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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 22,687

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In The Movie - Sam Nunberg Will Be Played By.....

Jon Lovitz.

I Heard Trump Is Doing This Tariff Thing Because He Wants To Win....

some Congressional seat in Pennsylvania.

This is tariffying!!!

What Does It Cost To Become A Member Of Mar-A-Lago?.....

We should open a GoFundMe Account and raise money to put in a spy (a ringer that talks & acts like a Trumper to blend in) to report back to us what goes on when Trump is there.

What is the screening process like to join?

Think about the material that can be gleaned for a revealing book on what goes on behind the gates. Think about talking to employees there and see what they can reveal. Think about being able to talk with Trump himself.

What do you think?

Does The NRA Have A Copy Of The Pee Tape?.....

Is that why Trump tweeted he's had a good (great) meeting with the NRA?

Nothing is going to happen with respect to gun reform - is it?

The Repugs Have A Perfect Opportunity To Get Out From Under The NRA's....

hold on their Party. They can work under the cover of Trump. There is power in numbers. If all the Repugs banded together and went with real gun reform - the NRA wouldn't be able to afford to primary all of them.

They should think about this as this could be a crushing blow to the NRA.

With All The Change By Dicks, Wal-Mart & Kroger And Possibly Other....

stores that sell guns and ammo doing the same - and change in the right direction - things will be made more difficult to purchase guns going forward.

That might mean that some of the less visible ways to make these purchases will start seeing more business because - people being as they are - will look for ways around these new initiatives.

So - Congress is going to have to do something about things like - closing the gun show loophole and other loopholes of gun purchase.

So Tomorrow Is Friday.....

What will be the breaking news story(s). Who will resign, get fired or get indicted?

Tune in tomorrow and find out.

I'm kinda thinking it will be a big news day.
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