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Trump has lost $1B in personal wealth since running for president, according to latest Forbes list.


The new cover of Time Magazine uses Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony to form her image.


Don Jr was in Conroe for Carnival Cruz

I do not like Montgomery County Texas where Conroe is located This county is 95% white and has active KKK chapters in operation. My daughter was trying a case in Conroe and twice she was in line at the security check with people with KKK or white supremacist tattoos.

All of the reasons listed above are why Don Jr was at an event for Carnival Cruz

Texas rejects 2,400 online voter registrations as Oct. 9 deadline looms

If you used vote.org to register to vote with an electronic signature, then your registration may have been bounced by the state of Texas https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/politics/texas/article/Texas-rejects-2-400-online-voter-registrations-as-13279521.php#photo-16273597

More than 2,000 potential voters in Texas had their voters’ registration applications unfairly rejected by the Texas Secretary of State, a national advocacy group said Wednesday.

Those voters will be barred from voting on Nov. 6 unless they re-submit updated applications with new signatures on them, according to the Secretary of State’s office, which will send affected voters the paperwork by mail. It must be resubmitted to the state within 10 days.

Vote.org, a nonpartisan group, said it helped 2,400 Texans from Dallas, Bexar, Cameron and Travis counties submit voter registration applications that use digital photographs of their signatures.

White House lied about removing interview limits: FBI lacks authority to talk to Brett Kavanaugh


Luckovich-The fall of Self-Made Man

Luckovich-It's A Scary Time to be a Young Man in America


Trump falls 138 spots on Forbes' 400 richest Americans list

This will piss trump off https://www.politico.com/story/2018/10/02/trump-forbes-net-worth-861235

President Donald Trump, who has long bragged about his success and wealth, has dropped more than 100 spots on Forbes' list of the wealthiest people in the United States.

Trump's net worth has dropped from $4.5 billion in 2015 to $3.1 billion in the last two years, Forbes reported. The magazine also said that the drop has knocked Trump 138 spots lower on its latest Forbes 400 list, which will be released on Wednesday.

In 2017, Trump was listed as the 248th richest American.

According to Forbes, Trump's decline is due to a number of factors such as Trump not being truthful about the size of his penthouse, as well as typical commercial space being exterminated by e-commerce. Trump is down more than $100 million due to that factor, Forbes said.

Founder of Tea Party Nation Has Been Disbarred for Trying to Scam Timeshare Owners

This is from one of the legal e-mails that I get every morning http://generalcounselnews.com/founder-of-tea-party-nation-has-been-disbarred-for-trying-to-scam-timeshare-owners/

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the founder of Tea Party Nation has been disbarred for trying to swindle timeshare owners into thinking they canceled their timeshares.

Tennessee attorney Judson Wheeler Phillips, a senior partner with Nashville-based Castle Law Group and founding member of the conservative Tea Party group, was accused of taking off with the money he earned from the fraudulent transactions, the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled.

Federal lawsuits were filed against Phillips by Westgate Resorts and Orange Lake Resorts, both based in Orlando, as well as Las Vegas-based Diamond Resorts and Fort Lauderdale-based Berkley Resorts. More than 90 consumer fraud complaints also were filed.

How Trump Is Trying--And Failing--To Get Rich Off His Presidency

This amuses me https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2018/10/02/how-trump-is-tryingand-failingto-get-rich-off-his-presidency/

By refusing to divest, Trump raised an unprecedented question: How would the most divisive presidency in modern American history affect a company built on the president’s persona? Forbes has been working to answer that question since the moment Trump got elected, interviewing nearly 200 colleagues, partners and industry observers. While the experiment continues to unfold, in real time, the early results are in. Much as he’s trying—and he’s definitely trying—Donald Trump is not getting richer off the presidency. Just the opposite. His net worth, by our calculation, has dropped from $4.5 billion in 2015 to $3.1 billion the last two years, knocking the president 138 spots lower on the latest The Forbes 400 (which will be published in full tomorrow).

Three factors are at play. Much of that decline is due to deeper reporting, which revealed, for example, that the president had been lying about the size of his penthouse. Some of it is due to larger market forces. Trump owns commercial space at a time when e-commerce is decimating brick-and-mortar retail, shaving more than $100 million off his fortune—and no amount of bully-pulpit Amazon-bashing will change that.

But the third factor comes from how Trump the president affects Trump the brand. Those familiar with him saw his 2016 run as a surreal marketing strategy, and Trump has said as much, telling Fortune way back in 2000, “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.” Since his unexpected ascent to the White House, Trump has tried to leverage the trappings of the presidency to benefit his commercial projects, from visits to his golf courses to hosting summits at Mar-a-Lago to launching a new hotel-licensing business aimed at his voters. (The Trump Organization denies the licensing business has to do with politics.)...

Either way, Trump’s mixture of politics and business has proved to be a net loser for him so far. In further polarizing the country, he has also further polarized his business—to the tune of an estimated $200 million hit against his net worth. Understanding how that has happened offers a fresh window into the state of Trump Inc.—and Trump’s America.

Trump's unpopularity is hurting his net worth which makes me happy
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