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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,455

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Has Anybody Directly Asked McConnell, Graham, Cruz Or Any Repug If They Believe In Democracy?.....

I wonder how they'd answer that question?

What do you think they would say?

I'll Feel Better About Relaxing Covid Restrictions And Re-opening The Country About 2 Weeks .....

after Memorial Day - if we don't see a surge in Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Until then - I'm going to remain cautious and continue to mask; social distance; wash my hands - even though I'm fully vaccinated with Pfizer since March 25th.

I guess I'm still worried about re-opening things too soon - as we've been fooled before as we relaxed and became complacent.

Are We Just Going To Watch While The Repugs Blatently Corrupt The Voting In The U.S.?.....

Just sitting back and watching what the Repugs are doing all around the country to hijack our democracy - with voter suppression; gerrymandering and unlawful recounting of votes - doesn't put a warm feeling in my tummy.

We've accomplished so much with the election of Joe Biden - taking the House and the Senate - and distancing from the former guy - are we just going to sit back and watch what they are doing in broad daylight and wind up losing all the momentum we've built up?

Inaction just doesn't seem to be an option - but I'm at a loss as to how we deal with all the Repugs dishonest activities.

Are we just going to keep trading places each election and undoing what the previous Party does?

How do we have any credibility with any of our allies around the world? Who will work with us - if we promise them the world and the rug is pulled out from under them again with the next election is run?

I don't have any suggestions as to what we could do - but we got to do something.

We have to make the American People realize that the Repugs are not their friend. That they are being taken advantage of by the Repugs and they're going to wind up being sorry - if they continue to support the Repugs.

I Really Like The Fact That Joe Biden Has Been Very Vocal & Visible To The American People.....

He is taking his popular message directly to the American People and it is resonating with us.

He is ignoring the obstructionist Repugs and frustrating the hell out of them.

By doing this he is succeeding in communicating his message and gaining support by the majority of Americans.

This strategy will allow him and the Dems to force the Repugs into having to get on board or suffer the consequences of fading into a non-existence.

The Repugs know this and that's why all the manipulations are going on in the Red States to make it harder for people to vote. They are suppressing the vote because they know that the only way that they can possibly regain power is to cheat.

I want to continue to see President Biden making his TV appearances - taking and answering questions and touting his successes.

Let the American People - put the pressure on the Repug Party to support his aggressive program.

Notice - I called it 'Aggressive' and stayed away from the word 'Progressive'.

The American People know we need this 'Aggressive' leadership - and it appears that they are rallying around it.

Yesterday on the 11th Hour Program - Bill Kristol - said that the Dems and Chuck Schumer need to be more 'Aggressive' as well. He suggested that Schumer should bring to the floor - uncomplicated and simple bills that 'no Repug' can dispute and put them on the hot seat. Either they support the bill or suffer the consequences. [Note: if anyone has that clip from last nights program - please post].

How I've Convinced Some People To Get The Vaccination......

I use this analogy. When a person doesn't get food - after a period of time they die of starvation.

I tell them it is the same with the Covid virus.

We the people - are Covid's food. Covid needs us to perpetuate. Covid feasts on us.

How can we starve Covid? Well by not making ourselves available as food for Covid.

How do we do that?

Wear our masks. Isolate ourselves for a period of time from other people. Social distance. And above all - GET VACCINATED.

Don't give Covid a chance to use us as its food.

We need to essentially cut off as many pathways for Covid to use us people as its food.

Too me this is a simple way to explain to the the - anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers -how we can stop Covid dead in it tracks.


I've now talked about 7 people into getting vaccinated because of this analogy.

It seems to resonate with them and they understand it.

Try it out with some of your friends, family and colleagues that refuse to get vaccinated.

It worked for me.

What's The Covid Situation In Kentucky?....

The Vaccination Numbers?

The Positivity Numbers?

Daily case rate?



It didn't look like a lot of people were wearing masks at the Derby.

Over 50,000 people in attendance.

Is Anyone Out There In DU Land Watching - Debris?.....

If so - what the hell is that show about? Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

I don't understand what is going on in that show.

I Still Haven't Heard Anyone Comment About Joe Saying Trickledown Doesn't Work.....

That should be a major takeaway from this speech.

What's Up With Matt Gaetz?.....

I thought he would be indicted by now and resigned from the House. What gives?

Has Tucker Carlson Been Vaccinated For Covid?.....

Has he commented that he's gotten vaccinated? Has anyone asked him if he's been vaccinated?

Are the 'powers that be' at Fox requiring their employees to get vaccinated for Covid?

Have all the Repug Senators and Congresspeople been vaccinated for Covid? Are these same Repug Senators and Congresspeople requiring their employees that work in their offices in D.C. to be vaccinated? Are the employees that work their offices required to wear masks?

Do they socially distance in the cafeterias in the government office buildings in D.C.? Has anyone here at DU been to D.C. lately and have visited the Senate and House Office buildings? What are the requirements for wearing masks in those buildings?

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