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Little Angels. Daycare in a corrugated shack in a South African township

Please understand:
On this, my first trip to South Africa, being overwhelmed is the basic state of my being. My questions were incessant, my observations incomplete and easily taken apart by my betters who might live there or have grown up there.
But then, not many Whites get into a township.

Iím doing my best with what I was able to glean, understand, and photograph.
My photos are nothing but snapshots. The best I could do.

A Township is a government planned ghetto. During Apartheid black people were removed to them, and kept under control with armed riot geared police, huge vehicles in the streets, helicopters. Now after Apartheid they still exist just like before, except the crowd management oppression is gone.

(Next time I'll show you a Kindergarten in that township, and after that, I promise it will be something uplifting )

The Sheeple will learn. Truth can bite. ('toon)

Finally I'm working my photos from South Africa

and I'm not sure how I can share them because there is so much - and so much emotion in my experience.

But here are a couple from my session today:

Not great, but the first one depicts my personal feeling for the country, what I expected, and what I found - and the second one depicts what I was told is the state flower of the country.

I'll get a grip soon I hope and find a way to share what I saw and felt.
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