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Officials at airport attempted to coerce her into signing papers relinquishing her permanent status

Farmad and her family had traveled to Iran last month to visit
relatives and her husband, Masoud Samet, had returned home without
incident on Jan. 6. She stayed with other family members to attend a

When the group arrived Saturday, her brother, a U.S. citizen, was
immediately allowed back in. She and her mother and her son were held.

"They are OK, but they are very tired and the situation was unexpected and very horrible," said her husband.

Attorneys who filed legal action demanding Farmad's release accused
officials at the airport of attempting to coerce her into signing papers relinquishing her permanent resident status.

Farmad, who has lived in the United States for five years, is scheduled to take her oath of citizenship on Feb. 13.



Ain't no one checking into Trump Hotel right now


US Sen Foreign Relations Cmtte Chairman Corker: Trump should 'immediately' revise refuge exec order


Also critical was Sen, Bob Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"We all share a desire to protect the American people, but this executive order has been poorly implemented, especially with respect to green card holders," Corker said. "The administration should immediately make appropriate revisions, and it is my hope that following a thorough review and implementation of security enhancements that many of these programs will be improved and reinstated."


That little girl does look pretty terrifying


Merkel's office says she explained the Geneva Convention over the phone to Trump on Saturday


A spokesman for Angela Merkel said the German chancellor regretted Trump’s decision to ban citizens of certain countries from entering the US, adding that she had “explained” the obligations of the Geneva refugee convention to the new president in a phone call on Saturday.

“The chancellor regrets the US government’s entry ban against refugees and the citizens of certain countries,” Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said in a statement.

“She is convinced that the necessary, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify a general suspicion against people of a certain origin or a certain religion.

“The Geneva refugee convention requires the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian grounds. All signatory states are obligated to do. The German government explained this policy in their call yesterday.”


My Threat to Congressional Democrats



"Woke up, fell outta bed, dragged a 'mower across my head..."


We are violating international law.

“A bedrock of refugee and asylum law is the concept of non-refoulement — not returning an individual to a place where they will be harmed,” the immigration official told The Intercept. Under international law, the United States is required to screen applicants to ensure they will not face prosecution if returned to their countries, a process known as “credible fear screening.”

“Asylum law requires CBP officers to affirmatively ask if an applicant fears return when placing them into expedited removal,” the immigration official said. “By pressuring them to simply get on a plane without going into formal removal proceedings, they are violating our obligations under the refugee convention.”


Trump's own Attorneys flat-out conceded in court - They don't know how to justify his Muslim ban


Kellyanne Conway: Yesterdays Airport Chaos Was A Small Price To Pay For Greater Security

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that international travel disruptions in the wake of President Donald Trump’s executive order restricting immigration from predominantly Muslim nations was a “small price to pay” for greater security. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Conway downplayed the separation of families in the aftermath of the order. “This whole idea that they’re being separated and ripped from their families, it’s temporary,” she said. She said around 300 people had been detained or stopped from accessing an aircraft in their home country. Federal judges have started to block parts of the immigration restrictions

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