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Satire...pretty funny..."A STATEMENT FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA "...read the whole thing.



When we learned that at least 50 people participated in a massive college admissions scam, deploying fraudulent means to get their children into our nation’s elite universities, we were appalled, disgusted, and outraged that not a single one of them was using these deviant tactics to get into the University of Pennsylvania.

What’s especially appalling to us, as one of the finest academic institutions in the world, is how many of these students did not even care about their education. We’re looking at you, Olivia “I don’t know how much of school I’m gonna attend” Jade. Well, Olivia, maybe you’d feel differently if you learned about a certain someone named Benjamin Franklin, who founded the University of Pennsylvania in 1740 and also invented bifocals, the Warby Parkers of his day. You could say Ben was America’s first influencer. People already do, actually. It’s a thing. Tell your friends!

A few days after the scandal broke, people started to talk about the Trumps and we were like FINALLY. But it turned out everybody was just giving Jared Kushner shit for paying $2.5 million to get into Harvard. HARVARD IS A GLORIFIED FINISHING SCHOOL. For fuck’s sake, what about all the money Trump promised he would donate to Penn so his daughter Ivanka and one of his dumb-dumb sons could go to Wharton?? Wharton is a Penn school, and sure, sometimes it bothers us that the Wharton brand is so strong while the Penn brand is still sort of confusing to a lot of people, but whatever. Tiffany went to the College of Arts and Sciences, by the way. At Penn.

Our only consolation in this face of this devastating news is that these criminals, whose schemes were a shameful violation of what is intended to be a fair, meritocratic process, will be brought to justice, and that none of them bothered to scam their way into Cornell.

Nearly nude Florida man rides bike backward on Miami interstate


MIAMI — "He comin.'"

Those are the only words tweeted to describe a video of a man in Florida riding a bicycle backward on a Miami interstate. He's wearing hot pink socks and sneakers, a headband and pink underwear – and nothing else.

Possibly not surprising is this isn't the first time the man has been spotted nearly nude and riding his bike on Interstate 95. The Miami Herald reported a sighting of the man in August 2018.

In that video, the man was wearing hot pink socks, green sneakers and "nothing but a string for underwear." He was riding a bicycle in the normal way.

Watch the video at the link....
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