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Psychologists Urge People With Low Self-Esteem to Watch G.O.P. Debate - free advice from A Borowitz

MINNESOTA (The Borowitz Report)—Psychologists at the University of Minnesota have issued a research study recommending that people suffering from low self-esteem watch Thursday night’s nationally televised Republican debate.

The recommendation came after the psychologists spent weeks showing research subjects video clips of the debate’s potential participants and observed striking improvements in the subjects’ overall morale and sense of worth.

“We interviewed the volunteers before we exposed them to the Republican candidates and afterward,” said psychologist Davis Logsdon. “The spike in their self-esteem was off the charts.”
Of the candidates who most improved the research subjects’ sense of self, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush were found to be consistently helpful, but the most marked increase in self-esteem levels came after the subjects were exposed to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

According to the data, people who viewed Walker for approximately three minutes reported feeling better “right away” about their intelligence, knowledge, and prospects for obtaining high-status employment that they had previously considered well beyond their reach.

“After watching Governor Walker, a substantial number of the subjects literally could not remember why they had ever felt bad about themselves,” Logsdon said.

In addition to recommending that low self-esteem-sufferers watch the debate, Logsdon is advising them to D.V.R. the entire two hours. “You never know when you might need it again,” he said.


If he walks on water - they say he can't swim. And then there's this.....

Nation Worried That Rest of World Might See Debate - muses Andy Borowitz

CLEVELAND (The Borowitz Report)—As preparations get under way for the first Republican Presidential debate, on Thursday night, a new poll shows that Americans are deeply concerned that the rest of the world might see it.

According to the poll, there is widespread fear that, if the debate were to be viewed in foreign countries, the cost to the United States’ prestige around the world would be incalculable.

On a more personal level, many expressed concern that any international broadcast of the debate would greatly diminish their desire to ever travel abroad or talk to foreigners.

In another measure of Americans’ discomfort with Thursday’s televised event, two of the TV programs they identified as being the biggest embarrassments to America, “Duck Dynasty” and “Jersey Shore,” still lagged far behind the debate.

Those surveyed strongly agreed that the U.S. government should block the foreign transmission of the debate, or that Fox News should air an explanation of the contest beforehand, but they were at a loss as to what that explanation could possibly be.

And, in a result that seemed to sum up Americans’ anxiety, a broad majority agreed with the statement “God, this is so embarrassing.”


On the lake today, the water was mostly green. Really. It reflected summer.

13 creative exercises for Photographers. ASAP I will try some...in the meantime

I can't help but think our very own Solly Mack might have put this together.

just click on it:


President Obama comforts a crying baby - baby knows when it's best to shut up

I accidentally ran across it, and just loved it. Look at our President's face feeling competent and proud.
Less than a min long

All they have going for them is the demand for "a better deal"/ Republicans and obstruction

Get the theme from Jaws firmly going in your head - then look at this menacing photo

A bit hard to read, it's been in Harry Reid's wallet for a very long time - Republicans on Medicare

It shows just how long they have been dead wrong

A visual about the power of the people.

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