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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 24,798

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I Just Learned Of This Menendez Incident And I Can't Get Over.....

how dumb he is.

Wasn't he in trouble before a couple of years ago? Didn't he come out of that previous incident ok?

Now why when he knew that eyes might still be on him - did he continue to allegedly break the law?

In my opinion - that is really dumb on his part.

I'm Tired Of Big Companies Promoting And Selling A Product Then Abandoning Customer Service.....

for same product.

I've now run into this situation twice. Once with Microsoft and the second time with Nest Thermostat/Now Google.

With Microsoft - I purchased a Surface Pro tablet computer and to make sure I learned how to use all its features I also purchased a learning support package where you had live teaching by one of their support persons as their Microsoft stores.

I attended two sessions and then the Pandemic hit. Because of the sequestering - during the pandemic I was unable to use this support service. When the pandemic threat seemed to end - Microsoft shut down their brick and mortar stores and that ended my personal support service that I purchased. I was unable to talk to any Microsoft personnel in person - and was told that all support was on the Internet. I wouldn't have paid for in-person teaching - if I didn't think I needed it. Internet support never answers the questions one may have. I was just out the money that I paid - which was around $150.00. Now down the drain.

With respect to the Nest Thermostat - when I first purchased one when they were introduced - their telephone support was excellent. I had one that functioned well for many years before it crapped out. I tried to reach someone by telephone to provide me with some product support and was told Google now owns Nest. I wound up purchasing a brand new Nest/Google thermostat. Installed it and it was functioning well. I recently had to purchase a whole new furnace and A/C unit for my house. When the Nest was hooked up to this new system - it didn't function. The installers did some troubleshooting and then just to check hooked up an conventional old-style thermostat and it worked perfectly. They told me my new Nest was defective. Today I tried to talk to someone at Google/Nest support and when called - their phone went immediately to a busy signal. I learned later that all support was again through internet - which didn't satisfy the questions I had or how to maybe make good on their warranty. I'm out $275.00 now on the new Nest - that will probably have to be replaced.

These big companies get you to buy their product then - don't follow through with support for the people that buy their product.

They get too big for their britches and feel that you'll just have to cope on your own. Once they get your money - they abandon their customers. Because their big they feel that they can get away with it.

Customer service in general - sucks.

Does anyone else have similar complaints or is it just me?

Thank you for letting me rant!!!

Isn't It In Biden's And The Dems Best Interest To Mediate And Help End....

the Writer's/Actor's and the UAW/Auto Strikes?

If they continue - the layoff numbers and unemployment numbers are going to go up and - this is at a bad time in that the 2024 race will soon be moving into full swing.

Has Nicolle Wallace Made Any Comments On The Tr**p Interview From.....


Just curious if MSNBC hosts and talking heads were given instructions not to talk about it.

The Welker/Tr**p Interview Was A Publicity Stunt.....

It was done to make a big splash that Welker is taking over MTP and this was her debut. They wanted to generate a big audience and ratings for her debut.

I wonder what concessions MSNBC had to make with Tr**p in order for him to sit for this interview. Probably - no harsh follow-ups and no on the spot fact checking.

I'm willing to bet that if this interview was done by a competing cable news network - MSNBC's anchor personalities would have been challenging and commenting on this interview and would be fact checking Tr**p's answers question by question.

I'm curious as to how the MSNBC line-up tonight (Monday) will comment on this Welker interview. I kinda doubt that they will be critical of it - as they wouldn't criticize one of their own.

What will Nicole, Rachel, Chris, O'Donnell, say tonight or will they just avoid the subject all together.

I venture to say that Tr**p was probably pleased with his appearance. He accomplished - I'm sure - what he wanted to accomplish by sitting for this interview. His MAGA supporters got all the red meat that they wanted from Tr**p. He stuck to his story. He won. Stolen election. Dems are at fault (esp Nancy) for J6. I'm the greatest. I accomplished so much. Biden is a demon. etc, etc, etc.

Just Talked To A Friend That Watched The MTP Interview Of Tr**p.....

She hates Tr**p.

She said Tr**p was all flustered and turning red. Wouldn't answer the questions. Welker put Tr**p on the spot a number of times and challenged him.

Now that's not the impression I got here at DU when reading other posts about this interview.

Did my friend completely misinterpret this interview?

I guess I'll have to now watch it for myself and draw my own conclusions.

The Repugs Wouldn't Do Everything In Their Power To Sully Joe Biden's Reputation If......

they didn't think he was a threat.

They know he's a great President and he has performed well since elected and really all through his political career.

His age really isn't a factor and they know they don't have anything to impeach him.

The only reason that they are going after him is that they know he could beat anyone that they run against him.

So all they have left is to create some doubt (any kind of doubt) to get people to sit the election out or vote for a Repug. They are throwing up everything to see if they can get something to stick - because they know they can't beat him fairly in 2024.

I'm Of The Firm Belief That The Tr**p Coup Is Still On-Going And That....

many things are happening in concert with Tr**p actions and those of the Repugs - both behind the scenes and in full public view - to point to an on-going coup on a National basis and those actions happening on a State-To-State basis.

It is up to the Dems now to expose all those things that indicate that we're watching in slow motion - an on-going coup.

That message must be shouted out now and up to and until the election - that this is what is going on.

The American Public should be well attuned to this and be told what the impact of that means on their lives - if Tr**p and Company are effective and successful.

The Dems need to be as relentless in their counteraction to Tr**p and Company's relentless day to day attacks on our democracy.

How Does Tubervilles Hold On Blocking Military Promotions Impact On Gen. Milley?......

Is Milley's job in trouble because of Tuberville?

Let me explain - why the question.

Is Tuberville working for Tr**p and holding things up because of orders from Tr**p?

I'm thinking - if this is so - this might be Tr**p's way to get back at Gen. Milley.

Is this something that should be considered?

It's Looking Like The Repugs Are Pulling Out All The Stops To Rig The 2024 Election For.....

Tr**p and the Repugs.

Just look around the country at all the shenanigans that they are setting into place in the Red States to accomplish this.

The latest attack now is this 'impeachment inquiry' that McCarthy just announced. And by the end of this month they have to address the funding of the government again.

They want to sully the reputation of Biden and crash the economy - all in preparation of the 2024 election season.

They are going low here. Real low!!!

Are we going to let them? Are the Dems going to fight all this? What is the Dems plan to counteract the Repugs actions and shenanigans?

Are we going to remain 'high' here? Or are we going to fight them in the trenches by going as 'low' as they are?

We're talking about the future of our Democracy here. We're talking about Tr**p and his minions facing accountability.

The more and more I come here to DU and read about the happenings in the Red States and the Repug controlled House - I shudder at the thought of what they might be able to pull off in 2024.

I don't want to go through the same trauma I went through when we learned that Tr**p beat HRC.

I need someone here to talk me down and allay my fears. I don't think I have the stamina to deal with Tr**p or for that matter 'any Repug' in the White House.

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