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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,359

Journal Archives

A story about an abortion provider:

As many of you know I am a clinical dentist practicing in Philadelphia. For about twenty-five years I treated a doctor who was one of the principal abortion providers in South Jersey, as we like to call it around these parts. Anyway, he had quite a few stories including that he had purchased his bulletproof vest with Dr. Tiller: you all recall he was the doctor assassinated by some miscreant a number of years ago and that unfortunately the vest was not sufficient to save Dr. Tiller.

Every day, there were picketers outside my patient's office and they rotated and had their own specific schedules. Now once in a while one of these protestors would wind up either as a patient in the doctor's office or as a parent or other accompanying helpmate for another lady who elected to have an abortion. The doctor told me he used to ask them, and I'll paraphrase, "What are you doing inside? You're consistently outside trying to stop me from doing this." Invariably, the woman would respond, and again I'm paraphrasing, "Yes but this case is DIFFERENT from your others because..."

The next day, the accompanist would be outside again, carrying a picket sign or harassing patients as they attempted to make their way into the office.

Unfortunately, this capable, bright, sensitive, altruistic doc succumbed to cancer and died a few years ago. I still see his grown children as patients and we talk about him as though he just left us.

So this is emblematic of the hypocrisy of the Republicans. Nothing we all didn't know before of course...I just felt the need on this day of protest to re-tell the story.

I'm sofa king upset...

didn't sleep well at all. The country has been in a death spiral since 11/22/63 and the waters are accelerating as we approach the drain. Somehow all those futuristic films and TV shows depicting the Earth as a faux-utopia with mind control, utter and complete vapidness of character and subservience to the State, electronic monitoring of the citizenry twenty-four hours a day, and unbridled hedonistic behavior, not to mention cannibalism as depicted in Soylent Green, are becoming true at a Tofflerian rate of speed and change.

Oh well, it was a grand experiment that was destined to fail.

That is unless we work as though our lives and the lives of ensuing generations are at stake. It is up to us, the Majority, to wrest control back. To do so we need to do it the way the Republicans did: start at the bottom of the electoral food chain AND, as importantly, do as they do and not consider that there is a valid opposing philosophy or statement. Those were the keys to their successes. Is it possible to reverse course and steer the ship out of the maelstrom? Perhaps...we shall see how dedicated the people are to maintaining their true American Freedoms. We shall know rather soon either way...

Putin told him to go after Harley-Davidson.

Consider: iconic American company which is the purveyor of the iconic fantasy American road trip with the iconic sexy American woman sitting behind the iconic burly, powerful American male driving across the iconic American landscape to an iconic American destination where they will drink iconic American alcohol products and have iconic American hot sex.

This is the image Putin wants to destroy. And utilizing this sociopath, he just might.

Time for a General Strike

Yes folks, forget marches on DC, writing to your Congressperson, or posting on FB. Hit em where it hurts: work stoppages throughout the land.

With social media it would spread like a Russian-based bot.

It would do the job.

Big protest in Philly where Pence is apparing

Rittenhouse Square lots of folks and growing.

Thom Hartman referenced my post and read it

in its entirety to kick off his show Monday. Iím honored.

I guess the title verbiage got his attention.


(Many thanks to Gusbob for alerting me.)

Hey Donny:

You know what composer the head security fellow from Tiffany loves?


For those who donít get it:

What the fuck?? I mean what the fuck?

Taking kids away from their parents to give them showers? Incarcerating them and then quoting Bible to justify it? Saying that itís the Democrats who are doing this? Lying about everything else? Profiting from the office of the Presidency? Condemning and vilifying our staunchest Allies and then kowtowing to and praising the worst, most villainous dictators in the world? A million million other sins on top of these as well....

You know, people take to the streets in other countries when the transit fares are boosted three cents. Here this orange-u-tan can destroy humanity and we watch the sports networks and drink microbrewery beers. Meanwhile no one will have a single solitary leg to stand on if he or she is accused of a crime because the system for protecting us will have been destroyed.

What is it going to take for the other two-thirds to rise up and say ďWeíre mad as hell and we arenít gonna take it anymore!!Ē?

This is better than sex.

And thatís saying a LOT!!!


THE Word FUBAR was coined for what this crowd

is doing and has done to this country.

I personally am deteriorating cognitively and behaviorally during this time. Iím not trying to be funny.

I am dead serious. This has affected me fundamentally in very bad ways.
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