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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 23,862

Journal Archives

The media talk about Him like he's sentient, brilliant, and thoughtful...

I'm listening to this commentator jabber on MSNBC that "The President" has many international affairs on his mind while at the Summit but has turned his attention at the moment to the "Democratic Primary Battle" and also "focuses" on that as well.

Hey! We got us a real innaleckshul multi-tasker for President, right? Just imagine: he's embroiled in the thick of the complex and arcane social, fiscal, political, and defense-establishment issues surrounding all of these countries, and the genius is that he can take the time to pay attention to the Opposition Party's goings-on. To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, "Look at the Brain on Donald!"

It is outrageous that he is afforded the mantle of competence and sanity.

These people better hope and pray that they're wrong about the existence of the Afterlife

or at least what they espouse to be their "views" on the existence of same....

When I was in Junior High School we read Dante's Inferno, and the memories of that text have pervaded my conscious thought since then. I can only imagine the punishment for the rapist, child-molester, lying, scheming, cheating individuals who seem to be massing at the top of this right-wing political food chain, but I would positively delight in the creative punishment-for-all-eternity which would be meted out to the ilk such as that so-called "Justice" Department attorney who was arguing against the necessity of basic hygiene needs for the political prisoners which this "Administration", (read: Reichstag" ) has taken. I came up with one for her but DU Rules rightfully prevent me from relating it here...and it would go on for all eternity.

And that's a long time...

I'll leave you with this: the historian Henrik Van Loon in his The Story of Mankind wrote a preface I will never forget:

'HIGH Up in the North in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this rock to sharpen its beak.

When the rock has thus been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by."

I hope Satan is awaiting them...

We have Mr. Mxyzptlk in the White House and

He saying Kltpzyxm and disappearing into the Fifth Dimension ain’t likely to happen anytime soon.

It’s not even the Bizarro world, it is extra-dimensional. Can’t take much more of this surreal ocean of lies and ugliness.

PCIntern's Journal of Idiocy, Volume MMCLXII

I told this story a number of years ago back in the Bush Administration but it bears repeating...

A well-dressed, well-comported middle-aged lady was in my dental office receiving treatment and at the end, after she had rinsed out and the bib was removed she asked me a question about her daughter's wisdom teeth.

My reply began, "Well in the evolutionary process..."

She cut me off, "Oh! You don't believe in THAT, do you?"

My reply, "The Theory of Evolution? No Ma'am. I also don't believe in the Theory of Aerodynamics. I believe that when your airplane taxis down the runway and begins to pick up speed, thousands of angels come down from Heaven and lift the plane up in the air, and that is in fact how they fly."

She stared coldly at me. I then said to her, "That has about as much credibility as Intelligent Design."

And yes, she still comes to see me. I am the only dentist in Center City who takes her dental insurance. Enough said.

I was politically active, aware, and THERE for Watergate...

I watched almost every minute of the Senate Select Committee hearings from Day 1, and I'm going to put to rest a myth which seems to be circulating everywhere: that the Republicans were righteous and searching for the Truth, no matter what it might be. The fact is that until the Smoking Gun appeared in the form of the taped conversations demonstrating once and for all that Nixon had obstructed justice, attempted to subvert the FBI, and other felonies, the Republicans with the lone exception of the "Maverick" Republican Lowell Weicker of Connecticut, defended Nixon wholeheartedly and unceasingly. Howard Baker and Edward Gurney were extremely solicitous of Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Mitchell and the crew, as was minority counsel Fred Thompson, later to become a third-rate actor and a worse Senator and Presidential Candidate.

The prevailing consideration by us "Liberals" when Howard Baker uttered his famous "What did the President know and when did he know it?" was that he was laying the groundwork to exonerate Nixon by saying that he had come late to the affair: that he was not privy to the conception or the planning or the execution of the burglary, the cover-up, the bribing, the undue influences. When that all blew up, it gave Baker cover to say that "See, I asked the great question." Both Houses were controlled by Democrats so when Goldwater, Scott, and Rhodes went it was because they knew they were outvoted and were going to be disgraced as a Party so they cut loose the aberrant Nixon and started this sanctimonious PR effort to make it seem that there was an anomaly in the WHite House. Ford of course, pardoned Nixon, part of the deal, in order that the REAL details would never be revealed of so many crimes and misdemeanors (outlined in the terrific expose Secret Agenda, which told the true story of the perfidy that went FAR beyond Watergate) and the nation "moved on".

Yeah...moved on eventually to Reagan (after Carter was torpedoed) the Bushes, and now this fascist. What a progression...

I for one am happy that

Melania’s Kidneys seem to be in very good shape and working fine

Now I know where I've heard this form of sickness before:

It just occurred to me this morning

Many years ago there were a series of stories about an organization named NAMBLA: North American Man/Boy Love Association which was a front for pedophilia.

I had read an interview with the founder and it was at the time by far the sickest “rational” justification for the horrors perpetrated I had yet ever witnessed.

But he had nothing on these “folks” - the level of lying, prevarication, dissembling, distractions, falsehoods, and amoral self-preservation is right up there with that of Nazi Germany, and Godwins Law be damned.

This was my “AHA!” Experience of the day.

Is it just me?

I was watching multiple networks covering this latest shooting atrocity/genocide and the common theme among all the reporters is that it is apparently incumbent upon employers, family members, friends, and I suppose grocery store clerks, to report behavior which is suspect and possibly leading to this type of incident occurring.

Now I'm all for prevention but I have two questions:

1. Did they all get together and decided that this is the meme for this particular shooting? It seems to be a congruent message put forth on all the stations. I don't recall this message being promulgated like this before. I may well be mistaken. Please correct me if I am.

B. As an employer and as a dentist I hear lots of angry people in a day. How am I supposed to know what is serious enough to call authorities or associated family to discuss angers which have manifest in my presence? As far as employees go, since for the sake of argument "everybody" works at some level, what are we supposed to do as supervisors when we find out that our administrative assistant has legally purchased ten firearms in a month? Tell me please. I can only imagine calling the Philly police department and telling them that my employee who hates her job has ten guns in her house. They'd say, "Are they legally obtained?" I'd say yes, and they'd say, "So what laws have been broken that warrant an investigation? We have crimes occurring as we speak that we can't manage and you're talking about someone who has done nothing illegal. Goodbye sir."

Please assist me in my quest for proper behavior as a citizen.
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