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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
March 26, 2018

Yeah but Obama sneaked a cigarette, wore a brown suit, and his wife wore a sleeveless dress.


Any fucking RWer who ever DARES to open his or her mouth to me about the behavior of ANY Democratic candidate short of serial murder better be steeled for a roar coming from my lungs and tonsils.I am good and Goddamned sick and tired of their sanctimony and moralizing...as far as I'm concerned they're all going to burn in some Circle of Hell as conceived by Dante.

Fucking assholes all of them...seditious, amoral, sexist, misogynistic, racist, incestuous, slimy, ignorant, creepy SOB's.

Did I mention that I wasn't too fond of them?

March 25, 2018

You didnt even buy me breakfast.

To Anderson Cooper!

What a great line!

Love it! Rarely do I burst out laughing.

March 25, 2018

Duke vs Kansas into Overtime!!

The Orange-u-tan will sweat a while longer.

Tick tick tick

March 25, 2018

These posts which tell people not to watch or that the poster isn't watching so you shouldn't are

ridiculous, IMHO.

I'm going to watch this because it is in fact a National Event. Afterward, I will render personal judgement as to whether it was worth my time. I read many many posts here which I deem after I've read them as worth not-so-much, but that's ok and part of life.I watched Nixon's speeches after Watergate decrying the investigation and didn't feel that it was an utter waste of time: it's part of the process. If you don't want to watch, then don't. The rest of us can make up our own minds as to what we would like to do and don't really need to be shamed into not watching due to others' opinions or sensibilities.

It isn't a distraction: it's part of the whole, the gestalt, as it were and it is what we have fallen victims to after the sham/travesty/steal of a Federal Election by traitors. I wish to be informed as to every nuance of the potential fall of Democracy. I can make love or walk my dog afterwards.

March 23, 2018

A few thoughts to contribute on an early Friday evening:

1. First of all, I want to state for the record that when these so-called Player-guys use the word "date", they really mean the word "fuck". Most of America, even the rude guys, when they hear the word "date", they think about getting dressed, putting on some cologne, getting into their newly washed/waxed car and driving over to the young lady's home to pick her up and squire her out on the town. That's what a date is in America. Whatever happens after, may happen or may not. When Trumplestiltsken said he would have "dated" his daughter, he wasn't exactly talking about his car being waxed and ready. We can assume from the testimony of many of these women that he is quick and direct - wooing is not exactly his style. So we know without a shred of doubt that he's guilty of anything of which he's accused. Which leads me to

2. There's an old joke that cremation is for those who think outside the box. With this guy you have to think outside the box. No aspect of his behavior is normal or sane so one cannot make any assumptions about his behavior or predilections - think Chinatown or worse...and she knows it and of course its part of her world as the norm, (although I will say that her films are semi-unimaginative but I digress) and so therefore she not only can participate without the reservations of the usual citizens, but with a practiced eye and a foreknowledge of potential issues and problems associated with her workplace which allows me to hypothesize that

3. She videoed him surreptitiously which is very easy to do: they make, as most of you know, cameras which look completely innocuous like a planter or a book or a teddy bear anything which you might normally find in a given room. There's hours and hours of this stuff on disc and she made sure she had it kept safe for her own protection so she wouldn't wind up like, say, Marilyn Monroe or other beauties who are sacrificed so they cannot squeal. The thing is: if it were just regular sex, like one of those sex tapes everyone has seen, it wouldn't be a big deal at all. But suppose, just suppose, that it contained acts which are so incredibly "perverse" and "vile" that even mentioning them would cause revulsion among the masses. That's why he had to cheat on his mistresses with other mistresses, because the Playboy Playmate wasn't enough, couldn't do the things he wanted to have done. His wife certainly wouldn't after a point, and he may require a specialized individual to allow him his, shall we say, behaviors. For all the porno videos available on the Internet commonly, there are others that involve the dark side of humanity which have nothing whatsoever to do with real estate agents or pizza deliveries or casting auditions. These individuals are not rare, the way pedophiles are not rare, and avenues exist for their release. This is what she has on him, this is what Putin has on him, and we will soon see if we are made privy to the reality which is almost a certainty.

March 22, 2018


March 22, 2018

Hey President Trump:

Forget Mueller. I have just one question for you. This question was asked of thousands of people all over America for decades. If you get it right you can stay, if you get it wrong you must resign and take Pence with you.

As I said, thousands were asked this question by government officials. Ready? Here goes:

How many bubbles are in a bar of soap?

March 22, 2018

Did anyone else here get weirded out

By Der Fuherer’s remarks yesterday concerning his call to Putin vis-a-vis the Arms Race? He repeated himself three times and seemed to immediately forget what he’d just stated.

March 21, 2018

Stephanie Ruhle: holy moly!!

She just said that she was unwilling to talk about Donald Trump having unprotected sex before 10 AM with only tea in her tummy.

March 20, 2018

Germophobe my ass.......

this guy lies about everything...EVERYTHING...even the little things. See, these asshole RW jerkoffs lie about trivial stuff just to deep in shape for the bigger lies. They see it as exercising...so if they had a piece of salt water taffy and it were chocolate, they'd say it was "peppermint" just so they could practice lying. So when this orange-u-tan says that he doesn't drink and that he's a germophobe, it means that he drinks a lot in private and will stick his wang anywhere without a condom AND probably has had plate-jobs with the plate being removed at the last minute if you get my drift.

There is no depth un-plumbable for these people. Just when you've hit what you think is the nadir, they find a way to go lower. I have pulled out all stops personally and say that the vast number of people literally can't handle the truth - they were raised such that they assume that people have limitations. Guess what, they don't have any limitations or limits.

I will leave you with this story:

When I was about 12, something happened which really shocked me, I have no memory of exactly what it was, but my father, seeing my visible shock and surprise said, "Nothing should ever shock you. Remember, there are people out there who fuck chickens."

These people "fuck chickens". at least metaphorically and worse - believe me.

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