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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 20,353

Journal Archives

Well, every day is now almost 5% of the time remaining

before Nov 3rd. That’s going to asymptotically approach 50% in less than a month. And then we are there. And this better work out for the best.

Is it just me?

I drive an hour and change to work every morning and stream Kasie Hunt’s show on MSNBC in the car and....does anyone else find her Mildly uninteresting and just a little too cutsie? She constantly makes a big deal about it being early in the morning. Yes, I know it’s early in the morning, anyone who’s listening to her is up early in the morning and knows it. Also, she makes known her personal interests, likes, dislikes, preferences, and whereas I understand how Morning TV has evolved since Dave Garroway, it’s a bit much for me at least.

But I may be wrong in my assessment. Sometimes I’m too harsh and too critical when I shouldn’t be. I recognize that fault in myself. Any thoughts?


This word has very bad connotations in my generation and before. It transcends horror movies. Not to put too fine a point on it for those of you who are younger, a monster is what a newborn was called who had severe physical birth defects. These newborn were often missing parts of their skulls or face, limbs, or their organs were on the outside of their bodies rather than on the inside.

When I was young, the adults would be talking about some poor lady in the neighborhood who had given birth to, and they would lower their voices, a “monster”. No more needed to be said.

We have come along way thank God. As an aside, there used to be an expression of “FLK” which is short for funny-looking kid. It was an expression used in hospitals when a child was brought in who looked unusual, but a diagnosis of the syndrome has not been made. It has been since changed to “UAC”, short for unusual-appearing child. Much more palatable, of course.

I'll give you an encouraging sign:

Every single person to whom I speak in Philly, when I say you’re going to vote, right? And everyone you know is registered to vote right? Everyone says yes absolutely and it is with firm response and fortitude.

I was in a parking garage elevator and there was a lady in with me with appropriate social distancing, and I simply exclaimed “what a World“, and she said I can’t wait for election day to get this idiot out of here. In all the years that I’ve engage people, I’ve never seen such militantcy verbalized from perfect strangers. I always always always give positive reinforcement to any of their statements and opinions.

This is going to be a landslide.

Yes yes I know… Get out the vote!

The Fly is the takeaway tonight.

That’s gonna be the universal meme

Fly on his head!!!

I don't fucking get it:

The first two debates, and they may be the only debates, have been moderated by a FOX News anchor and an individual who has hosted a party for one of Pence’s Indiana staff members. Who’s allowing this? Will Limbaugh get a shot at moderating before he croaks, if ever? How about in all fairness Keith Olbermann gets to moderate the next one? No? Why the F not?

Hey Pence! You done??

Then wipe yourself.

Video! We've got video!!!

Hey! You feel better than you have in 20 years?

I can’t wait to watch you stand for 90+ minutes behind a podium. Tough guy. We shall see.
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