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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 01:47 AM
Number of posts: 20,534

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Do You Feel Financially Secure?.....

Just curious as to what people have to say about that these days when we read and hear that the economy is good.

I'm Kinda Glad That Most Dems Are Not On Democratic Underground.....

and are sheltered from the stupid bickering that is going on between Dems here supporting their favorite candidate. Gals and Guys - bottom line it's hurting our Party and it's playing right into the hands of Trump, the Repugs and the Russians.

You can be sure that Trump, the Repugs and the Russians are monitoring the back and forth here on DU and that it will come back to haunt us and be used against us in the future before Nov.

Cut it out - for Gods sake!!!!! "Vote Blue - No Matter Who" "Without A Doubt - Don't Sit It Out"

Our mission is to take back our country. We have to beat Trump, the Repugs and Putin.

Come on people - let's get it together!!!!!

Can We Now Say That Russia Has Declared A Cyber War On The U.S. ? .....

Could we now say that Trump and the Repugs are committing 'treason' because they are actively going along with Russia by not doing anything to prevent Russian interference and essentially condoning Russia's actions?

Now Trump Has Cover And An Excuse If He Loses In November......

he can say that it was because of Russian help that the Dem Candidate won now. He can say that he is contesting the election and use that as an excuse to stay in office.

Essentially - with the help of Russia - he's put himself in a kind of a win-win situation.

Have You Noticed That Trump Really Fears.....

Adam Schiff?

Trump Exploits All Loopholes He Can To Circumvent Laws....

Aren't there any loopholes the Dems can exploit to stop him?

Two Out Of Three.....

Our alternatives for November 2020:

1. Vote Blue No Matter Who (smacks of big turnout - and a Dem win) There is more of us than there are them.

2. Sit Out The Election Because My Favorite Isn't In It (assures a win for Trump)

3. Vote for Trump (4 more years - yech!!!!)

Two of the three alternatives we will have assures a win for Trump. I don't think the American People are that stupid to want another 4 years of Trump.

We really have only one alternative in November and that is to "Vote Blue No Matter Who"

Do you really want to sit this one out? Do you really want to vote for Trump over a Dem nominee that may not be your first choice? Are you willing to risk another 4 years of Trump?

What's The Latest In The Weinstein Trial?.....

Last I heard it went to jury. Any feedback yet? What's the speculation as to what will happen?

The Economy....

I keep hearing that the American People vote their pocket book. I also keep hearing that our economy is doing well and that Trump will be running for re-election on the economy.

I'd like - here on DU - to have or do an analysis of the economy because if we're going to beat Trump we're going to have to poke holes in his boasting about how he is good for the economy and if he is not re-elected how the economy will go south.

We know that is coming - so we might as well be prepared for it. I didn't hear much talk about the economy last night and I'm wondering how we as Dems will counteract Trump's touting of the economy.

So can we list in this thread - the pros and cons of our economy? Is it as strong as has been said it is or is it just being propped up by Trump so he can use it to get re-elected.

If I was to have a discussion with my friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues - what could I tell them that they should be aware of about the economy and what maybe does the future hold?

How Common Are NDA's Used By The Wealthy?.....

I've heard that Trump used NDA's. I've heard that Roger Ailes used NDA's. Both these guys used them to sweep sexual harrassment charges under the rug.

I know that in business NDA's are used in situations to prevent people from leaking company secrets. I've seen NDA's used between inventors and companies.

What's the story on NDA's and their use?

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