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Princess Turandot

Princess Turandot's Journal
Princess Turandot's Journal
April 23, 2020

I saw his next HR: Bottom of the 1st, on Opening Day 1978, the Reggie Bar game!

For the record, I ate mine.

The Game 6 blasts:

April 19, 2020

It might be called a success if you don't care about all of the deaths...

and I suspect that Mr Tegnell doesn't really care all that much, given some of his comments along the way. (He rationalized the deaths being as high as they were at one point because the figures included nursing home deaths. Those pesky old people.)

Right now, Sweden's deaths per 1 million of their population is 152. That is the 11th highest number in the world, per worldometers. (The US number is 121.) They are in the 21st position in the world in terms of the number of cases.

Compared to their immediate neighbors as of April 19, 2020, 18:38 GMT:

Cases - Deaths - Deaths per 1 million
Denmark 7,242 - 346 - 61
Finland 3,681 - 90 - 17
Norway 7,036 - 164 - 30
Sweden 13,822 - 1,511 - 152

April 17, 2020

Gov Pritzger joins Wellington the penguin (and pals) for a social distancing PSA at Shedd Aquarium

During the coronavirus lockdown, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium has been taking some of their penguins on excursions to other exhibits in the place. They post videos of the trips, in which Wellington, a rockhopper penguin is the breakout star. So the governor decided to recruit him and a few of his roommates in a good cause:


Wellington looks like he's in a permanent state of 'whoa, we're not in Kansas anymore' during these trips!


April 5, 2020

I'll give this a try..

(Note: For the sake of simplicity, assume that this relates to someone who is entitled to receive (and keep) the full stimulus amount.)

The money that is being sent out relates to a federal action taken in 2020, which they need to put on the books, so to speak. They're going to do that through the income tax filing process for 2020, which actually takes place next year.

So, a tax credit will need to be shown for this item when you do your 2020 tax return, that you file in April 2021, because it was revenue that you received that year. But since you already received this specific cash in 2020, this new tax credit won't generate any more cash being sent to you in 2021 to settle up your 2020 tax return. They don't want people surprised by that. I think that's all this means.

FYI As far as I can tell from looking the tweet referenced, those screenshots are not coming from any federal government documentation. I saw at least 2 different sources being suggested in the tweet replies. So the paraphrasing by the source may be the problem.

March 25, 2020

NYC (sadly) has an extensive contingency plan for this...

This is a bit sensationalistic, I expect.

'Morgues' are referring to the official facilities of the NYC Medical Examiner (I assume). However, each hospital also has facilities for the deceased because of normal transportation delays, and because in the normal course of matters, only certain cases need to be sent to the ME. The hospital facilities thus will also be used.

The main ME facility in Manhattan is part of a half-mile 11-block long stretch of private, public and VA health facilities between First Avenue and the East River. If it comes to it, they have quite a bit of room for refrigeration trucks on the side streets; that's what they did post 9/11.

This is just a conjecture on my part, but given the uncertainty around the virus, concerns about infection control will be the challenge here, from the hospital mortuary to the funeral directors/morticians. I read that in China by decree of the government most of the deceased were cremated as quickly as possible, without any ceremony/funeral attended by family members. I don't see that happening here.

March 23, 2020

The Army Corp of Engineers has begun the installation of 4 FEMA emergency hospitals in NYC's Javits

Convention Center. Each hospital has 250 beds, and is 40,000 sq ft in size, so it will provide 1,000 beds in total. They will be built on the Center's main exhibit floor, which per Wikipedia is 840,000 sq ft. (There will also be 320 federal staff coming along, although I'm not quite sure what they'll be doing.) They're also considering the addition of another 1,000 beds which would be used for patients who need a less intensive level of care. They hope to have the initial facilities running within 10 days.

In addition, the ACE will be erecting 3 field hospitals inside of other buildings in the NYC area.

Governor Cuomo provided information on the work here:

If the video below shows only a black box, clicking on that will take you to it on Periscope.

March 21, 2020

Live Science had a decent article on this...

The French health minister was referring to a letter submission to Lancet. Subsequent to his comments, the researchers added a statement on how to interpret their letter, which puts forth what the authors say is a hypothesis that is 'information for researchers, not patients' that 'does not constitute a recommendation to use certain drugs or not.'

Live Science: Should you take ibuprofen if you have COVID-19?

There's a lot of speculation but very little data to say one way or another.

The health minister's warning was based on a recent letter published in the journal The Lancet that suggested such anti-inflammatory drugs boost the body's production of an enzyme that sits on the cell's surface, known as ACE2. The coronavirus hijacks these ACE2 receptors to enter human cells.The authors hypothesized that drugs that spur the body to produce more of this enzyme would allow the virus to infect more cells, which in turn could increase the risk of developing "severe and fatal" COVID-19.

"The only problem is they offer no proof that this actually occurs," Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in New York, wrote on Twitter. "And this hypothesis relies on several major assumptions that may not be true."
March 21, 2020

Or that after swearing to shut down the so-called wet markets where Chinese scientists determined..

that the SARS virus jumped from a bat via a civet to a shopper, crossing the species line in 2003, they kinda didn't really do that. (Although they did subsequently thoroughly sanitize the wet-market where they believe COVID-19 got its all-access pass.)

As to Taiwan, WHO initially refused to allow them to collaborate in the various activities/ conferences etc that they were organizing. (They did eventually reverse that.)

March 12, 2020

Yes. Cuomo and for NYC, de Blasio.

They're both smart and not inclined to panic. Or make decisions based upon idiocy.

Yesterday, Cuomo ordered a 1 mile containment area around part of New Rochelle in Westchester. This is the area associated with the attorney who became ill last week, if you recall the story. New Rochelle is a serious hotspot: the order prohibits large gatherings. This affects several public and private schools, houses of worship among others. He also called up the National Guard to work on disinfecting buildings/streets etc. They will also be delivering meals to kids from the closed schools who depend upon school-provided meals for much of their nutrition.

Also, de Blasio has made a point of telling people during his briefings that folks who are not insured will be tested for covid-19 without any financial repercussions to them. And that no one will be asking about anyone's immigration status when someone comes in for a test. Cuomo has ordered insurance companies licensed to operate in NYS to waive cost sharing requirements (i.e. coinsurance/deductibles) for all stages of the testing process for people who have insurance.

Happily, the governor of NJ, Phil Murphy, is also a Democrat. Were Christie still there, he'd probably be bricking up the Jersey-side exits of the Hudson River tunnels right about now.

March 9, 2020

As of this moment, the reported stats for Italy are worse....

They show a case fatality rate of 5%: 463 deaths/9172 cases = 5.05%

Iran's rate is ~3%. China's Hubei province (includes Wuhan) is 4.4%

Worldwide is 3.5%.

Data per JHU: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

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