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Gender: Male
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Current location: Central FL
Member since: Thu Sep 16, 2004, 02:03 PM
Number of posts: 53,336

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trump's E Jean Carroll trial - He once identified a photo of her as his second wife, Marla Maples!!!

Trump mistook rape accuser E Jean Carroll for ex-wife, deposition shows
Donald Trump mistook E Jean Carroll, the writer who accuses him of rape, for his ex-wife Marla Maples during a deposition in the case last year, excerpts released in US district court on Wednesday showed.

“That’s Marla, yeah,” Trump said, when shown a photograph. “That’s my wife.”

The mistake was corrected by a lawyer for the 76-year-old former president. But observers said it could undermine Trump’s claim he could not have attacked Carroll because she is not his “type”.

It was not the first release of excerpts from Trump’s deposition, which happened in October. Last week, Trump was shown to have claimed Carroll “said it was very sexy to be raped”.

but yet she wasn't his "type"

My FAVE Tucker Carlson meme!


TUCKER CARLSON: Hey, Vladimir, they fired me today! Could you..

PUTIN: New phone. Who dis?

#Tuckums #Fuckered

Thread: CONNECT THE DOTS :: VOTING MACHINES :: this one is going to get wild



THREAD :: CONNECT THE DOTS :: VOTING MACHINES :: this one is going to get wild, so grab a cup of coffee and your murder board, because the conspiracy is massive - though it’s just ONE part of the multiple criminal investigations into the trump coup. Here we go! 1/

In January, 2021, two men named Scott Hall and Paul Maggio were escorted into the Coffee County Georgia elections office by one of the Georgia fraudulent electors (Cathy Latham) where they stole voting data from a voting machine at the direction of Sidney Powell. 2/

This happened about 20 days after the infamous 12/18/20 Oval Office meeting where Donald was presented with draft executive orders from Mike Flynn, Phil Waldron, and Sidney Powell to seize voting machines. 3/

Several officials - like Ken Cucinelli as one example - told donald they didn’t have the authority to seize the machines. Rudy then suggested he could obtain some voting machine data they could fashion into a report as pretext to seize voting machines. 4/

The stolen data were shared with Doug Logan - the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, Sidney Powell, Rudy, and Jim Penrose- a former NSA guy working with Powell. Penrose and Powell made an up-front payment to a firm called Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG) to generate a “report”. 5/

ASOG, Logan & Penrose also used data from Antrim County MI to generate a “report”, but that one was widely debunked after Sidney cited it in a lawsuit in Michigan that she lost and was later sanctioned for. The report was about vulnerabilities in Dominion voting machines. 6/

The top lawyer at ASOG tasked with writing the reports is named Charles Bundren. He ALSO helped draft the executive orders to seize voting machines along with Waldron. Rudy and Powell encouraged GOP lawmakers in other states to hire ASOG. 7/

Doug Mastriano wrote a letter to GOP lawmakers in PA encouraging them to hire ASOG to “audit” their election results. The Arizona GOP was gonna use ASOG, but they went with Cyber Ninjas because of the colossal failure of ASOG’s Antrim report. 8/

Phil Waldron was the author of the 1/6 PowerPoint presentation which included proposals for Pence to reject electors from swing states, delay the electoral count, and seize voting machines and paper ballots using US Marshalls and the National Guard. 9/

Fani Willis has this evidence, and recently filed a motion to remove the Georgia fraudulent electors’ lawyer - who is being paid by the GA GOP - from the case for conflicts of interest. 10/

Penrose and Logan are under investigation for the Antrim breech in Michigan. Jack Smith is homing in on the 12/18/20 meeting and the voting machines. And even though Fox and Dominion settled, multiple law enforcement agencies are asking Abby Grossman’s lawyer for his 90 tapes 11/

Oh. Lindell tried this stolen data stunt, too, when he stole voter data from Mesa County CO and used it in during his cyber symposium. His phone has been seized, and he just had to pay $5M to a guy who debunked his data. 12/

So Waldron connects the plot to use stolen voter data as a pretext for seizing voting machines to the Pence Pressure campaign and the plot to delay the electoral count on 1/6. Waldron shared his 1/6 PowerPoint with Meadows and visited the White House 8 to 10 times. 13/

The 12/18/20 meeting included Meadows, Cipollone, Powell, Rudy, Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Derek Lyons, Eric Herschmann, and others. During that meeting, the idea to appoint a special counsel to investigate voter fraud was also floated. 14/

An HOUR after that meeting, trump tweeted his “will be wild” tweet
. We still don’t have evidence tying trump’s incitement of violence to the plot to delay the electoral count, though we know that he amended is 1/6 speech last minute to include comments about Pence. END/

PS: there is no public reporting that Jack Smith prosecutors have questioned the people who breeched the GA Coffee County voter data. Only that he’s investigating the attempts to seize voting machines - which was discussed at the 12/18/20 meeting.

