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Member since: Tue Aug 17, 2004, 07:11 AM
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Sheriff's office investigates report of possible voter intimidation at St. Pete voting location

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is investigating a report of possible voter intimidation at a downtown St. Pete voting location, the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections said.

According to the Pinellas SOE Julie Marcus, two people suspected of voter intimidation were at the downtown St. Pete early voting location at 501 First Ave N.

According to Marcus, the pair told a responding law enforcement officer that they worked for a private security company. She says at least one of the two were armed.

The pair set up a tent and claimed they worked for the Trump campaign, Marcus said.



I already voted, but this is the beginning of the war for the next two weeks.....

I just made another donation to Biden/Harris - and she is Awesome!!

Pence looks and sounds like a liar.

I love the way Kamala looks at him like he is a guilty puppy!

Just a note from Largo/Clearwater - so I wondered what is happening locally to others in FL?

I'm in Pinellas, and since 2000 my neighborhood has been majority GOPers. Lots of retirees, and folks who work for the military contractors, and hard-core repubs who give $2000 every year. It can be discouraging.

This year the signs are literally 50-50 with a lot of Biden/Harris (we counted)! Also, the homeowners didn't hold a meeting in Oct. because of the possible conflicts. More and more seniors are going blue! They are really upset over the virus and social security. Trump is losing favor. I hope it's enough.

We have two families that are big trouble. One has a bunch of signs and one of those black flags with a blue stripe. I had never seen one of those before, and I really don't know what it means. Now I wonder if we have some kind of radical.

There are two black families and lots of international families, and none have reported any problems or harassment that I know of at this point. There is a lot neighborhood communication, so any event would be broadcast immediately.

There is another family with kids who openly break the rules. They are fundamentalists. Pool parties and cookouts, no masks, etc. They seem nice, but folks are crossing the street to avoid them. That group has been politely isolated all summer.

The biggest house is owned by two MDs, and they have a Trump sign. Their cars were home all day, and I found out that both caught the virus! I'm wondering if they will hold out for Trump now.

We have LOTS of people calling, waving signs, and organizing on social media. It seems to be working. If the local polls are correct, Biden could win Pinellas. We may even flip one of the crazy GOP state delegation, but that's a long shot.

I'm optimistic that we can win big here.

Some of us were around for this debate...and we thought the 60s were crazy.


Harrison on MSNBC next (10:40 PM)...running against Lindsey

Scientists Discover "Vantablack" Deep-Sea Creatures


A team of marine biologists have discovered 16 new species of terrifying deep-sea fish that reflect almost no light at all, Wired reports — much like the ultra-black material Vantablack.
Marine biologist Karen Osborn was astonished when she attempted to take pictures of a fangtooth, a terrifying fanged monster of the deep sea, for cataloguing reasons. The fish appeared to absorb almost all of the light her underwater studio shone at it, leaving only eerie silhouettes.
“I had tried to take pictures of deep-sea fish before and got nothing but these really horrible pictures, where you can’t see any detail,” Osborn, who co-authored a paper about the fish published in Current Biology, told Wired. “How is it that I can shine two strobe lights at them and all that light just disappears?”
“It’s like looking at a black hole,” lead author Alexander Davis, a Duke University biologist, told The New York Times.

There are some pictures at the link, and an interesting article.

Rachael will need an eight hour show tonight...

...to get all the book authors, reporters, whistle-blowers, and recordings from Sept. 9, 2020 on air.

Discovery of a black hole so massive that existing theories suggest it shouldn't exist


Astronomers have detected a gravitational wave from a black hole so massive that existing theories suggest it shouldn't exist.

The black hole that formed from the merger that sent the gravitational wave through space is 142 times the mass of the Sun, making it the most massive ever to be observed with gravitational waves. And the energy that it released through the universe is the equivalent to around eight solar masses, spreading out across the universe.

"This doesn't look much like a chirp, which is what we typically detect," said Nelson Christensen, a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research who helped pick up the signal. "This is more like something that goes 'bang,' and it's the most massive signal LIGO and Virgo have seen."

“The system we’ve discovered is so bizarre that it breaks a number of previous assumptions about how black holes form," said Karan Jani, a researcher from Vanderbilt University who was involved in the research, in a statement. "We took more than a year to confirm this alien black hole’s existence and are thrilled to be sharing this discovery with the world.”

Let me get this straight...

Florida has done everything they can to spread the virus:

- Cruise ships!
- Spring break parties
- Open beaches
- Open theme parks
- Etc., etc.

Now they plan to release 750,000,000 mosquitoes into the face of two hurricanes and blow blood-sucking bugs all over North America!!! Squitonado??

Sure they say the little buggers are "safe" and won't spread disease.


Oh well, got to go now and get ready to teach school that opens on Monday (the day the hurricane arrives)!!

Great moments in Senate history: Kamala shows Senator Warner how to make a tuna melt...

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