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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,686

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I Find It Kind Of Remarkable That Trump Dropping Out Of The Debate Is More Important Than Oregon ...

It is hard to get more facts out of the MSM about the Bundy arrest in Oregon and the latest details of where the situation stands right now. Isn't domestic terrorism and treason more important than a reality star not showing up at a political debate?

Bernie's St. Paul Speech Crowd.....

My friends son and his wife couldn't get in because of the big crowd.

Does anyone know if it can be viewed on-line?

Bernie's On The Right Side Of The FDA Commissioner Nomination Hold......

Check out this article at the link:http://www.mddionline.com/blog/devicetalk/industry-takeover-fda-12-15-15

It is titled: An Industry Takeover At The FDA?

Here's an excerpt from:

Califf, it complained, “participated in at least one high-level strategy meeting with the industry regarding these efforts. No one from the FDA should ever have been involved in such a process, which violates the most elementary ethical standards...

“In response to this outrageous news, the U.S. Senate should, at minimum, halt consideration of Dr. Califf’s nomination until it has an opportunity to investigate fully exactly what occurred. We believe that news of Dr. Califf’s participation in this collusion with industry provides still further evidence that his nomination should be rejected.”

Has Bernie Ever Provided More Of An Explantion As To What A Tax On Wall Street Speculation Means...

and how much money even a small fractional speculation tax could raise?

I'm going to go out on a limb here - but I think most Americans don't know much about the stock market and investment and have no idea what a speculation even means.

This speculation tax on Wall Street needs to be explained in a simple manner so people understand what the $ potential is. I also think it will help Bernie's presentation if he includes a simple definition or explanation.

I was able to find this article from 2013 that talks about the speculation tax. I'm providing a link here: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-intelligence/2013/08/21/a-wall-street-transaction-tax-would

This article is worth visiting even though its back from 2013 and if anyone has a better or more current explanation - please post here.

Here's one passage from this link:

It's a tax – no getting around that. But it's also a way to help close what amounts to a huge tax loophole. Americans pay sales taxes on all manner of goods and services. Wall Streeters don't pay sales taxes when they buy and sell securities. That fact helps explain why the financial sector, which generates some 30 percent of the nation's total corporate profits, pays only about 18 percent of corporate taxes.

Here's another which they describe the small tax on sales of stocks, bonds, and complex financial instruments:

How small? Really, really small. A bill co-introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., calls for a tax of 0.03 percent – that's 30 cents per $1,000. Yet even at that exceedingly modest level, a Wall Street speculation tax (also known as a financial transaction tax or FTT) would generate more than $350 billion over the coming decade, according to a non-partisan analysis of similar legislation introduced in 2012.

Again this was from an article back in 2013 - it would be good if we had more current info on this.

Such a tax is not going to put anyone in the poor house and the money will be used for the good of the People. Like Bernie says - the taxpayers bailed out Wall Street and the Bankster's - now it's time for them to pay it back.

What Is The Format For CNN's Town Hall Tonight?....

Will all three candidates be on stage and ready to field questions from the audience? Will the moderator be asking the questions? Will each candidate come out separately for a period of time? If so - do we know the order of the candidates sessions? Will each candidate get the same questions? Is this a 1, 2 or 3 hour event?

I'm Trying To Convince Someone To Vote For Bernie & Am Looking For Pics Of Hillary With Banksters...

and other corporate donors.

Does anyone have any or is there a website that might have these pics? Any help would be appreciated.

Did Anyone Catch The First Episode Of The New X Files?.....

I never watched the original. Never got into it. I thought I'd take this new version in after the game. I must say that I'm hooked. It was compelling. I hope somebody posts a video of the reveal Duchovny goes through revealing the real conspiracy. They used a lot of footage from recent news and actually put it together is such a way that made it very believable.

I'm curious if anybody else watched it and what you thought.

Tom Brady Is Deflated....

Go Broncos!!!!!

Is The Upcoming Dem Town Hall On CNN A Sanctioned And Scheduled Event By DWS Or....

did this just come about recently? Did DWS approve of this?

Are the CNN moderators going to ask the questions or are there Iowans that will be present in an audience asking the questions?

Will The Movie 'Trumbo' Take The Edge Off The Negative Shots That The Clinton Campaign & Her....

surrogates are taking at Bernie in the last few days. They are putting a negative spin on the term 'socialist' and Claire McCaskill used the term 'hammer and sickle' in a shot at Bernie - insinuating communist beliefs.

I'm thinking that maybe this type of negative campaigning would have worked back in the 'cold war days' - but we've moved on as a country. Hell - we've even normalized relations with Cuba.

There currently is a movie call Trumbo, starring Brian Cranston, who's up for an Academy Award for his performance of Dalton Trumbo. This movie is about famed screenwriter Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted in Hollywood after the House Un-American Activities Committee nearly destroyed his career in the Communist witchhunt of 40’s and 50’s.

By 1960 however, the effectiveness of this Blacklist had been broken to the point where newly elected US President John F. Kennedy publicly endorsed the movie Spartacus which was penned by Trumbo. He and others were then able to begin rebuilding their careers. Ten years later, finally after receiving his due accolades from Hollywood, Trumbo spoke out about how the Blacklist victimized them all: those who stood by their principles and lost their jobs, and also those who compromised their principles to keep their jobs.

Peter Debruge, a film critic from Variety, gave the film a positive review, saying "Trumbo may be clumsy and overly simplistic at times, but it’s still an important reminder of how democracy can fail (that is, when a fervent majority turns on those with different and potentially threatening values), and the strength of character it takes to fight the system."

I think there are those in the political establishment that are beckoning back to those days of the 'cold war' and 'blacklist' and trying to use that to besmirch Bernie's character. But like this film critic says - it’s an important reminder of how democracy can fail (that is, when a fervent majority turns on those with different and potentially threatening values), and the strength of character it takes to fight the system."

I see Bernie with that 'strength of character' and he's not afraid to fight the system (i.e., the establishment). I'm thinking that a movie like Trumbo is sending that message and for The People that see it - it sends a message to them - not to fall prey to the negative spin that the Clinton surrogates are trying to attach to Bernie. It won't work and it will probably backfire on them. I don't think the terms 'socialist' and 'communist' have the same effect as they once did and a lot of supporters of Bernie weren't even around during that ugly period in our history.

Do you think I'm on to something here?
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