Florida restaurant doubles down on bigotry in wake of Bud Light ad

“We don’t serve f****t beer.” Grills Seafood gets rid of Bud Light at all locations; reportedly destroys inventory
By Robert Burns - April 15, 2023
One customer posted on social media yesterday that he witnessed the staff at the Cape location throwing away all of their Bud Light and setting the kegs out in the sun to spoil so that they can claim credit for the bad beer. He also states that he heard the manager state “We don’t serve f****t beer.” When we asked the manager about these claims, she stated that “I’m not going to comment on that, you’re asking personal questions.”

Other members from the food service industry stated that the practice of intentionally destroying beer in order to receive a credit could be constituted as fraud. We reached out to the local Carroll Distributing manager in regards to this, and are waiting on a response.

“F*ck you. You are of the devil” Grills owner’s flaming letter to Anhueser Busch
By Robert Burns - April 20, 2023
UPDATE: 5:10pm The owner has now published an edited version of his statement on the Grills Facebook page. According to staff, he originally was not going to make the statement public, and has published the current one without the profanity after we published his original letter.

Grills Seafood owner Joe Penovich released an official statement on his company’s Facebook page explaining his decision to suddenly remove Bud Light from his bars. In the statement, he said he would be sending a letter to Bud’s parent company Anhueser Busch.

Today, he shared the letter with his managers at all 3 Grills locations. We obtained copies of the letter from several different employees who expressed concern and fear over the owners actions and words.

“I’m scared personally. I know where we live and I know ppl have shown up with guns to places for less reasons. So I personally am nervous,” one employee told us who wished to not be named.

She says that business has decreased tremendously since the incident last week. Many of them are looking for new jobs.

Text of fake christian spewing and Bible quoting at second link

"Stop Woke Act" and other anti-diversity bills. Lifted from Heritage Foundation template...

Which was also used for trump EO blocking Federal diversity and inclusion training


Heritage template

DeSantis "Super Authority" agenda passed by Central FL Tourism Oversight Bureau of Fascist Quislings

The Board of Supervisors approves terminating the current RCID Planning and Zoning Board and self-appointing themselves to the role of the local planning agency for CFTOD development

AND…. Let’s go ahead and kill off tourists and workers if Covid worsens

Vice-chair Michael Sasso introduces agenda item to prevent COVID-19 vaccine or mask mandates within the CFTOD

CFTOD Board approves Resolution 639, the "Superior Authority" amendment we wrote about last week. A second public reading will be held on April 26th: https://blogmickey.com/2023/04/desantis-handpicked-reedy-creek-board-continues-blatant-power-grab-introduces-superior-authority-amendment/

This seems not good for Fox (#DominionVFox)


Update - 2:17 PM ET: Judge Eric Davis has authorized a special master to investigate the potential "discovery issues" of Fox News. This development has arisen just before the commencement of opening arguments in the case.

As per the order, the special master's investigation will encompass an evaluation of Fox News and Fox Corp's compliance with their discovery obligations.

A timeline of the DeSantis-Disney fight in Florida

A timeline of the DeSantis-Disney fight in Florida
Spring 2021: The Legislature passed and the governor signed a bill that would give Disney special treatment to crack down on social media companies after several conservatives said their accounts had been banned. Republican sponsors added a last-minute amendment exempting companies that own theme parks, particularly to allow programs run by Disney+ for example, that collect viewer reviews, to be exempt from the ban. It turns out that the governor’s own staff helped to create the Disney carveout.

Summer 2021: The governor’s war with Disney starts. The company requires all its on-site employees to be fully vaccinated. By late October, the governor announced he would impose fines against Disney and others with vaccine mandates.

March 11, 2022: Disney employees pressure the company to take a stand against the proposed Parental Rights in Education legislation. CEO Bob Chapek sends a message to all employees “especially our LGBTQ+ community,” and says he’s sorry the company didn’t act sooner and announces that Disney is pausing all political contributions in the state.

March 28, 2022: Disney doubles down in a company statement that the Parental Rights in Education bill, dubbed by opponents as the Don’t Say Gay bill, should be struck down by the courts.

To come:

April 19, 2023: Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s Board of Supervisors is scheduled to meet and review a new proposal to strengthen its authority over planning, zoning and land development regulations for the special taxing district.

In the next week: Legislation will be drafted in Tallahassee to revoke the development agreements.

moRon DeFascist really went apeshit over a rather benign response from Disney last year. His personal vendetta is earning him a new nickname:

Chief Pettiness Officer

Gym Jordan's stunt show in NYC on crime is live on YouTube

A whopping 800 or so viewers when I checked.

A blockbuster hit for sure!

OMG. I need help. Or sleep. Or more ☕️

I’ve kept refreshing the Lounge for a cpl hrs and I was getting worried

I wasn’t seeing Sunday LOLCats by SalmonChantedEvening

Was even about to post asking if anyone has heard from them!

Hint: today is Saturday
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