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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,910

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When Did K Street Get It's Start?.....

K Street - known for it's cadre of lobbyists. When did this all begin? How long have we had lobbyists working on influencing our elected officials in Congress? When did this concept of bribery begin?

Have lobbyists been around for a long time and just became organized on K-Street in DC?


Is this something that was created out of the Citizens United ruling?

What's Up With These Selling Video's That Go On And On And Take Over A Half Hour To Get.......

to the point of selling you something?

I just got sucked into one of these videos that has a fast talking guy go on and on promising you something fantastic - but always evading telling you about the product - until you've invested over a half hour listening to the run up to the sales pitch for the actual product.

What is this sales technique called? Why do they use it? Why do they think it works?

At the end of the pitch - they give you a page to place an order of something that is in very short supply and you better buy today - before we have to raise the price.

It was for a product to fix your vision. They go through all sorts of stories, research, testimonials.

I'm sure its some kind of scam - get rich quick deal for the people running the ad.

But they really put a lot of effort into creating this video and made the product sound unbelievable.

I listened to the end - but didn't buy. I was determined I would wait and see what the upshot of this whole ad was about.

Caveat Emptor!!! Let the buyer beware!!!

Has anyone had a similar experience.

I Watched The HBO Documentary - Four Hours At The Capitol - Last Night About 1/6 Storming.....

and insurrection. Very compelling. I'm sure I've seen some of the footage for the first time while watching.

I was surprised that many of the comments basically glorified the insurrectionists as 'patriots'. I was surprised at the slant of the documentary.

It really was a sad day for America. It was clear to me that Tr**p incited the crowd and didn't do anything to quell the riot sooner.

Then when Tr**p actually did speak up - he was complimentary to the rioters.

I don't know how anyone can watch a docu like this and not want to hold those people behind this insurrection accountable. They have to pay for this or the next time this happens (and after watching this - there will be a next time) - we might actually lose the building and our democracy.

I wish they had some footage as to Tr**p's reaction to this insurrection in real time. I see him as being gleeful while watching it.

So Did Bill Maher Lay Out The Road Map For Tr**p & The Repugs To End.....


I can see Tr**p saying - if that's what they expect us to do - then we'll do it. That's how Tr**p gets his ideas and his permission. He listens to the talking heads speculating as to what he's going to do - then he does it.

A Local Radio Show Featured A Discussion Of Bill Maher's "Slow Moving Coup" Today....

They played most of his thoughts about this - and - to me - it seemed like he was pretty accurate in his description of what's currently going on. It was pretty scary listening to his thoughts on this 'coup' - and though I didn't catch his program where he delivered his thoughts - I was wondering if he made any suggestions as to how we can stop this from happening.

I'm thinking it would have been good for him to make some suggestions as to how we can prevent the worst he is predicting.

Is Anyone Doing A Tr**pism Cult Deprogramming?....

Somebody should!!!

A Message To MSNBC And CNN.....

We know what Tr**p looks like. So when you do a story on him you don't have to keep putting up pictures and poses of him every few seconds throughout your reporting.

I noticed this happening on both networks. Whenever they talk about Tr**p they put up pictures of him behind the reporter or talking head.

We don't need to be reminded of this guy's face. I know that I'm sure he loves that he's plastered all over the TV - but us people out here that have been tortured by him for the last 5 or 6 years don't need to keep on being reminded as to what he looks like.

One network even had a picture of him speaking at one of his rally's - where there was a sign in the middle of the shot that read - Tr**p Won.

No he didn't. But showing a pic like that just keeps reminding people of his big lie - and in some ways reinforces the big lie. PLEASE STOP IT!!!!

Anyone Watching 'LaBrea"? & A Comment On 'New Amsterdam'....

I took in the pilot and wasn't impressed. It's another one of those SciFi programs that they try and hook you on and then cancel before they really reveal any kind of resolution.

I've been stung many times before on these SciFi's and I'm not going to be taken in again. This one seems to be poorly written. Dialogue sucks. Just don't think it will last the season.

The latest was 'Manifest'. I found that show compelling - but we'll never see any kind of explanation or resolution. Cancelled!!!

Also - a side comment on 'New Amsterdam'. I really don't like to watch medical shows - but this one drew me in. I like the 'social conscience' the show portrays. Unfortunately, they have jumped the shark this season. They have introduced 'romance' into basically all the main characters roles - and they are ruining this show.

We don't need another 'romantic soap'. I'm beginning to lose interest in this show because of the direction that they've taken it in this season.

Rented Cruella This Past Weekend - Thoroughly Enjoyed It....

Well acted. Good story. Some unexpected twists. Very entertaining all around. Great sets Fantastic costuming. And the dogs throughout the movie - in my opinion - were the stars.

I highly recommend.

I Have A Bumper Crop Of Basil This Year And Am Wondering What I Can Do.....

to harvest it and benefit from it until next summer when I can grow more.

Should I prune it from the plants and freeze it?

I don't want to dry it. I'd rather use it as basil leaves.

Any suggestions?
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