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Sancho's Journal
Sancho's Journal
November 21, 2022

USA vs Wales at 1 ET on Fox in the FIFA World Cup (men)

Just a reminder...

November 13, 2022

Masto wins..

November 3, 2022

MSNBC has Charlie Crist and Val Demmings from Orlando...very nice!

I hope people are watching and will vote to get rid of DeSatan.

November 2, 2022

In the race for Florida governor, it's either Crist or the big adult baby boy currently in charge


They say there’s “no such thing as a perfect candidate,” and Floridians know this better than anyone. In fact, as a registered Democrat who voted for Joe Biden partially because the other guy was endorsed by the Klan, I often find myself screaming this statement from the bottom of a pool on a near weekly basis.

Which brings us to Charlie Crist, who is a lot of things. For one, he’s the tannest man in Pinellas County and a genuinely nice guy. He’s also a former Republican, and has a spotty record on things like gay marriage and abortion rights.

And while his stances on those topics have since evolved (he was endorsed by pro-choice and LGBTQ leaders), he’s still not “a perfect candidate,” or even a good candidate, in my opinion. But he’s all we got. And as the GOP pushes for more “state’s rights,” while they simultaneously strip away individual freedoms for anyone who isn’t a cis white Christian Nationalist male in a lifted truck, Crist is the only hope we have at the moment.

While DeSantis has been busy playing footsy with actual neo-Nazis, Florida’s insurance providers are fleeing the state faster than New Yorkers under Cuomo. I, for one, love owning the libs by getting dropped from my insurance carrier because it was “declared insolvent.”

Great article...
October 28, 2022

Where are all the big guns??

I assume that polling or something has taken Florida off the list. MSNBC has done a great job exposing Rubio and DeSatan for weeks. Local papers too.

I've seen very few visits from the Democratic leadership, minimal national advertising, and our local GOTV is doing the best we can with resources.

Our the GOP sent DeSatan signs to everyone. We are bombarded with attack ads about Demmings and Crist that are crazy.

I can only conclude that the national people have crossed Florida off unless the ex-felons and college students decide to vote. There are no marches or similar rallies like we had for women a few years ago. The gay pride parades were huge. We just don't have a Georgia style enthusiasm.

Let em know if it's just my neighborhood (Clearwater).

September 20, 2022

Since the GOP suggested "orange Jesus", here's a thread for the best new names for you-know-who...

...my nomination:

Bentdick Arnold

Your turn!

September 13, 2022

Putin ally falls into the sea, adding to list of mysterious deaths suffered by Russian energy bosses

I'm sure there will be other reports of this. Somehow, the details don't matter. Being around Putin may make you rich, but there are consequences!!


A top Russian executive has died falling from his boat near Vladivostok, local media reports.
Ivan Pechorin has been described as an ally of Putin, who reportedly picked him for the role.
Pechorin is the latest in a string of unexplained deaths among Russian bosses.

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