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elehhhhna's Journal
elehhhhna's Journal
May 30, 2018

Wypipo is the new Cracker. It's divisive and clearly not in the spirit of Democratic values.

Namecalling each other used to be a violation of the tos.

Fwiw I'm multiracial.
May 27, 2018

Football players should kneel on the field and blame cte EDIT: not elehhhnas best idea.


Boom. 2 birds one stone.

**** EDIT to add: was spitballing how to do a fuck you and take a knee anyway and stay protected as an employee.

May 22, 2018

Just so sad and scared and probably (hell, definitely?) catastrophizing...

Hubs of 30+ years diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis and I'm terrified. I've watched my father die. Watched my then 14 year old enter a locked rehab ward. Watched her mourn 11 dead cohorts (teens) who didn't make it. (so far). Watched my hubs suffer with a false diagnosis of lymphoma (!)...but this has gutted me.

My employer has given me some unpaid leave for a few days - they're being very good to me.

On meds, making an appt w a therapist i feel good about, but I'm gutted.

Can't stop crying...any bump in this road and I lose it emotionally. Help?

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