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Member since: Thu Oct 21, 2004, 06:06 PM
Number of posts: 21,743

Journal Archives

The Genius of John Lithgow - read by actors of equal stature - Trumpty Dumpty and the pitiful GOP


A little levity at 11days out

Photo of Horse's Ass and Clydesdale

Juxtaposition illustrated


The Wit of RBG - another tribute

received in my inbox with the notation that the fly may well be Mike Pence's only black friend.

A theory about 45's covid infection I'm beginning to wrap my brain around

It's presented by Glenn Kirschner, who has my huge respect. I thought it impossible, but then, after the miracle of putting the infection behind him in 3 days I'm having thoughts of agreeing with it as a possibility. A lot of people would be involved in the deception, but they are obviously lying anyway.



Nope. I'm fresh out. No Sympathy here.

Blushing as I admit I like the whip best

We know this already - but will see it in action tonight

Another candidate for bankrupcy- this product won't succeed

Now that we swept the California forest floors to be spic and span

.....could we please have some more stimulus money?

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