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Apologies if this is a dupe, but I just couldn't help myself. Michael Keaton is spot-on.


"Trump Can't Just Refuse To Leave Office"

Although written in June, a few months doesn't change anything. Not if, but when Joe Biden wins....

Trump Can’t Just Refuse to Leave Office
We have a lot of things to worry about in the next eight months. This isn’t one of them.
By Fred Kaplan
June 01, 20201:54 PM

So it’s the morning of Jan. 20, 2021. Trump doesn’t meet President-elect Joe Biden and his wife in the White House driveway, nor does he attend the inauguration on Capitol Hill. Instead, he proclaims, as he has many times by this point, that the election was a fraud (he has set the stage for this with his false claims about mail-in ballots), and at noon, instead of acceding to the transfer of power, Trump proclaims that the swearing in was FAKE NEWS and that he remains the president.

Here is what would happen next.
On the dot of noon, the nuclear codes, which currently allow Trump to order and authenticate a nuclear attack, expire. The officer who has been following him around everywhere with the “football”—which, contrary to popular belief, is not a button or a palm print but rather a book filled with various launch codes—leaves. If Trump and whatever lackeys stay with him prevent the officer from leaving, another officer, holding a backup football, would join Biden at the inauguration ceremony.
By the same token, the entire U.S. military establishment will pivot away from ex-President Trump and salute President Biden. The principle of civilian control is hammered into American officers from the time they’re cadets—and the 20th Amendment of the Constitution states, “The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January”—no ifs, ands, or buts.

More at:

Beau of the Fifth Column - Blaming Bob Woodward

Maybe he can say it better than I tried to.


Staying Alive Guitar Solo - Worth A Listen

I really enjoyed this. Thought some of you might like it too.


Ghost Donald In The Sky - yuk yuk

don't know if I'm first with this. Just let me know. I thought it was good for a laugh.


covid-19 conundrum

Found this on one of my Arkansas Razorback football forums.

#1 by Hog in Iowa on 11 Jul 2020

"Man, all these doctors, nurses, microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, and other researchers keep saying COVID-19 is dangerous, but all these people who barely passed science in high school keep saying it's not. It's so hard to know who to believe anymore." 🤔

Should I say it or not? Nah, let's see how it goes.

Shaquira McGrath- wait for it...."Redneck Woman"

Being a fan of the music, my first reaction when she started singing was HELL YEAH!!


Neal McCoy 'Where Forever Begins'- one of my entries...

....in the "I HATE COUNTRY MUSIC - CHANGE MY MIND' Challenge


Rev. Gini Gerbasi eyewitness account of Trump's photo op.

Apologies if this has been posted already.

Interview starts at 00.25


Nick Saban Gets It - Wear a mask!

Yes, it's tough to say, but, "Well Done Coach Saban!"

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