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PCIntern's Journal
PCIntern's Journal
November 30, 2019

I have a story for you...

I'm not going to name names but if you Google "Philadelphia dentist found shot in burning car" you might come up with something...

Quite a few years ago there was this dentist who practiced in Center City Philly, right down the street from me. He was out and had been for years even when he was in dental school (and was a student with whom I'd come into contact on numerous occasions). He an his office like a continuous party, had all kinds of goings-on, treated not a few Philly-celebrities in other words, relatively minor characters but because this is a Village, they are "hot-shots" and generally was known as a party animal and somewhat eccentric, e.g. he would hire a limo to drive him a few blocks - this was long before Uber and Lyft.

Anyway, he used to hold these big parties in his home and invite many many of his patients, some of whom were politicos and business people as well as some who skated, shall we say, on the shady side of existence, but here as elsewhere, these people hobnob with the politicians for obvious and not so obvious reasons. These parties I was made to understand were WILD, and all kinds of behaviors and conversations abounded. IT was revealed that he had surreptitiously recorded audio and perhaps video of these parties and people were aghast and afraid.

Not long thereafter, I was driving to work early one morning and heard that not far from me, they had found this gentleman shot dead in the front seat of his car which had then been torched. Law enforcement hunted around for a while and then it got quiet after a few leads were dismissed. The incident has never been mentioned, written about, or discussed again in the media.

I believe that he has recorded the "wrong people" which led to his demise. I recalled hearing that at his last party, attended by not a few of my patients, the mayor, some state politicians, a City Council Rep or two, and a member of the US House, now deceased as well as some CEO's of middle level companies. You get the idea. One can only imagine what is discussed among these folks, to say nothing of the sexual banter/behavior that took place upstairs.

So when I heard that Mr J. Epstein had departed this mortal coil, I was not in the least surprised. He had the goods on everyone of prominence and thus he, in the immortal words of Ian Fleming haveing written in the book Goldfinger, "...had to be hit." Knowledge may be power, but too much knowledge is death.

November 29, 2019

Oh, and one more thing:

Trump hates Hunter Biden ALSO because he’s handsome, articulate compared with his ownadult sons, and bright. This would enrage him when faced with the disparity among these people. This is also why he takes particular relish in harming the Bidens among all the other reasons.

He has a “Fake it til you make it family”. What a mess they are in Toto.

November 26, 2019

Breaking: Trump to resegregate baseball

He is quoted as saying, “We can improve the Black unemployment numbers by reconstituting the Negro Leagues. Also, a lot of people are saying that they’ll be happier playing with their own.”

is apparently required

November 22, 2019

Dr Hill's testimony reminded me of an incident:

Many years ago I was an audience member at a panel discussion which included Margaret Mead who was renowned cultural anthropologist. Her “adversary” on the panel was this brash young man whose theories were counter to Dr Mead’s. At one point he was raising his voice to her and she put up her hand and said “You needn’t scream at me. Whatever you are going to say or have said is utter nonsense. I, however, am speaking from competence.”

He just froze, looked down, and was essentially silent after that.

November 21, 2019

Gym-khana, Gym-iney-cricket, Gym-rat,

Is a loudmouthed fuckwad

November 21, 2019

Of COURSE there's a bigger story than Ukraine

We’ve always known this. He and his criminal crew are paid Russian agents. Remember when the congressfolk walked out of that meeting absolutely RAGING a couple years ago? There’s a giant story of sedition and traitorous behavior here. That’s why the Rethugs are flailing: they hitched their horses to the wagon of a seditious, spying, traitor who did all this in plain sight. He had the frigging Russians in his own office. He met without other Americans with Putin. You can only imagine what he has given them and what he’s involved with. It’d be like FDR having secret meetings with Hitler and the Emperor of Japan in 1939. It’s just insane.

November 21, 2019

I said this here three years and more ago:

Read Fleming’s “From Russia With Love” to see how they do it. And that’s primitive by today’s standards

November 21, 2019

Gym Jordan has trichotillomania.

Look at his baldness pattern and hairline. He’s a hair-puller.

November 20, 2019

So if you walk into a bank

And say to the teller, “It would be a wise life-choice to place all the money in your and everyone else’s cash drawer into a bag and hand it to me.”

After the alarm bells go off and the police show up you claim, “I never said I was going to steal the money and furthermore no money was handed to me so not only can you not arrest me, I’m suing you for criminal harassment. Who do you think you are to accuse me of this when it was simply a suggestion made?”

This is what the Thugs are doing.

November 20, 2019

"Goodnight, Fuck"

Perhaps he will live to 200 in disgrace. It’s like an O Henry story

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