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louis c

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Home country: USA
Current location: Boston
Member since: Fri May 14, 2004, 05:52 PM
Number of posts: 8,652

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Einstein's name is synonymous with genius, we must do the same with moron and Trump

At some point in the early part of the twentieth century, the name Einstein became synonymous with the word Genius. during World War II, the name Quisling became synonymous with a collaborating traitor.

It is now our obligation to make the word moron synonymous with Donald Trump.

Hundreds Arrested in Russia as Protests Erupt on Putin's 65th Birthday

I wonder if the Moron-in-Chief will condemn the government's crackdown on peaceful protesters in Russia as vigorously as he did in Venezuela.

<snip>Saint Petersburg (AFP) - Russian police violently broke up a rally in Saint Petersburg as thousands took to the streets across Russia Saturday on President Vladimir Putin's 65th birthday, urging him to quit power.<snip>

<snip>Heeding the call of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny to demand competitive elections, around 3,000 people rallied in Russia's second city and Putin's hometown while more than a thousand demonstrated in the centre of Moscow, AFP reporters said. Protests were held in 80 cities around the country.<snip>


Joe Biden for 2020

It's early and Joe's old, but there is too much at stake.

This country MUST remove Donald Trump in 2020, if he is not impeached, or he does not resign, before that.

It has been my experience that when we want to remove any unpopular incumbent from office, all you need is an opponent that people are comfortable with.

The VP's slot is the one that would be worth having for any new Democratic up and comer. We need Bernie and his supporters on board.

But if we enter the next Presidential election cycle divided and disorganized and we get beat by this fucking moron again, we deserve what we get.

Truimp Finds Replacements for Disloyal Cabinet Members.

Tillerson, Kelly and Mattis have been proven to be less than loyal to Donald Trump.

Secret video has come to light in which Trump has found their replacements.

Here is a small segment of the interview process.


Moron, Moron, Moron. Just Keep Referring to Trump as the Moron

When I google the word moron, 18 of the first 20 hits come up with a story about Trump. The other two are just definitions.

He hates that moniker. When it went public, he went berserk. Not only does he hate it, but it came out as a news story because his appointed cabinet member, and the highest ranking cabinet member, called Trump a moron within earshot of other high ranking officials.

We must do everything we can to hang this name on him. All other references should be put aside. When anyone hears the word "Moron", we want them immediately to associate that word with Trump.

Moron, Moron, Moron. We can't say it enough about Donald Trump.

Fucking Moron.

Monday is Columbus Day, the Day We Celebrate...

...America's first undocumented immigrant.

You know something? Maybe we should all give Trump a dose of his own medicine

Trump was very effective in putting a derogatory nick name on his opponents, both in the Republican primary and the General Election. Lyin' Ted, little Marco, Crooked Hilary and all the rest of his juvenile bullshit.

Maybe it's time to turn the tables on Trump.

He is very annoyed and angered by this moron comment from Tillerson. We should hang that moniker around his neck and repeat it every chance we get.

Let's not try to make it too complicated, but keep it simple so his supporters can understand it.

Moron. We need just one word to go with it. Moron Don? Moron in Chief (I know, that's technically two words). President Moron. Der Moron (as in Der Leader). or Maybe just Moron. At this stage, everyone knows who that is.

But we need to define him and repeat it and repeat it. The press has to ask each of Trump's appointees, "reports are that SOS Rex Tillerson referred to President Trump as a Moron, do you agree with that statement and have you ever called the President a moron?"


Wow, Trump Really Fits the British Dictionary Definition of a Moron


British Dictionary definitions for moron Expand

moron (noun)

1. a foolish or stupid person

2. a person having an intelligence quotient of between 50 and 70, able to work under supervision


Rex Tillerson's Comment is the Very Defination of Speaking Truth to Power

Rex Tillerson saying to high ranking officials in the Trump Administration, in a voice loud enough for more than just several people to hear, that Donald Trump is a "Fucking Moron", is the very definition of the age old adage of "speaking truth to power."

Rex Tillerson Didn't Just Call Trump a Moron, He Called Him a Fucking Moron

Maybe there was another in history, but I don't know of him.

And why is the press (mostly) sanitizing the statement?

I had to search through 40 stories to find one that has the actual quote from the July 20 meeting.

Tillerson didn't just call Trump a moron, he called him a FUCKING MORON.

<snip>The Secretary of State allegedly called the president a "fucking moron."...................................................

Rex Tillerson, a retired oil company executive and alleged "Secretary of State," apparently needed only a few months to decide that agreeing to serve as chief diplomat to a president with no interest in diplomacy was what they call a "career misstep." According to NBC News, Tillerson called the president a "moron" and threatened to quit after this summer's insane Boy Scouts Jamboree speech, returning to Washington only after being talked down by Vice President Pence and other "top administration officials." Axios helpfully reports that the epithet was, in fact, "fucking moron," because if you're going to publicly disparage your superior's intelligence and fitness for the job he holds, you might as well get in a profane adjective while you're at it.<snip>

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