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beam me up scottie

beam me up scottie's Journal
beam me up scottie's Journal
May 13, 2017

I have no idea what you're talking about. What does abortion have to with this thread?

But as long as you asked, I think pro-life men who shame women by defining abortion as the "taking of another life" (murder) are self-righteous, judgmental, fundamentalist asses.

I also think pro-life men who opine at length about how they are "personally opposed" to abortion and expect us to be grateful because they say they'll 'allow' us to make our own decisions are condescending blowhards. They believe they're entitled to judge us even though they've never known what it's like to worry that a pregnancy might ruin their health or kill them. They're completely clueless and incapable of understanding how terrifying the thought of having a child can be when you're alone and poor.

Pro-life men never attack other men who destroy fertilized embryos because as we all know it's not about the sanctity of life, it's about controlling women's bodies.

I don't think pro-life men have the right to lecture us about our opinions or our decisions. I really don't care about their moral objection to certain medical procedures and I wish they would shut the hell up about it.

Lastly I think it's none of these pro-life men's damned business what we do with our bodies and they should focus on their own reproductive organs. If pro-life men have an overwhelming urge to lecture others about morality they can go after legislators who oppose sex education, easy access to birth control and funding for family planning. Because women who need abortions aren't the ones who are behaving immorally.

I say this as a woman who's had an abortion and refused to allow anyone to shame me for making that decision.

I hope this clears up any confusion about what I think of pro-life men who shame women for having abortions.

You're welcome.

May 8, 2017

I recently encountered a bigot who referred to atheism as my "particular religious belief".

Is it worthwhile to engage someone like this or it ultimately futile? On one hand if others are paying attention it might be beneficial to try to discuss this subject but on the other I'm so damned tired of trying to reason with bigots.

How do you handle it when someone deliberately misrepresents atheism just to piss you off?

*Standard disclaimer: This is posted in the Atheists and Agnostics group, a safe haven where we can discuss religion and its effects on society and criticize fundamentalists who are not part of our coalition. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

May 7, 2017

"As my ancestors are free from slavery...

What an amazing woman.

Disclaimer: this is posted in the Atheists and Agnostics group where we're allowed to criticize religion.

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