug usage while claiming he’s never ever used, compulsive lying...each of these deserves its own chapter in a book, but what really interests me is the Stormy Daniels escapade.

I’m going to speak frankly. She is a professional: she acted in films which depict explicit sexuality and actors in which participants are chosen expressly for specific attributes. It’s like professional wrestling: it may be acting but you have to have the qualifications and the physique at that level to successfully participate. Also, as in any theatrical milieu, it’s a job with a script, it isn’t the actor’s or actress”s persona on the screen. They’re human beings. Now given the apparent shortcomings of this man whom we are discussing, why would he place himself in a position wherein he would be ridiculed by this professional woman who knows her way around the block very well? It would be as though an owner of a baseball team put himself at shortstop for 162 games just because he can. It has the potential for terrible embarrassment and what’s more: you can bet he has watched lots and lots of pornography over his lifetime and practices sex antithetically to how it’s is generally scripted: some manner of physical foreplay followed by many minutes of conjugation. This is the societal definition of sex, and most people practice a variant of this, with mixed results, but a game try nevertheless. He is according to Ms Daniels, inept in every metric of this skill set. He therefore has an eight year old male’s vision of sex: you wriggle around and finish quickly because it feels good.

Many years ago you may recall the headline in the NY tabloid that Marla Maples said it was the best sex she ever had. I knew even back then that it was a lie planted by his publicist or him, or he paid her to say that. It was such an obvious PR stunt. And thus another lie. And that is just how it works with him: a pyramid of lies which is going to implode shortly. This is one psychologically strange individual whose personal habits and pathological obsessions are not fully realized or plumbed but I would submit that there are many loads of laundry with extra bleach and Lysol in the washing machine.

Of course he has everyone sign NDA’s because these types of incidents reveal the true nature of this individual: narcissistic sociopath with untold numbers of pathologies associated and now, due to collapse of his world, a likely psychotic episode in progress.

And I have but scratched the surface.
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