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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Jersey Shore
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 24,453

Journal Archives

Tell you what I just found in a box...

I had almost forgotten that I made tapes, that is VHS tapes, of the entire confirmation process of Clarence Thomas.

My wife was expecting our daughter, and I thought, rightly so, as it turns out, that this might be a very important moment in American history. I set my VCR on SLP (you young folk can look that up!), and one thing I know is that I was correct in my assumption.

I have every moment of this horrorshow. Of course, the fidelity is terrible, in fact, it’s for shit, but, one thing I know is that I was correct in my assumption.

Now I’m going to rend my clothes and fall on my metaphorical sword.

I know this is beyond obvious, but...

The Democrats need right now to start advertising campaigns, directed at young people who most likely possess student loans to say that the Republicans and their appointed members of the supreme court, who clearly have a mission, just eliminated their student loan forgiveness program and those removed money from their pockets arbitrarily. And it should be added that all the while, they are making the rich richer by giving them ignored the tax breaks.

As an aside, I don’t want to hear any fucking complaints from anyone who says that the program was insufficient, or Biden waited too long, or anything else. It is time to declare unconditional war with these anti-democratic, auntie humanistic assholes.

Well, this was no way to start the day...

Obviously, I’m going to leave names out of this, but I am just beyond upset.

When I was in dental school, we had about 160 people in our class from varying backgrounds and cultures as well as ages. One fellow came from a fairly elite New England private school, and was one of those achiever types who was not only in the top of the class, but was a somewhat gifted athlete. In addition to everything else, he was a scratch golfer, which is pretty impressive at any age. He was extremely opinionated, but spent most of his time doing his work. He was not involved in class activities , such as student government, clinical issues, class committees, yearbook, etc.

So you know how on Facebook they say you might know so-and-so? And there he was. I hadn’t thought of him in about 30 years, so I went over to see what he became, and what became of him. Well, I was not really prepared for the most vituperative hatred of all things progressive, Democratic, humanitarian, and the like. I know everyone here knows people like this. He posts photos of President Biden, and just excoriates every aspect of his persona, his politics, his mannerisms with the usual Fox-lies and near-Qanon “logic“. It was positively pornographic in a political sense .

The thing is, that for whatever he was, or wasn’t, I never saw him as a full-blown hater, which he has clearly become. And it occurred to me that if this guy “converted”, then I can understand why there are millions of others who are intellectually less well-equipped to deal with reality , who have gone over to the Darkside. This crowd is in fact beyond hope, and we have to pray in the upcoming elections that there are sufficient number of people with sane perspectives to carry the day.

Unfortunately, I am presently at work so I cannot take a shower, which I now desperately need…

Compare and contrast:

Kruschev and Prighozin - just noting, making no statement at all whatsoever



Occasionally I descend to moron status:

So I’m watching all this business with what is basically a Civil War in Russia, and thinking about the nightmare of the last, I don’t know, 7 or 8 years, and the weirdness and futility of it all, and suddenly an old tune popped into my head:

Yes…I know.

So Trump and Trump, Jr are sitting at the pool at Mar-A-Lago and

a couple yards away, there’s a dog sunning itself and licking its private parts. Don Sr. says, “I wish I could do that.” Junior replies, “Yeah….I think you better pet him first.”

So, of course, they're going to do an investigation into the lost sub...

It will undoubtedly consist ofreports totalling thousands of pages, but I would defer to the genius physicist. Richard Feynman, who was on the Challenger Shuttle Commission, and simply had a beaker of ice water, and a piece of the rubber O-ring material that was used in the spacecraft launch vehicle . When it was his turn to present his report, I believe that he put the O-ring in ice water, took it out, snapped it because it had become rigid and said that that was his report.

Someone should take a lightbulb, put it on the floor and step on it, and say, that was his or her report

(…and then shout: MAZEL TOV!). (Too soon??)

I-95 reopening

Here is a link to an article which has a link to a live stream camera and we in Philadelphia (and of course the rest of the world ) have been able to watch the reconstruction 24/7. I believe it will remain on for the duration of the entire reconstruction which will take months. It is fascinating to watch.


I'm starting to put 2 and 2 and 2 together....

Remember years ago when those congressional Democrats came out of that meeting so angry and upset that they were going to spit, but their secrecy oaths prevented them from being specific? I thought Maxine Waters was going to have a stroke.

Jack Smith has all that plus everything else which occurred during the next four years. My guess is that all of Trump’s phones have been tapped and monitored by the NSA and I would also assume that the Oval and the residence was bugged. When he had the meeting with the Russians to the exclusion of Americans, that set off a chain of events that we can’t even imagine.

I almost refuse to believe otherwise. Hell, if I had a meeting with those Russians, I’d assume that I’d be followed/ wiretapped for eternity. And I ain’t the President.

For your viewing and stealing pleasure:

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