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Member since: Wed Mar 3, 2004, 08:03 PM
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Ignorance is destroying America.

Our country is being destroyed from within because too many of us believe things that are simply not true.

Decades of hate radio, Fox News, and internet websites pushing "information" that is the opposite of the truth have resulted in millions of Americans who firmly believe falsehoods.

Examples of FALSEHOODS believed by half the country include:

Immigrants are stealing our jobs and bringing disease and violence to our country.

Christianity is under attack.

There is an epidemic of violence in the "inner cities" (a reference to African American neighborhoods).

Liberals want to take money away from "hardworking real Americans" (a reference to rural whites) and give it to people who don't work (dog whistle).

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt individual to ever run for office.

Hillary Clinton planned to go to war.

Climate change is not a very big problem.

Obama destroyed the economy and our reputation in the world.

Democratic politicians are stupid and corrupt.

(Believed by many on the left, who don't understand that majority rules in Congress) - Democrats are weak because they're not fixing all these problems.

Trump is fixing all these problems. Trump is making America safe and prosperous again for "people who are willing to work."

I'm not sure how to turn this around other than GET OUT THE VOTE among those of us who have the facts.

This is no time for purism. The Democrats need to regain the majority. It's our only hope.
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