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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 24,106

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Has Anyone Asked Any Repug In The Senate Or House.....

if Tr**p is blackmailing them in any way?

What special power does he have over the Repugs that no one wants to cross him in any way or speak ill of him?

I wonder if Liz C. or Adam K. would answer that question. They're persona non grata with TFG and the Party anyway. It would seem like they would share that sort of thing with us.

I'm thinking that TFG told the Repugs - if you try and take me down - I bring down the whole Repug Party with me.

Even if he doesn't have any blackmail type material on them - he would just make up some lie and take them down that way.

Otherwise - I just can't understand how he's got them under his spell.

I know that DU'ers here have said - it's his supporters that the Repugs can't live without and that this is his hold over them.

I just can't buy that story.

I'm curious if there are other theories out there as to how Tr**p maintains his hold on the Repugs.

Has Tr**p Issued Any Statements Or Comments On Today's .....

developments? I'm really curious as to how he will treat this one.

Just Tuned Into MSNBC And Saw AG Garland Has A Presser Scheduled For 3:30PM EST.....

Do we know what this presser will be addressing?

With All The Laws That TFG Broke & Two Impeachments - Is A Dinner With Ye & Friends Going To Be.....

what the Repugs are going to rally around to finally take out Tr**p?

Notice now that many Repugs are speaking out about the Donald and damning him about this dinner.

Compared to what he's done in the past that - to me would be obvious to rally around and rid him from the Party - why is it this issue that they are using to blast him?

I Blame Americans (The People Themselves) For The Proliferation Of Mass Shootings In America......

Why you ask?

I hear that the majority of Americans support gun legislation. I hear even over 90% support background checks.

Well - Americans just had a chance to do something about this - with the recent midterm elections.

They know that the Dems support gun legislation. They had a chance to vote overwhelmingly for Dems - so that the Dems could gain seats in the House and hold the House and also give the Dems a filibuster proof Senate.

They had the chance - and they didn't take it.

So until the American voting public figures that out - that they can be the force that can change gun laws - we'll be saddled with the continuation of these mass shootings.

That is my opinion on why I'm blaming Americans for the proliferation of mass shootings in America.

I Am Going To Attempt To Make A Thanksgiving Casserole For Thursdays Dinner....

Only three of us will be eating so making a big turkey with a bunch of sides just seems like it might be too long a day.

So I decided to make a casserole - layering it like lasagna.

I'll be getting a small turkey breast and add sweet potatoes as a base along with green beans, stuffing made with some ground pork and dried cranberries. I'll add corn. Top it with some mashed potatoes. Melt some cheese on it the last few minutes in the oven. I'll hydrate the casserole with 'turkey broth' and we'll have some turkey gravy on the side - as desired and as needed.

I'm going to attempt a four pie sheet pan - apple, cherry, pumpkin and pecan.

We'll have some french vanilla ice cream to top it.

Just curious if anyone has done this before and if you have any tips or inside info I can use in my attempt.

Any suggestions or tips will be appreciated,

It's Starting Again-The MSM Talking Heads Are Rendering Their Opinions As To How TFG Will/Should....

handle dealing with this Special Prosecutor.

TFG listens to all their opinions as to how he should deal with this and considers this free advice (he doesn't have to pay lawyers or advisors) and he chooses the best paths as to how to proceed.

Note that these talking heads that are commenting on this - are all experts in their own right. So TFG does value their opinions. He particularly likes those that comment on how he's brilliant at evading the law.

It is my opinion that the MSM helps TFG avoid accountability - because they guide him in just about every step of the way.

Again - this is just my opinion as to how TFG continues to skirt the law. I know many of you don't agree with my feelings on this - but I want you to listen to these talking heads over the next few days as to how they say this whole thing will proceed.

Why Do We Let The Repugs Get Away With Saying The Dems Are Politicizing The DOJ Going After TFG....

when it is they that are politicizing this whole thing by calling the Dems on doing the politicization?

Now If Only When Eloon Starts Hiring - Nobody Takes A Job At Twitter.....

$44 billion - easy come - easy go!!!

Have Any Of The Big Name Races In The Midterms That The Dems Lost Been Challenged?....

I'm thinking of Beto; Abrams; Crist; Barnes; to name a few.

I don't know for a fact - but I suspect that there was some funny business going on by the Repugs in these States cause I just can't believe that the People of those States would elect or re-elect those terrible candidates that ran against these Dems.
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