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Roland99's Journal
Roland99's Journal
September 27, 2020

Q bots are writhing in pain! Durham "investigation" won't issue indictments before the election

Breaking news: NO John durham interim report. No indictments before election - Bartiromo sources.

So many idiots are whining about the deep state has won but holding hope in the new “criminal investigation” of the Clinton Foundation

These people are beyond gullible!
September 27, 2020

Just in: Margaret Atwood's books

will now be moved to the non-fiction section

September 27, 2020

Why is trump in blackface??


So, I was watching this clip of trump’s speech, courtesy of the amazing Aaron Rupar who subjects himself to all of these rallies for our benefit, and noticed his makeup looked very bad tonight
September 25, 2020

"LadyG got ads to buy. We see the truth behind the lies"

This is at least the third time Graham has gone on Fox this week to plead for money for his race. He went on Hannity on Monday, Fox and Friends this morning and Hannity again tonight

(Apologies to U2)

Guess selling one’s soul wasn’t that profitable
September 24, 2020

First Caputo, now Bingo-Bongo...Dan Bongino says he has a tumor in his neck

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino announced to his listeners on Tuesday that he has been diagnosed with a tumor.

“It’s a tumor, but there’s a strong likelihood that it is not cancerous,” Bongino told his followers on Rumble, a platform he recently bought a stake in as a response to YouTube censorship, adding that at first he thought the growth was a lipoma. “We don’t know what it is. It’s in a very weird spot in my neck near my carotid artery, near vocal cords and things, and it is big. It's 7 centimeters ... It’s scary.”

“I noticed when I came out of the MRI machine that the look on the doctor’s face changed a little bit as he told me in the room inside that it is not a lipoma,” an emotional Bongino said as he fought back tears. “Which was very scary.”

A conservative says, "It hasn't happened to me, so I don't care."
A liberal says, "It shouldn't happen to anyone, that's why I care."
September 24, 2020

Second former Scott Taylor (repuke) campaign staffer pleads guilty to election fraud

Second former Scott Taylor campaign staffer pleads guilty to election fraud

A second member of Scott Taylor’s 2018 campaign staff pleaded guilty this morning to her role in a petition scandal that might have cost the former congressman re-election that year.

Roberta Marciano, 24, initially was charged with felony election fraud but was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor count instead.

She received a one-year suspended jail sentence and was fined $1,000 as part of a plea agreement. It was the same deal offered to one of her former co-workers earlier this year. A third staffer was indicted on similar charges earlier this month.

The plea in Virginia Beach Circuit Court came as a lawyer for Taylor said this week that prosecutors have indicated he won’t be facing any charges in the case.


September 24, 2020

CREW - trump has 3,400 conflicts of interest!!

Crookedest president in US history, and there really is no runner-up.

Washington — Averaging more than two conflicts of interest per day, President Trump continues to be the most corrupt president in history, engaging in more than 3,400 conflicts of interest since taking office, according to a new report released today by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). Since CREW issued its last conflicts report in February, President Trump has engaged in an additional 400 conflicts of interest and made millions of dollars for his personal businesses. Today’s report details some of the most glaring examples of presidential corruption and conflicts of interest ever raised by a president, all of which stem from his refusal to divest from his businesses.

Since the beginning of his presidency, CREW has tracked interactions between the president, the Trump Organization, and those trying to influence government decisions and public policies, including members of Congress, industry groups, lobbyists and cabinet officials. These interactions have continued to blur the lines between where President Trump’s public responsibilities end and his private financial interests begin, and between his loyalty to the Trump Organization and his obligations to the American public.

“For nearly four years, President Trump has made it abundantly clear that any claim of separation from his business was a lie. The extraordinary numbers in this report paint a picture of a president who is fixated on the personal financial benefits he might derive from his public service—and a whole ecosystem of officials, special interests and governments that exploit that fixation in order to curry favor and advance their own interests,” said CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder.

“As the president continues to harness the office of the presidency for his own personal gain, Americans can no longer trust that he makes decisions in our interest, rather than his own,” Bookbinder said. “From foreign governments and industries throwing lavish events at his properties to donors and customers buying their way to ambassadorships and top political offices, corruption surrounds this president literally every day.”

Highlights listed at the link


Full report:

September 24, 2020

Sing this with me, this is 40

#Election2020 40 days until we restore sanity and competence to American democracy

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